Excuse me?

If someone had said to me years ago when I was working in advertising (tottering around in heels) that I would be hauling a sick chook with a bandaged foot off to the vets in a kitty carrier first up on a Monday morning, I would have laughed in disbelief.


More importantly a chicken with bumble foot, which as it happens, is a nasty infection causing the injured foot to swell and heat up. Strangely enough all these ailments seem to happen to my favourite birds.

bandaged foot-1190042

The bright purple bandage, which has since been ditched, was I’m sure the envy of the other chooks ..


Tony looking very handsome and keeping an eye on things

It’s that time of year too, when those rather large sheep of ours need to be shorn and have those toes trimmed.


We just had Labour Day weekend in NZ – it’s hard not to love 3 days off.  So yours truly was out in the garden, hauling out spent veg, prepping beds with an array of fabulous organic material, and generally attempting to oversee the chaos that is currently our garden.

spade action-1190250

Proof, I was busy


I’m not the only one that is busy

I have next weekend earmarked for some plantings …. think salad stuff that is happily growing in the kitchen. And as I previously mentioned, I’m off out to buy some heirloom organic varieties that a friend just happens to grow commercially.

dwarf bean-1190011

There is something so special about new life …

raised beds-1190243

Frog Pond Farm is looking beautiful .. luscious green hues,  lots of happy self seeded flowers which nod in the breeze their beautiful faces lifted skyward. I was surprised (I don’t know why 🙂 ) to see plums already taking shape in the orchard.

Granny's bonnets-1190246

Granny’s bonnets don’t face skyward … lol

You may remember last year that I was lamenting the lack of olives on our trees? That was then … our trees are absolutely smothered and I suspect that we will have a monster crop .. anyone want to come and help harvest? LOL


Our macadamia tree is also smothered 

And you can’t beat a visit in the morning with the dog to the beach ..

chip love-1190229

I was eyeing them off too … Sand Dunz Cafe

Muriwai beach-1190215

Happy gardening

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  1. Oh dear, I hope the chicken’s foot is on the mend. Looks like pedicure time at your Hehe
    If it makes you feel any better Jules, I am always carting sick hens to the vets. I have one hen (Shirley) who has EYP but has stabilised since having a hormone implant and has been living indoors at night in a crate near a heater for about two months. Who’s loopier..maybe me 🙂

    • Hey Rom, sure is pedicure time at our place! Yes Dolly’s foot seems to be fine now (fingers crossed). What a drama that was .. bumble foot is awful. Oh you are so wonderful with your hens Rom .. what a great girl you are! So caring .. not loopy at all. Hugs 😀

  2. Poor chook, I hope it’s foot is better. Tony is looking quite the guy. As your farm greens up in you spring toward summer, our temperatures are dropping, and the plants are changing as we fall towards winter. Maybe you need a pair of high heeled wellies. I was at the boutique next door helping them with a computer problem, and one of the young women was wearing high heeled boots that looked like they were made of rubber. I commented that her boots looked like high heeled wellies, and she said they were! I guess they are all the rage around here.

    • Hello Mr Price. Dolly’s foot does seem to be much better – thanks to the antibiotics and the mini surgery 🙂 Ha ha .. high heeled wellies awesome! I bet they look amazing. So nice to be heading into warmth .. hope your fall is colourful. Take care Tim ..

    • HI Celi! I love it when you stop by. Our garden is going nuts … I’m way behind planting and sowing seed too. But I’ll there. Funny isn’t it, you are slowing down an we sure are speeding up. Looks like we might be in for a dry summer C. Take care Miss 😀

    • Nothing much bothers Dolly .. although she didn’t much like the car ride! She seems so much better now and is devoid of her bandage. Those Granny’s bonnets are just the prettiest things. Self seeded and in 3 colours .. perfect! Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hi Julie, I hope the chicken heals up okay. Lovely photos and update. It sounds and looks like everything is right on schedule. Keep your eye out for Brandywine seedlings. They are very good and big producers. I wish I could help you with those olives. 🙂 Take care. Bob

    • Heck, I wish you could help with those olives too Mr E. I was thinking about it today, the trees are loaded. I have no idea what we will be doing with all the olive oil either. It is so good too .. what a bonus. Brandywine? I haven’t seen that one .. hmmm. I’ll keep you posted 😀

  4. I was away from my garden for 10 days. I couldn’t believe the chaotic growth which occurred in that short time. We must enjoy this abundant ‘madness’ whilst it lasts. I am also worrying about a dry summer. I guess that will be good for your olives though.

    • Hello lovely … oh you disappeared off my reader. But all fixed now. 10 days worth of growth! LOL I can imagine … Yes I agree, I believe that we are going to be in for a dry summer. It has been so windy in Auckland which is drying any moisture out of the soil. I’m sure those olives will love it! So good to hear from you …

  5. Your beach is hypnotic Julie, I must visit it one day.And the new life photo in or garden- a magic moment captured. Your chhooks are a hhansome lot- can understand your concern. Our chooks and cows are our pets too.

