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I believe there is an art to taking pics of food .. something which I’m lacking.


What I really like about this pic though, are the colours. The bright yellow of the yolk (home grown egg of course), the purple of the cabbage (not home grown) and the bowl in front which is full of sliced chillies (more home grown) that are floating in a sea of soy, which you obviously can’t see because of the odd angle – blame the food photographer!

This super salad dressed with Vietnamese mint, lemon juice, fish sauce and sesame oil is heaven served with oven baked salmon and


steamed rice  .. again let’s not talk about the amateur photography. What I really like about this shot is, I didn’t have to cook it!

Truth is my hubby is a great bloke and a fabulous cook into the bargain! I know, how lucky am I?

I love living in the country. The sense of community never ceases to amaze me and what better reason to pop in for a cuppa when a neighbour’s sheep has just had twins. Is that a plastic bread bag you see? Of course it is. Shirl who is a great girl, always likes to make sure her new borns are kept nice and dry. Under the watchful eye of Mum mind you.



Double cuteness ..


My wood fetish means more tree pics …



And a shot of our place ..


And Muriwai beach …



My garden is growing well thanks .. a bit of rust on the celery, slugs playing hide and chomp in the brassica patch and bananas growing rather nicely down near the olive grove. There is lots to think about with spring just around the corner …


Life is good isn’t it? And by the way … so was dinner! Did I cook it? 😉


Happy gardening

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  1. You take the best photos Julie!
    The lambies are so cute. We shall be getting some soon. Cue late night feeds in the cold.
    Bananas?! You have a complely different climate there across the harbour!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Hello Miss .. oh shucks thank you. I do love that camera. The lambies are so cute makes me want one again … ah but those late night feeds, maybe not 😀 The thing about those bananas Sarah is that they are tucked in next to our forest so they have their very own microclimate .. Perfect 😀

  2. There is an art to food pics, and you are creating excellent food fotos. They are all great, really! The compositions in the first and last food photos are fantastic. The lambs are so cute. It seems so funny to me to see a photo of a woman running on the beach wearing a winter jacket in one photo, and the next photo of the olive grove looks like it’s warm and tropical with all the green.

    • Hey Tim .. you don’t think so? Most of the time while I’m shooting, I’m thinking about eating. Glad you like the compositions 😀 I know, those lambs are cute aren’t they? Not don’t let that shot of the bananas and olive grove fool you .. it is winter time in NZ and can be chilly! LOL

      • Yes, Julie I do think so. Excellent food photos. Food and photography classes on the Frog Pond Farm as suggested by Francesca is a great idea. Just the name “Food and Photography at Frog Pond Farm” would make it a success. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    • Hey Tim .. you did a review on a book written by a blogger (I think Julie someone) just recently, but I can’t find it on your blog. Would you be able to send her name to me please? Thank you!

  3. I think you could run a cooking and food photography school- he cooks, you do the photography classes. They are great food shots Julie and left me drooling and quite envious in both departments. Also rather pleased about the Muriwai Beach shot, the olive tree and the cute lambs.

    • Hey Francesca .. what a good idea! LOL A food and pic school … too kind Miss! Glad you were drooling. He is a great cook (but then so is his Dad 😀 ) Muriwai beach was stunning today … and as for those lambs

  4. Those are great food photos! Fantastic looking meal. It looks like the cook knows his stuff! I sure like the the beach photo with the rainbow beyond the crashing waves. Life is good. Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob … he does know his stuff and getting better and better all the time. Glad you like the beach pic Bob .. it was a super morning and the hint of rainbow. Life is grand isn’t it? 😀 Take care

  5. Hi good to see lambs spring must be on the way. Photos just great, I have sent you some today of NZ venison steaks which I have most evenings. Should have taken without the Marsala jus. But see the wine in the background, I bought the last few bottles in Hertfordshire! Should be a sunny day today so will paint the fencing bought a spay gun yesterday so should be easier. All for now lots love to you both Bill. xxx

    • Hello Mr Bonner. Nice to hear from you as always. Oh I loved the pics of the venison and the bottle of Savvy. What Marsala jus? Go on rub it in .. Delish. Hope it was a sunny day .. I have some painting here for you so bring that spray gun with you! LOL Big hugs Mr B … 😀

