Time for something new …

I have been following a wonderful blog in the US called thekitchensgarden.com

The blog has been created by the lovely Celi who is a kiwi girl living in the mid west, a passionate farmer, an amazing photographer and writes prose that is often magical. She has an avid following …

I was so surprised when Celi contacted me recently to see if I would do a ‘guest appearance’ on her blog. It took me no time to respond. ‘OH YES’ what a wonderful opportunity!  So without any fuss, come visit Frog Pond Farm on the prairies of Illinois …


Dan’s got the general idea – he’s off to check it out!

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  1. Hi Julie, I just read thru a few of your posts and had a look at a couple of your gorgeous videos and I loved them. So much so that I subscribed by email. (That makes you number seven blog which comes into my in box…I’m picky like that…lol) Anyway, love your hilly, rolling land. That’s always been my ideal for a farm, and love your black cat; he’s like my Milo…only different. You know what I mean? Black cats may all look alike at a distance, but boy are they ever different in their little faces. 😀

    • Hi Veronica … oh that is fabulous! 7 only … good on you. Nice to know I’m one of those 7! I love that cat too – his name is Eric. I do know what you mean – they all look the same but their faces give them away. Thanks for following 😀

  2. Julie, I hav arrived via thekitchensgarden, thank you for taking care of the farmy today. I have taken a very brief look about your place but will be back to explore further in the next few days. I have also added you to my reader for each new post. So far, I like what I see.

  3. I love her world. I found it early on when I started my blog at the end of 2011 and was still living in Hamburg DE. I was craving gardening and farming and read every word she wrote. I still take time every couple weeks to catch up as I’m not blogging everyday.
    I’ll head over and see your guest post- must have been when she went to her son’s wedding? Funny how we are intertwined somehow someway through these little machines! xx

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