Snow, sun and vines

Have you ever been to New Zealand? The beauty of this country will never cease to amaze me – true I’m a Kiwi born and bred, so I guess I’m naturally a tad biased.

Last week Andrew and I made a quick trip to Central Otago which is in the South Island of NZ. It was time to visit vineyards, chat with growers, winemaker, and managers – the people that make it happen.

Toting my camera and wearing my new puffer jacket and black merino gloves (its cold down yonder) I took a variety of pics.  I ohhed and ahhed as can be expected, it’s a stunning place.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Central Otago – Pinot Noir country.

lake dunstan-1160874

lake dunstan Pisa-1160934

Lake Dunstan

lake dunstan-1160886

Pensive hubby

MacArthurs Ridge - Vines-1160779

MacArthurs Ridge - Vines-1160751


MacArthurs Ridge

25 steps-2497

25 Steps – What a view!

25 steps-


Hawthorn on the roadside


kawarau bridge-1170003

Bridge across the Kawarau River – wood, perfect!


More hawthorn



Toi Toi NZ native grass


The drinkable stuff!

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  1. Stunningly beautiful photos of a stunningly beautiful area! “Ching Ching!” as the Spanish say as the tap their wine cups together for a toast. Cheers! For good wine, beautiful landscapes and stunning photos.

  2. I love your photos Julie. I haven’t been down that way as often as I probably should, being a kiwi and all. It is too beautiful. Interestingly the willow trees in the second shot seem to be filling out with green leaves already. It is good to see.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Sarah.. thank you verry much. It is so beautiful in the south, I would love to move there but I would be devoid of a winter vege garden 🙂 Yes the willow trees are showing some green. They seem to be more advanced than up here .. no idea why! Thanks for stopping by Miss .

  3. Julie, Honey, these images are just drop jaw exquisite. Wow! I took a wee bit of time to come on over here to take a peek, and I am so glad I did. You spent a lot of time not only photographing these treasures but putting this post together. For everything you did, I do thank you!! Bless you for the sparkling Jewel you are! Love, Amy <3

    • Hello Amy .. oh that is so kind of you. I’m super pleased that you like them. Thanks for popping over for a peek. I love being able to share this with you as I know you will enjoy. I suspect that you are more of a sparkling jewel than I – but thank you so much for that. Hugs back at you Miss

  4. It’s just so lovely. Loads of times I read thru your blog posts (with Robert looking over my shoulders) and we talk about how similar NZ is to Canada. These photos could have been taken in the central Okanagan valley BC where my middle daughter lives, with its lakes, vineyards and snow capped mountains. No wonder people who move between our countries tend to feel right at home. I love it. Hey, can’t wait to get my hands (somehow) on one of your bottles of wine! 😀

    • Hey V ..I’m pleased Robert gets to see my posts. I’m sure Canada is very beautiful .. I would so love to go there. And if I ever do watch out 😀 I wish we sold Toi Toi in Canada I’d send you some. Maybe there is such a thing as a wine fairy 🙂 Take care, love knowing you have stopped by …

  5. Hi Julie and Andrew
    Julie the photos are amazing you can feel the cold weather in your shots. How did you manage with the heights? It was a good shot of both Toi Tois can’t wait to get back and taste it again. I still have one bottle left and reluctant to open it! Well on Monday it’s officially autum so will have to think about clearing some of the pots and planting bulbs there are still some that Joyce planted well over twelve years ago! Lots love to you both Bill xxx

    • Hey Mr bonner. It was cold down South – a very different cold to Auckland. Heights what heights? Ha ha ha .. no I was hiding behind my camera – all good. Oh I’m pleased you liked the shots. I liked the Toi Toi imagery too. Only one bottle left! LOL Spring yay … I can’t wait for the wind! Hugs and love back at you

  6. I’ve never been to New Zealand but love the one you bring to us through your exquisite photos – thanks. This reminds me just how large your country is and with many different regions…hope one day to visit.

    • Thanks for stopping by, so pleased you enjoyed the pics. Gosh when I think of large I think of Australia :D. We are so lucky in NZ .. loads of lovely scenery, and not to far to drive to see it. You must pop NZ on your ‘must visit’ list. You would love it! 😀

  7. Wonderful photos. It looks like beautiful country. You must have had quite a perch overlooking the sheep. Also very nice picture of Andrew. I hope you were able to find time to get the cap off that bottle! Take care.

    • Hey bob .. I did have quite a perch. And given I hate heights .. LOL. It is a beautiful country but then so is yours! Glad you liked the pic of Andrew. I do too! I think we did find a wee bit of time to enjoy the wine. 😀

  8. What a great time to visit a winery. The stark beauty of the countryside, the hawthorne berries and toi-toi grass, New Zealland is such a stunning country. Beautiful photos as always Julie. Notice how I am not saying anything at all about the last shot? I am studiously ignoring it, given that am in the land of “no wine” .

    • Hello Francesa! Oh you made me laugh when I read your last sentence. Hilarious! Yep, no wine where you are. Hope you are having a great time .. sure to be. And I’m glad you liked the pics too. It was a great time to visit down yonder even if a bit chilly. Thanks Miss 😀

  9. Julie, Unbelievably awesome!! Will probably never get overseas from the US myself but will encourage my traveling kids to go. Love your blog and the gorgeous pictures! Autumn is here in the US and preparing for winter. Anxiously waiting for more tales from your end of the world! Warm regards from Rita in Virginia, USA.

  10. Beautiful photos . Its such a treat to sit down and take time with your posts and this one deserves time. Breathtaking countryside photographed in glory . Thanks again Julie xxxxxxx

  11. Mmmmmmmm, Pinot Noir…… 😊 Magnificent photos! Quite incredible to see the grape vines against the back drop of snow capped mountains. I have been to NZ actually, but it’s been a while, and not so far south. It is a magical place – as we witness in your photos. Lovely, lovely!

  12. Having been having another look at this post and your gorgeous pics. Love that. Middle Earth 😃 It is stunning!
    I bought myself some red merino gloves this year. Oh yum, they’re so warm.. and I picked up a red snow jacket… He he. I’m warm too 😃
    Must try some Toi Toi. I haven’t yet, but I shall.

  13. Truly spectacular! Thank you so much for the tour. Love the mob of sheep taking over the roads. That gave me a chuckle. The landscape is as Veronica mentions very similar to the Okanagan valley in Canada. Similar but not the same. The Toi Toi grass is soemthing I’d like to learn more about.

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