Spring is knocking …

I seem to be learning loads of lessons in my garden lately. Late planting of brassicas means we aren’t enjoying them yet. Truth is, those rotten slugs have had more of a meal from them than we have. What’s even more interesting, is that a raised bed chocka with brassicas doesn’t have anything that remotely resembles a broccoli – while another garden planted about 2 weeks later, already has a couple broccoli peeping through the leaves!


Well you live and learn don’t you and I have no doubt that I have loads more gardening lessons on the way.


Oh dear … turkey convention! Mating on the agenda …


Yesterday being Sunday and lovely weather – meant I was out and about spraying my vegetable garden with seaweed fertiliser – not the smelly stuff, no way. The sprayer was in the tray of the ATV and yours truly was motoring around the garden blasting vegetables and flowers alike with loads of good cheer and kelp!


So I have a few pics as you would expect … no lambs this week, but more on the horizon!

camellia magic-1160437

cherry blossom-1160456

Spring is knocking on the door ..


roadside stall-1160547

daffs and early cheer-1160557

Yes, an honesty box!


Out and about near our place


Muriwai beach-1160544

And we all know where this is don’t we?


From me and the pooch


Happy gardening …

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  1. Hi Julie and Andrew

    What great photos as always. Nice to get your blog – gives me a glimpse of a different life. Martin just arrived back from India – had bad bout of Delhi Belly last week but he is recovering. I stayed here in Shanghai but had a weekend away in Suzhou by myself which was great – saw the sights climbed a mountain – feeling refreshed.

    Due to leave here in 5 weeks for south suburbs of KL – quite exciting….will keep you informed

    Cheers Sue


  2. Lovely photos and report! I get the feeling we have hit the point of intersection. We are sharing the same weather. But not for long. As you warm up we cool down. Your broccoli looks good, enjoying the sun, and my cabbage is enjoying the cool, they are both taking off. Every picture tells a story. Do you think Dan could teach Willow to stay still? Take care. Bob

    • Hi Bob .. great to see you as always! Pleased you liked th update. No bet we don’t share the same weather for too long 😀 Dan is an old bloke now, I’m sure he would be more than happy to pass on some stuff to Willow – only problem is, he doesn’t think he is a dog! Take care Mr E

      • Ha Ha! So Dan doesn’t think he’s a dog. That sounds like a good thing. My problem with Willow is she knows she is a dog but she thinks I’m one too!

  3. Yes we do know that lovely beach. Your part of the world is pretty special, country and sea, the best of both worlds. Spring shots are great and a reminder to get out there with the seaweed spray, potash, cow and chook manure and compost ready for the growing season.

  4. Wow! What a rest set of really beautiful photographs. The landscapes are sensational. The flower stand is interesting because it seems to be paper thin and the back ground wants to pop into the foreground. Love the turkeys. I wonder how many of the ferrel poults that’s been hanging around on our property will be toms? I love to watch tom turkeys strut around.

    • Hello Mr Price … and thank you so much. I’m really pleased that you like the pics. Wish I liked those damned turkeys … ha ha. Oh those tom turkeys sure do like strutting about – spreading their plummage and basically, showing off! Thanks for stopping by …

  5. Gosh, I love the out and about photos Julie. I was just telling R that your little corner of the world is a lot like Canada and England, except perhaps a bit warmer. Love the honesty boxes! Yesterday, coming home from the mini races (cars, not small) we stopped in the next door village for flowers. Most of the villages have honesty boxes, or just a little jar on the ground. I love it. A huge bouquet of zinnias and dahlias for £2. Oh, R asks what breed of pooch, Poochy is. Big hugs. 😀

    • Aren’t the honesty boxes great? Love them … Tell R that Dan is a border collie (pure breed). Although quite seriously, he doesn’t think he is a dog. Glad you like the pics V .. huge hugs back at you Miss! 😀

  6. So many things to learn about gardening! We’ve given up growing brassicas because the pigeons and slugs always ate more than we did. You live in a beautiful part of the world; thank you for sharing it.