      • Well if Andrew didn’t drink all the Marsala that I buy you might get to taste the jus! As for painting I’m not sure that the colours I chose would be your cup of sheeps dip that you make! Anyway my cherry tomatoes are really coming on more photos to follow. Big hugs to you both Bill xxx

  6. I think your pics are great and we have the same saucepans!
    Dear little lambs – is there much that cuter? Winter is going by so quickly this year, although we have snow forecast again for tomorrow…
    Another enjoyable post and I did grab a chair 😃😃

    • Oh Robyn .. so good to see you at Frog Pond! Same pans .. now how clever is that? They are dear little lambs, more on the way I found out today. Winter has zoomed past which is good, it has been so wet in Auckland. Glad you liked the post .. stay warm in that snow Robyn. 😀

  7. Lovely series. Good home cooked food cannot be substituted by any restaurant. Food photography is a world unto itself. So many tricks to make it look appealing. I just prefer to eat it. What a great part of the world you live in.

    • You know, you are absolutely right. I love home cooked food .. the only positive about eating out is you don’t have to do the dishes 🙂 Food photography certainly is a world unto itself, I’m with you, just eat it! Thanks for visiting …

  8. I love those little woolly lambs, how adorable are they! And the bright yellow yolks of the eggs too, and what is it with food prepared by someone else, it always tastes better than the food you cook for yourself. 🙂

  9. I don’t think you have any worries in the food photography department Julie. That salad is gorgeous! As are all your photos. And look at those bananas 🙂

    • Hey Miss … no not really. Those bananas are tucked away near the forest – living in their own microclimate. Auckland has a relatively temperate climate – but trust me it can get cold too 😀

  10. Love the photos, as usual, but have to tell you something. Years ago I took a very expensive course in food photography, and you know what? I liked my photos better when I just used my own eye and intuition rather than applying the rules I learned, and those photos have continued to sell much better! So, stuff ’em all I say, you’re doing brilliantly. Also love the little lambie bambies. We have the field next door to us full of sheep for the first time in about a dozen years, and the smell coming from the field in an easterly wind is spectacular…lol. 🙁 But they’re beautiful to watch, making that whole bucolic English countryside scene, and anyway, we’re out of here in three weeks or so heading back for the city, so we’re not complaining. 😀

      • Hey V how are you? That hubby of mine is a real keeper – trust me! I just have to get him to dance they way Robert does LOL … Do you know what, I totally understand your comment about the food course. I know if I had the lighting, props, time and wasn’t hungry that my pics would be better in that regard. Truth is, I love getting outdoors with my camera. More lambs on the way – my neighbour’s sheep are due any day. Ah the easterly wind sounds interesting. Hugs

  11. Well! Firstly, those little lambs are the sweetest photos I’ve seen in a long time! I love them! You have a wonderful eye when capturing the light and composition. This is as true in your garden shots as your food shots. They are delicious!! And I’d say you have a pretty good system there – he cooks and you take the photos! Shared time in the kitchen :). I sense a book coming on. And finally, I DREAM of olive and bananas!!! I believe you have found paradise! (Even if it is a tad chilly in winter)

    • What a lovely comment Janet thank you. He cooks and you take the photos – shared time in the kitchen. LOL Perfect! Oh a book .. now that would be fun. I think it is paradise too and I love that I can share it with you! And those olives and bananas. Take care and thanks for visiting. 😀

  12. Can I come over for supper, please? I promise to be a good girl 🙂 No, honestly, pity you’re so far away, Julie. Love those lambs too but why do they have to wear plastic bags? I promise to bring a toad as a gift 😉 Happy gardening to you too, lucky girl!!!

  13. Photographing food so that it doesn’t look disgusting is hard to do. These are beautiful shots. How lucky to have a husband who is also a great cook … and lambs!!!!!

  14. Your food photography has atmosphere, which is rare in my opinion. BTW the only real difference in my opinion between pro and amateur photographers, is one gets paid. The best photographers in history often didn’t get paid. I love your photography.

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