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It’s April and it’s Garden Share Collective month, a beaut initiative where a group of global bloggers share their veg patches. The trials and tribulations of growing your own. Pop on over to Lizzie’s blog from Strayed from the Table and meet the crew!


Mr and Mrs Pray Mantis …

What’s happening

My pathetic hot compost got turned again over the weekend, so I’m ever hopeful that it will eventually break down as it should.

Andrew had an interesting weekend – he put diesel into the petrol ATV and then drove over one of our fruit tree nets in the tractor. Good job! Do you ever have weekends when things just don’t go right? Cough cough …


Anyway – he has done a sterling job at collecting loads of horse manure from neighbouring farms (and no the horses hadn’t been wormed lately). I helped for a bit but he did the bulk of the work. Thank you so much Mr Bonner! I love horse poo .. the garden doesn’t mind it either.


Sorry, I have a thing about fences!

I planted about 30 leeks the other day. Yes, yes I’m late. The bed was cleared of spent stuff and then I added cold compost with aged horse poo and coffee grounds. I opted not to broad fork as the soil seemed quite friable. So digging trenches I poked the leeks into these covering over the V in the stem and mounding them with soil. As they grow I will continue covering the stem. I used to drop them into a hole and water them in  – but I’m going to try this method and see how good it is. Truth is, they will be eaten no matter what. I still need to add mulch and rok solid – job nearly complete.

My ‘peasy’ peas have shoved aside the soil and their little green hats are now visible. I will be dousing them with seaweed brew and giving them some good pep talks.


The brassicas, beetroot and bright light seedlings are doing a fine job of growing. They are still a good month away from making it in the big wide world .. but hey that’s something to look forward to isn’t it?


Lemon grass


Well it is autumn, so harvest has slowed down considerably … it didn’t help much either when my tomatoes got blight and that my cucumbers turned bitter. Damn!

It’s true, I do have tomato envy reading others success this season, but in saying that, I do have a couple of self seeded toms which are loaded with fruit.


I hauled out a good sized beetroot the other day (think juicing and roasting) and cut some spinach which I set aside to use in Aloo Palak. Then there were those surprise spuds, lettuce, spring onions, herbs and chillies which are coming on slowly.


I even pickled a jar of jalapeños and made a nice fiery chilli sauce with some habanero which I had roasted and popped in the freezer for later. Woohoo.


Needless to say, it is always great grabbing garlic, red onions and Egyptian walking onions from the garage .. which is now sporting a bunch of bananas and yes they are ripening!

As we have had rain lately .. our feijoas are starting to swell.They are perfumed and sweet and can be made into just about anything! Perfect.

To Do


  • Keep the water up to all the seedlings including the red bunching and red onions which got sown into pots recently (thanks Dan!)


  • As the birds were attacking our quinces, these were removed from the tree and are now sitting in a box where they will hopefully ripen. Then who knows? Jam, paste 🙂
  • Make more chilli sauce – I have some Rocoto chillies which are unbelievably HOT. Yum
  • Keep sowing more beetroot seeds – succession planting, I’m onto it
  • Buy and plant another sage
  • I sowed carrot seed the other day (I know nuts) keep watering these daily!
  • Enjoy the zinnias in the garden .. they are just beautiful


I hope you had a super Easter … happy Gardening!


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  1. I envy your successful farming. I’ve had those weekends more of them than I would like to admit. Your photos are really wonderful. The fence photo is fantastic, as well as the bananas and the Praying Mantis. And the kitty! Who is that beautiful, precious cat that looks to be a distant relation to Mr. Bowie?

  2. I have banana envy Julie. I had 15 in my breakfast smoothie (they were minis) and I’d love a banana palm but I don’t think it would love my frost
    prone climate.

  3. Oh my goodness! You seem to live in a more temperate climate than I do Julie. I have banana envy now! I keep day dreaming of a large glasshouse where I can grow my own exotic fruit, like bananas, papaya, lemons and even avocados. Yeah, I know, avocado trees are huge. Tomato blight…ugh! I know that Monty Don won’t grow them anywhere else but a greenhouse any more, but I think this year he’s trying a more blight resistant variety out doors in the open. Do you watch him on Gardeners world? Brilliant program. Oh, I have a thing about fences too. Love the photo. Love all the photos, especially beautiful silver Grace. Ah yes, diesel in the gas engine, gas in the diesel. Told Robert and he had a soft sigh and shook his head. He knows too well. He’s had to advise on rescuing a few extremely expensive racing engines brought to him after such a mishap. 🙁