    • Hey Francesca … you must visit, that would be fabulous! Black sand beach though … ha ha I’m so pleased you like the new life pic, I ummed and ahhed about including it. Handsome chooks that are pets … wouldn’t have it any other way. The bonus is they provide us with the yummiest eggs. Hugs

  6. Every single image is just stunning, Julie. I LOVE your flowers and I LOVE the sprout coming up and I LOVE the shot of the ocean. Beautiful post … a reflection of the artist. Thank you, my friend, and I hope your rooster is OK by now!!! (((HUGS))) Amy <3

  7. Wow. Frog Pond Farm really is looking beautiful … but then … it always does. haha. I’m so glad to hear your chicken is on the mend. =)

    • Hi Miss, I know the vet is a luxury for birds and many of my neighbours think I’m nuts. We did remove a core from her foot but after a couple of days it wasn’t looking much better – even with antiseptic spray and bandaging. So off to the vets with her! 😀 Yes the do heal don’t they? Great to see you Linda

  8. Hi Julie, that was a big change in your life and I find this great. You’re doing a very good job at your wonderful farm. Not everybody could accomplish that.
    If I could, I would help harvest. One day perhaps… 😉
    In your photo series I particular love the picture of the birds at the table. I guess the pommes are very delicious! 😀

    • Hey Josephine … yes one day! I would love that … 😉 Sure was a big change in my life – so good being versatile isn’t it (or maybe a bit nutty :D) I love that bird photo too. I shot it out of the car window. Have a lovely weekend Miss

  9. i smiled when i read that you’re admiring your garden at its very best right now. i think as gardeners we are allowed to gloat a little when it’s all coming together perfectly! your two-toned granny’s bonnets are very special – i do love the origami-like intricacies of those flowers.

    • I do admire the garden … can’t help myself. Nothing better than sitting on the grass and taking in the view. Those Granny bonnets are pretty special .. various colours and all self seeded. They sure are intricate … thanks for stopping by 😀

  10. Well Mrs Bumblefoot I’m sorry I am late in replying but you didn’t reply to my last reponce. I hope the said Bumblefoot is under control or otherwise I shall have to inform MAF when I arrive in December and ask if it is in control in Frogpond Farm. I don’t really want to have place my best leather shoes in a footbarth before I can enter the said farm!
    Photos as usual very good especially that antique spade that donesent dare be used,
    Lots of love to you both Bill xxx

    • Hey Mr Bonner .. Whoops huge apologies for missing your comment, which I have since replied to. Hmm, I would be more worried about sand in the bed , than those fine leather shoes needing a soaking. Mind you, I would be happy to oblige! Don’t you pick on that spade! Hugs x

  11. Fabulous photos, really really fabulous….. the beautiful layers of feathers and absolutely everything ~ everyone a gorgeous photo …….( All taken in tottering heals. I can tell! Come on Julie you haven’t ever really let them go!) <3

  12. I imagine your spot as a veritable symphony of sounds, colors and amazing sights-what a wonderful time of the year! (Hubble would like a swipe or two at those fries the bird was eyeing 😉 )

  13. Oh Julie, you’ve been such a busy girl! Hope this beautiful girl of yours is better – she certainly got expert treatment. Think you’ve changed your life for the better – so much nicer to run around in wellies, tend the garden and work with the animals. We used to have lots of sheep in Ireland so I know it’s hard work. How many sheep do you have? Luvely pics as always…I envy you a little as you’re going into summer…well, still mild and mellow here so I shan’t complain! Happy days to you, hubby and all animals 🙂

    • Hi lovely .. always seems like I’m busy 🙂 especially at this time of year. Lots of planting and prepping of gardens and feeding plants too of course! Our 2 rather plump sheep are our pets … I didn’t realise that you lived in Ireland too … now that sounds like a proper farm 😀 You are so right, my life has changed for the better. I’m so lucky! Great to know that you stopped by and happy days to you and hubby too!

  14. Gosh what gorgeous photos of a lovely looking farm. So funny to think of spring while we fall into the decay of autumn over in Scotland. I just loved the stylish purple bandage which I agree must have been the envy of all the other girls!

    • Hello! and thank you. It is odd isn’t it with us bouncing into summer .. Have to say I’m loving it, the weather lately has been so settled! Yep that purple bandage was the envy of the other girls for sure! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  15. Oh my!!! That sea there looks SO inviting for a wee swim!!

    Yes, there is something so exciting and thrilling about new life…Spring seems to be smiling brightly upon Frog Pond this season.

    Hope Dolly-Chook is feeling much improved, now.

    I can’t imagine what it is like to trim sheep-toes, quite a job I suspect. Did they balk much? I suspect they are feeling pretty sleek and svelte with their posh new hair-cuts 😉

    Such a beautiful, uplifting post. I have so enjoyed my little visit. Happy weekend to you dear friend,

    Autumn Jade Toad

    • Thank you – I’m so pleased you found it uplifting. The sheep don’t mind too much their toes being trimmed – although they would much prefer to nibble on grass 🙂 Dolly is much better thanks – I’m so pleased as she is my favourite and just adorable. The surf was full on that day. I’m a blouse and won’t swim here as there are rips. Hubby surfs here though and loves it! Thanks for stopping by – always good to know you have

      • Sometimes it is wiser to stand upon the shore and admire the powerful beauty of the sea from a safe distance! We get strong rip currents here too. I’ve been yanked out many times but, so far, have always managed to swim back. I am usually the only swimmer on such days. Sometimes the waves are like mountains and I can’t see much beyond each towering set as I inch my way out, and then, suddenly, I’m amongst the surfers as they surge down the gigantic monster waves and I must dive to get out of their way. Astoundingly, I almost always see sharks still at it, hunting fish, even amid such powerful, crashing waves. This I find contenting as it is the sharks who draw me out in the first place 😉

        I am so elated that Dolly is feeling much better!!! She is beautiful. And I am sure the sheep are most delighted to be back to what they love to do best 😉 chomping away.

        Too many grins to count. Best wishes,

        Autumn Jade

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