Who loves the beach?

There is nothing like a walk on the beach with the dog to start the day. Better still when the autumn weather is still balmy. The thought of the coffee at the end of the walk is unbelievable (I adore coffee).



Of course there is the added bonus of the seaweed which is littered on the beach and I can’t help smiling as I know exactly where it will be going …


I’m not the only one that enjoys the beach!


My autumn garden is coming along nicely too … those ‘peasy’ peas are looking slightly more appealing


The zinnias are still showing off in the garden


And those chillies are colouring up nicely


Our bee hives have gone … but it was wonderful having them here! Thanks Ricky …


Lenny our ancient puss is happily sleeping away his days


And let’s face it there is nothing much better than BEST FRIENDS



Or spending time enjoying the sunshine and discussing the day..

Happy gardening ..

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  1. Such a happy post Miss Julie. I love it when you post your beach- I feel I am walking there with you, gathering seaweed and seeing what the tide brought in. I am also a chook fancier and miss my girls!

  2. I love your photos of the beach, but I’m not a beach person. Growing up in the desert, I’ll take desert and mountains over beaches anytime. When we lived in Spain, our Spanish friends just could not comprehend that there was anyone in the world who did not have a passion for the beach. Now I do love coffee, and I drink it very strong and very black. Our Spanish friends thought foreigners were weird, but since I don’t like to go to the beach and I drink espresso black, they though I was incomprehensibly weird. I had a student who needed intensive English drills because she got a job in the US, but didn’t she really speak English that well. I was hired to drill her on English 8 hours a day for three weeks. She was always tired, so I suggested she drink coffee. She told me she couldn’t drink coffee. When I asked her why she couldn’t drink coffee, she said she was allergic to milk! I told her to drink it black! If you would have walked in without knowing the context and seen the look on her face, you would have thought she had witnessed something horrible. The mere though of drinking black coffee about killed her.

    All your photos are wonderful. Your old kitty looks like he’s enjoying a life of napping and your chickens look like happy clucks!

  3. Hey Tim, I get that about the beach. Where I grew up the nearest swimming beach was a bit of a hike. Mind you, I like walking on the beach, grabbing the seaweed and dreaming of my coffee – but you won’t find me sunbaking! No way … LOL. Heck, I don’t mind coffee without milk either … I’m pleased you like the pics .. the old kitty is very old and a diabetic too. Yep, those chickens are very happy clucks! Good to see you as always

  4. Lenny melts my heart, what a gorgeous boy. Ophelia and Desiree add a glowing touch to your already splendid surroundings. They do look like best friends too.

    • Hello Rom! He melts my heart too … dear old bloke. The latest additions are the very best of friends and now ‘top’ of the pecking order at Frog Pond Farm. Life can be like that … 😀

  5. The beach restores my soul! I used to live 15 min. from Laguna beach….now a plane ride and a drive….still i return at least ever other-year physically but daily in my mind!

    • There is something so special about the beach. It sure is a soul restorer. I love the smells and the sights and sounds .. perfect! Oh and the seaweed. I bet you are there every day in your mind .. how lovely!

    • Hello! Thank you as always. I’m so pleased that the pics convey sweetness and serenity. I think so too. Wish I didn’t like coffee so much – and we are so very lucky having the sea close by. 😀

  6. I love the beach! And, that reminds me, I haven’t been down for a walk in quite a while. You’ll probably think me silly, but one of my favourite things to do is to find a little spot with lots of flotsam and jetsam, sit down, and make a fantasy fairy castle/room/art gallery from only the things I can reach without getting up. It’s a little like a beachy meditation. 😀 The peas look great! I’ve got some peas up one of the ornamental gates and they just survived a freak hail/snow/sleet storm (in warm spring weather) without a single torn leaf. Resilient little plants. I’ve just got some straw too. this is the first time I’m using straw in the garden, but love it already. 😀

    • Hey lovely lady! Oh I love the sound of your fairy castle. Fabulous and no, I don’t think it silly. I used to spend hours as a kid hunting amongst the rocks looking for crabs and surprises. Our local beach doesn’t have rocks … just as well 😀 Peas can be so resilient .. and the weather for these from now on is going to get worse. Love straw in the garden. 😀

  7. Oh, Yes! A walk on the beach in the morning followed by a coffee. Now you are ready for the day! Julie, these photos are stunning. I can’t pick a favourite, but the zinnias take my breath away. And your crooks……… I can just hear them muttering to each other.

  8. Who doesn’t love the beach? But about those zinnas. Do you get a hard frost which wipes them out, like mine? Or do they just drift off into some strange lost zinnianess? Mine bloom right until the frost, then they are completely done for the year.

    • Hey Jim!!! No mine seem to drift off into that zinnianess land. Mine are still hanging in there – thankfully we don’t get a lot of frost (oh I have my fingers crossed). So mine should be around for some time yet! Good …

  9. I adore the beach! We always have an annual sandcastle building competition on our summer holiday – lots of happy and rather hilarious memories! Love your photography – stunning. The sky seems to go on forever 🙂

      • Hi Julie, I’m back blogging again! Did you see my video? Just about to post again today. I’ve been really busy setting up a Flower Business to launch in spring. Now it’s quieter I’ll have more time 🙂

      • Hi Sarah … Your blog had disappeared off my reader. shameful! But I have reinstated and will check out that video today. So glad you are blogging again, I missed you! 😀

  10. Lovely photos and lovely post, Julie! There’s not much better than an autumn walk on the beach and a good cup of coffee. It’s the little things in life 😉 Cheers, Ben

  11. Oh I love the beach and that first shot is glorious! Such a perfect view!
    Walking the dog on the beach would be wonderful 😃
    Our days here start with the tennis ball and doggies out in the front paddock.
    Gorgeous photos. I think youre getting better and better. Just gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing your doings as always. So nice to see all thats happening 😃

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