    • I know there is always so much to learn. Makes it interesting thought doesn’t it Anne? Those slugs sure do love my plants – they must know that we are organic. Although I sure do enjoy dropping them into a bucket of water in my nighttime patrols! It is a pleasure to be able to share our part of the world with you! 😀

  7. Such an uplifting post and some beautiful photos. The one of the seabirds skimming along the waves is gorgeous! Your pooch seems happy to get his paws into the dirt too – if only you could teach him to hunt slugs;)

    • Thank you as always! I like the pic of those birds skimming too. I got really excited the other day on the beach .. the birds sure were on display. Yes Dan is very happy indeed, probably because he was at the beach, his favourite place .. he just hates having his photo taken! 😀

  8. Wonderful photography, Julie. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an honesty box.
    “The sprayer was in the tray of the ATV and yours truly was motoring around the garden…” Being a city dweller, that boggles the mind. 🙂

  9. Beautiful images, as always Julie! We also have a turkey flock pass through sometimes, and it never fails to seem cool. Love the way you make old, everyday things come alive!

  10. Well as usual very good photos (Vicky must have had some private lesson and passed on tips ) just kidding our private joke! Sorry about your brassicas I will just have to Goe to countdown when I come over! Loverly shot of Dan but the turkeys I’m not sure about the peaches are in trouble must sort them out. Have bought a lot of paper bags to cover and ripen the peaches and pears and any other fruit that the possums and turkeys eat. So a lot of work to be done when I arrive! Had a good weekend in Broadstairs weather was good so was the wine! Lots love to you both Bill xxx

    • Ha ha you’re funny. I just ordered a truck full of sand! LOL … No I hate the shot of the turkeys (you know that). I’m already practising running around the orchard screaming! Those peaches are in big trouble (or maybe the turkeys are :D) Lots for you to do when you get here .. always! Hugs and love back at you …

  11. Oh what a glorious post!!! I must follow you because if you are heading into spring and I am heading into fall YOU will help ME get through this winter’s chill. (((HUGS))) Amy <3

  12. Glorious photos! I could fall into the landscapes….. So soft, and fresh, and well, spring-like! Interesting about the broccoli – I had similar experience with peas this year. The second sowing exceeded the first. And the slugs!! Chicken snacks. 🙂

  13. So funny for me to see daffodils in August. Only seems a few weeks till they were out here…..

    Yes, stuff can get a bit cramped. See my beetroot. Not done a thing because I never got round to thinning it out (it is also in a very dry part of the garden).

  14. Near and far, sea and sky and soil. It is all so beautiful. The misty field, the seashore … I feel like I just took a mini vacation. TY

      • Oh… The monsoon in Bombay is actually quite nice.. It’s pleasant, breezy and I enjoy the rain there. There are days when it rains heavily for 8-9 hours and, if this is coupled with high tide, then chaos ensues. I remember lots of times when I have been in water upto mid thigh level.

        I detest the monsoon in Delhi and Calcutta. It’s, hot, humid, sticky and I wilt. I much prefer the dry, blazing heat of the Delhi summer to the Delhi monsoon. I say this despite being more of a cold weather person.

      • I prefer the cool weather myself. We are at the fag end of a very sticky monsoon.. Not enough rain, which has lead to some awful humidity

  15. Hmmmm. Spring in August. Would that our spring came in February. What a lovely mix of photos. I like the beach with the people and the fog or haze in the distance, and the “honesty box” (not a Canadian term, though used here too) with the bright red sides.

  16. Hi Julie, I’m so happy I came across your blog and will be sure to keep coming back for more 🙂 I have been looking for an idea for a roadside stall to sell my eggs and flowers and yours is exactly what I had in mind! Hope you don’t mind if I try and copy it 🙂 I have a 35acre block between Geraldine and Fairlie, with some goats, cows, sheep and way too many chickens!! Thanks for sharing your piece of paradise with the rest of us … your photos are amazing ! Rachel

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