A week in Asia …

How bad have I been with my posts lately? Shame on me! In saying that we have just returned from a quick trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong, so I have an excuse.

Of course a trip away means hauling the camera everywhere .. funny how ‘heavy’ they become .. LOL

Shanghai Tower – which is the second tallest building in the world. Did I go up for a look? You must be joking, I’m scared of heights.


By day


By night

Then there was the view from our hotel room, a nice place called Indigo ..


Shanghai has much of interest



The City God Temple of Shanghai ..


With lots of stores, and stalls nearby



Dogs in jackets …

pooch having a break-1140550

Or just having a break!

day at work-1140532

Busy day …


Old and new

chinese food-1140447

And wonderful food …

Hong Kong-1140614

Next up was Hong Kong. If you ever get there as a tourist then I highly recommend the Big Bus tour .. hop on, hop off! A great way to see the place. Perfect sitting in an open double decker bus on a steamy day with head phones, recorded voice and loads to see.

Man Mo Temple-1140652

Of course a gentle nudge by hubby meant leaving the bus to go and see the Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan (thanks Andrew) I just loved this place.

Man Mo Temple-1140670

Man Mo Temple-1140657

We were staying in Kowloon, so a quick daily trip on the ferry took us to Hong Kong for shopping and the city sights.


The food was great, but then so was the wine 😉

Tasty-In Hong Kong-1140710

Watch out for my next … gardening post!


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  1. Fantastic set of photos! The photo of the candles in the temple is spectacular. The AIA building makes me think of the American Institute of Architects (we have lots of AIA architects in the office) as opposed to American International Assurance (whatever that really means). It would be a challenge to climb the stairs in the Shanghai Tower. We have a Spanish friend who lives in Hong Kong who has been trying to get us to go and stay with her. One of these days.

    • Hey Tim .. I’m glad you like the pics! The candles is my favourite .. 🙂 Now those stairs would be a challenge for you wouldn’t they? I opted not to go near the place as even the thought of getting up to the viewing deck made me feel queasy. Pop Hong Kong on that travel list .. you and your camera would love it! Always good to see you here …

  2. Fantastic – hope you had the best time! Sure looks like it 🙂 Wonderful variety of photos too… and the wine on the shelf – somebody great must make that!
    Your post came up in Reader… Yahoo!!
    Have the best day Jules xx

    • I did have a very good time Miss! Loved the food … so good. Both such busy places – especially coming from the country! LOL Glad you like the pics .. ha ha that wine, well I reckon someone great must make it too! So pleased I’m up in your Reader again … Have a gorgeous day! 😀

  3. Wow Julie, how fabulous. I’ve missed a few blogs lately so am looking forward to doing some catching up. I hope your garden isn’t too overgrown, but faced with the choice of weeding or being jet set, then I know what I’d chose! Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. What a shame I was looking forward to seeing photos from the top of the Tower! Also photos from the peak, the tram ride is something! Glad you had a good trip.

    • Ah Mr Bonner. Now you know me. There is no way I could go anywhere near that tower and I heard the tram ride to the Peak so a bit hairy! LOL It was a great trip – so quick. Loved the food!

  5. But Julie, I thought photographers ignored their fears and took risks to get that perfect shot….not, lol. Sounds like a great trip with or without going up 2 miles into the sky. A nice break from your garden shots, I would say. Love the temple pics. Welcome home :-))

    • Hello Dan! You are kidding right! ha ha ha – I loath heights. It was a good quick trip and I just loved taking shots of different things. Still such a darned novice though. Plus I don’t feel confident doing street stuff. I did get a classic of a guy smoking though! Glad you like those temple pics too … 😀

    • Hi Linda .. hello Miss! Love your WOW. So pleased you enjoyed the post .. and yes the bike riders are amazing. I took a few more shots of the absolutely ‘loaded’ with stuff – incredible. BTW – pleased about your corn!

  6. I’ve already been worried about you as I’ve not seen a post for ages but I’m glad you’re having a great time and enjoy your stunning images of far away places which I don’t know. Bet your garden was delighted to have you back 🙂 Happy weekend!

    • Hey Annette … oh you are so lovely. Thanks for being concerned. It’s been one of those months. Watch out for more posts from me 🙂 That garden was out of control .. was! ha ha

  7. You scared of heights Julie.. Ha that’s an understatement. I remember booking a rooftop 5 star dinner at about 70 floors above the ground in Bangkok a few years ago for the 4 of us. To our surprise you were less than impressed and we ended up with a roadside meal instead. I’m still laughing at your response to the treat we’d planned.

  8. Traveling around Asia its in my bucket list ..your photos does justice and I love how beautifully you captured details such as the door or the lights of the outline of the temple! Beautiful photos Julie !)))

    • Oh thank you so much! The door was a must. As soon as I saw it .. I started unzipping the camera case. The outline was another one .. some shots just jump out at you don’t they? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. Awesome photos Julie. The candles are wonderful. Actually, every single photo is special.What a wonderful break for you too! Awesomeness all round!!! Gill xxxxx

  10. I lived in Shanghai for amost 5 years, and then in Beijing for half a year… It’s been years since I went back, but the country is almost like home for me

      • I did live in PuDong, actually. A great place to live if you have kids. It changed so much in my times, and afterwards as well. I would not recognise it,

        My photo library is a sore point. The last time I shot exclusively in jpeg, was in Huang Shan, and I have kicked myself so often for not shooting that in RAW. Yet, those were the days I did not take a backup. I lost two years of photography – gullies of Beijing, an unknown part of the Great Wall, Zhang Jia Jie, Jiu Zhai Gou, Inner Mongolia and Paris. And, the streets of Shanghai. All gone. I took the disk to labs in China, Singapore, Bombay and Delhi. No one could retrieve the data

  11. I loved living in China! Thanks for showing us a bit of Shanghai and Hong Kong. I’ve sadly only been to the airports in those places.

  12. Gosh! You know, I’m such a Euro-city mouse, but now I want to go visit China and Japan. Especially Japan since so many of my children keep going there. Chloe is threatening a year-long working stint in Japan next year, so that might be my chance to go hang out there for a while. Looks like you had a fabulous time, saw some great sights and definitely had the right wine with you 😉 I just got back myself from a weekend away, and I swear that garden plots against me. It’s like all the plants say, “are you ready? there she goes…ok…hurry up and grow like mad…yo…weeds…get a move on, you’ve got to be choking something in 2 days time!”…etc. 🙁

    • Hey Miss!! Love it, Euro-city mouse .. LOL you my dear are not a mouse. Never! Wow Chloe wants to live in Japan for a year .. you would miss her so much! Had a great time V, so did my camera LOL! The wine was pretty good too 😉 I loved your pics by the way from your weekend away … And yes, I’m sure my plants and weeds enjoy rallying in my absence … hilarious!

    • Oh I missed this comment Wendy .. sorry. What a nice thing to say .. I’m glad you think they bring alive the vibe of the city. Thank you 🙂 We have house sitters that come in and look after the chooks, 2 fat sheep and the kitties!

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