    • Hi V .. gosh it’s funny how much we take for granted. I forget that you wouldn’t be able to grow exotic fruits. As for that blight! I’m still miffed. A friend of mine also has great success with tunnel houses – might be the answer for Frog Pond Farm. I haven’t see that program, but I’ll look out for it. I’m so pleased you like the pics and isn’t Grace just gorgeous. I’m a cat girl and she is my little buddy. Oh boy, I can only imagine racing car mishaps! What does Robert do? You take care and so good to hear from you 😀

      • Mostly Robert laughs, because it’s never his own engines, it’s his clients who are a bit brain dead, (too much racing brain I figure)…lol. Look for the program on Youtube. I can see it from here. If you like I can send you the link to the channel. 😀

  4. Absolutely glorious! Your fence shots are inspiring……. Inspiring a painting 🙂
    All that soft, lovely green… Sigh.
    April is Garden Share Month, eh? Perhaps I put a post together….. Trust me, it won’t look anything like yours.
    Thanks for inviting us into your garden.

    • Hi Janet .. I’m glad you like that fence shot. I love lines .. trees, fences 😀 Yes it is green and will only get greener heading into winter. Oh you should do a garden post! And it’s very nice to know that you have stopped by – nice to be able to share Frog Pond!

  5. Lovely fence Julie oh, and the veggies look good too. Your big pile of horse poo reminded me I need to get out into the paddock and get some cow pats. All my Autumn jobs are way behind and I only have a week to get onto A transitional time.

    • Thank you Miss! I like that fence shot too. How lucky am I with all that horse poo? Yep get out and grab some cow pats your garden will love you for it. I’m not on the ball with my autumn jobs either .. hmm 🙂

  6. Hi Julie, wonderful photos and update. It looks like your winter garden is shaping up nicely. Don’t be too tough on Andrew, as we say here in Canada, ‘shit happens’! I guess the same could be said about your compost and manure pile! Spring is looking good here. I’ve started some tomatoes and pepper plants inside and plan on planting some seeds outside by mid to late April. The plants will go in at the end of May. That is a great macro photo of the mantis’, however, I’m certain they would be aghast their coupling was captured and is now displayed on the internet. : ) Take care. Bob from Palliser Pass

    • Hi Bob!! Oh I’m so pleased you like the pics and yes I think Mr & Mrs PM would be horrified. No I wasn’t tough on AB – we make both plenty of mistakes in the garden (I just never let on about mine LOL). Oh good to hear that you have toms and peppers on the way. I’m looking forward to seeing some pics? I miss your Blog Mr Ede. Will you ever get inspired again? I do hope so. You take care too .. how is willow?

  7. Wow, lots going on in your patch this month Julie. If only I could master leeks, I am going to give them another go this year in hopes that I get something bigger than my last lot. Hope you have a great month and love your photos.

    • Hey Lizzie .. Yes give them another go. I gave them a break last year, but I just love cooking with them, so into the bed they went. Glad you like the pics and I hope you have a great month too!

  8. What a great round up! I am always gaga over your garden, but I think today’s picture of the praying mantis takes the prize!) the cat is cute, and those bananas seem to be wearing purple nail polish!

  9. As usual your photographs make me smile and want to reach my hands through the computer screen! Wow and wow, every month I look orward to reading your Garden Share post and enjoying your stunning images. Thanks Julie. Have a wonderful month in the garden. K x

    • Hey Krystie … I’m so pleased that you like the pics. What a lovely thing to say! It is great being able to share the garden … You have a wonderful month in your garden too Miss 🙂

  10. Yesterday, in a television interview a question was asked, “If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do?” One response was, “Fly to New Zealand.” I get that, I thought, thinking of your lovely blog.

  11. What a super lovely garden and post!! Mmm lemon grass? Wow! This is inspiring 🙂 I love the whole post, the banana photo especially. What a chubby kitty, I just love em like that don’t you? 👍 Have a beautiful day x

    • thank you! I love the zinnias too and surprisingly they are still looking lovely. The insects love them. I was munching on those quinces last night with some choccy icecream. Naughty me 🙂

  12. As always Jules, everything looks gorgeous! Love the fences too 😃 Hellooo!
    Youve got some great activity going on still and The quince look fantastic! The cockies usually beat us to ours, but when we get them they are such a treat and the smell… ahh gorgeous! They should ripen for you 😀

  13. Ooops, pressed the button 😜
    We’ve had an incredible amount of rain. Everything is drowning presently. Crazy weather.
    Im trying some seedlings in pots by the fire this year. Who knows if it’ll work, but you gotta try!
    Also put some pretty salvia and pansies in pots outside. Should try for some pics while its not gloomy and raining. Have a fab day Jules xxx

  14. I had a dismal batch of tomato starts this year and bought some plants. waaaaa…. but I have about 50 self sowing from last year. I have no idea how they will do but will let a few live it out. I also don’t know how they might cross pollinate. We have had such a warm year they might have a chance. Your garden looked beautiful in April!

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