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Winter time in Auckland can be chilly and damp, I won’t mention the wind – LOL. I have just returned from a trip to Melbourne which made me appreciate our relatively temperate climate in Auckland. A phone call home to hubby and it quickly became apparent that he was gloating, “We have had three back-to-back frosts and yes the taro and canna lilies have been zapped, but the days have been nothing short of stunning”. Just what I needed to hear given I was on the other side of the Tasman and it was bleak, incredibly cold and wet. To top it off, I had way over packed prior to leaving, so that there was absolutely no room for any of those wonderful clothes that were on sale in Melbourne – the city for female shoppers! Go figure …

Never mind, Melbourne was fab – it is such a great city. Cosmopolitan, loaded with culture, has wonderful restaurants, cafes, and cake shops 😀 brilliant shopping, my family live there as do some very special friends. Plus, I met up with Leanne Cole photographer extraordinaire, toting my camera of course! How lucky was I?

So with the trip in mind I have included a few pics – out and about in Melbourne. Food, street art and a few other bits and pieces.

marjorca building-1150585








a la folie Melbourne-1150523


7apples Melb Central-1150489

Oh it is great to be home though! You will be pleased to know that my garden is still growing and feeding us, the daily supply of eggs is increasing (good girls), I think I may have reduced the slug population 😉 at last and I’m back on track weeding, feeding and admiring our lovely space!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Pity about the Melbourne weather ( on a par with Christchurch!) but glad you had such a good time otherwise. Great to meet with a fellow photographer and blogger.

  2. Hi Julie once again very good photos. It was good to see various shots of Melbourne it takes me back to when Joyce and I used to visit when you lived there,very fond memories . By the way not slugs but snails have eaten my lupins . Soon put a stop to that !
    lol to you both Bill.

    • Bill Bonner … always nice to hear from you and so pleased that you like the pics. I love Melbourne cold or not. I know you have fond memories, me too 🙂 Watch out snails … quick Bill is on the war path. Hugs and love back at you 😀

  3. Oh it’s so good to get away, isn’t it? We’re off to Bath and area ourselves this morning. Your photos look amazing. I love all of them, especially the orange scooter, the photo of the bar taps and the domed area with the clock. Also loving the cakes! Last Saturday, at the village market, I bought a small Victoria sponge. Homemade and light, with real raspberry jam and lemon cream filling, and I must say that, even with only having about 70% taste returned so far, it was the most delicious thing I had in these past 6 or so months. Not sure what that was about, but it reminded me of something from my childhood. Something grandmother made in the Czech Republic. When I get back to Van, I’ll search thru her old recipe book and find it. 😀
    Big hugs.

    • Hi V .. it is great getting away. Now Bath sounds like a great place to visit. I bet you get the best pics. I just loved the ones you took at that festival. Fabulous. Glad you like the pics – I had fun taking them that’s for sure. Just wish the day had been brighter. Stop it! I love sponges (anything sweet actually 😉 ) Oh yes, tastes and smells always remind me of my childhood. Daphne always makes me think of a farm and my wonderful Aunt – what a girl she was. Love knowing you have stopped by. Hugs 😀

  4. Julie, what fabulous photos of Melbourne. Wish I could have joined you walking around those ‘chilly’ streets of Melbourne. All the photos are fab but I do fancy the last one. I heard from the family how awful the weather has been- they haven’t stopped whinging about ice, frost, wind, rain, and Melbourne’s dark month. You were so brave to go out.

    • Hello Miss .. glad you think so. Oh I wish you could have joined me, what a treat that would have been. The streets were a bit chilly, but there is always so much to see and the hustle and bustle is inspiring. LOL family whinging … given where you are that would be funny! Hope you are having a lovely time. 😀

  5. I agree! Melbourne is a fabulous city! The very best of everything a city can offer. And you captured the vibe in your photos. Very nice, indeed. And yes ….. Coming home to hubby and the garden is the best part. The best of both worlds. 🙂

    • I love Melbourne – probably because I lived there for years. Such a wonderful place and yes it does have so much to offer. Oh I’m so pleased you enjoyed the pics 😀 And coming home is the icing on the cake. Thanks for stopping by …

  6. It is ALWAYS a treat to visit your site: you reliably share some of the best photos around. I have to say this last post is especially inspiring .. I think Melbourne is going on the potential holiday destinations list. =)

    • Hello … oh my, I’m blushing what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. I too really like the last pic. These were sitting on a gelato stand in Melbourne Central. Too good not to snap a pic. Oh do visit Melbourne .. it has so much to offer 😀

  7. Hi Julie, Melbourne seems to be a very interesting and special city. Your captures are fabulous, I love the pics of the sweets. Cake shops are made in heaven! Have a great week ahead! Josephine.

  8. Hey Josephine .. you would love Melbourne! I can just see you out and about taking pics. Glad you like my photos, I had a great time with my camera. The cake shops are heaven .. 😀 All the best for your week too.

    • It is such a lovely city Linda. I lived there for years so it is very special to me. I did have a cool time though .. so good to have spent time with Leanne Cole and my camera in the city. 😀

  9. Sounds like a lovely trip. Wonderful colours in your photos! I really like the symmetry of the photo of the building tops. It must have been exciting to go shooting with Leanne Cole – she is a fantastic photographer! Sorry to hear you missed the frost, especially if it was accompanied by clear blue days. Too bad about the lilies, on the bright side, frost is said to make the veggies sweeter. My father would never pull a Swede Turnip before we had at least a couple hard frosts. Very fine post! Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob, it was a lovely trip. And glad you like the colour in the pics. I too like the shot of the building tops – even if it was a bleak old day. It was fabulous catching up with Leanne, she is a great girl and a Fantastic photographer. I wasn’t sorry about the lilies – no matter what, they grow back with a vengenance. Oh thank you Bob glad you enjoyed the post 😀

  10. Great shots, Julie… Also fantastic that you got to meet Leanne.
    I did not know that you all use scooters. We use them a lot, but not in the Dutch colour that you have there!

  11. And since you have left, the days have been warmer. Sorry for the snow not too far from Melbourne. Love the veggie garden scooter – fresh herbs wherever you go.

      • Yes the camera is a different viewpoint. Love it. So glad you met up with Leanne. We have still to meet. So do we 😃😃
        Really wonderful photos.
        Bet you were happy to be back to FPF 😃

  12. Wow, Melbourne looks fabulous! I’ve been told by two of my (now grown up) children that I would love Melbourne, and I will get there some day. (My husband has never lived down the fact that way back, before we had any children, we traveled into Victoria on a camping trip, came within about 200 km of Melbourne, and as much as I pleaded, he wouldn’t take me there, claiming I wouldn’t like it! And we haven’t ever traveled that far south since….. 🙁 ) Do you come from Australia originally yourself Julie? My youngest son has been to NZ and absolutely loved it over there! He particularly enjoyed snowboarding. Sorry I’m so late catching up on what you’ve been up to, I will work my way progressively through your posts that I’ve missed. 🙂

    • Hello Miss … no I’m a Kiwi through and through. Although I lived in Melb for many years, it is like my second home. It is a wonderful city! Oh what a shame you didn’t get to see it previously. 😉 I’m sure you would enjoy it. Don’t you worry about being late … it is a pleasure having you here any time at all!

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