Remember me?

I can’t believe it .. I should go and stand in the naughty corner. Did you know that It is nearly 3 weeks since I last posted? How bad is that?

Anyone would think that I have been busy .. πŸ˜€


Truth is I have been busy in the garden – spring has finally kicked in and the weather has been gorgeous. Β I’ve had fun times hauling out spent vege and prepping beds with loads of organic matter, think Bokashi bin contents, coffee grounds, composted horse poo (crawling with worms, yummy stuff), homemade compost, rok solid and then tucking the lot in with pea straw. Did I tell you I’m in heaven? LOL

The garlic has really started growing the last few weeks – I have even spotted the first flower poking skywards. The garden is still stuffed with leeks, monsters now and our orchard is boasting an array of fruit. Sadly the peaches have the usual yearly leaf curl, and I’m behind in spraying seaweed brew. Eek, another job.

We have been harvesting our stunning broad beans and then eating them in just about everything. Have you ever had them in pasta with clams, chilli, garlic, spicy sausage and wine? I have and I didn’t cook it either. Hubby is a star in the kitchen ..

I have seedlings busting to get planted into the salad garden.


Poppies which are self seeded and looking glorious …


And my brother is here again … it is so nice having that extra pair of hands in the garden – I’ve told him about β€˜sitting down on the job’ though ha ha.

We worked at Taste of Auckland last weekend .. a great event where Auckland’s top chefs prepare their favourite dishes and then serve it to the hordes of kiwi visitors .. it is literally a food and beverage extravaganza. Fun in the sun ..

cup cakes-1190411



NZ Art

toi toi-1190581

Top drop that Toi Toi πŸ˜‰

I’ve been weeding, feeding and giving pep talks to myΒ garden …

egg sales-1190630

Egg sales in the countryΒ 

Happy gardening

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  1. Forgot all about you! Actually I was thinking the other day that it seemed like Julie was due for a post. Love all the photos. Food wine and art all looks great. I really like your wheelbarrow. Looks like it’s well used and has a lot of character.

    • Oh no you can’t forget about me! πŸ˜€ Yes I’m back and so pleased you enjoyed the pics. It is the most stunning day today .. I’m itching to get outside with the camera. Glad you like the wheelbarrow. Nice way of selling eggs πŸ˜€

  2. I know what you’ve been up to – Giving your brother a bottle of Toi Toi to stay out in the garden all day. He’ll probably need a case!
    Seriously your garden always looks amazing or your photography has got better. So talented in every way and I hear you can cook up a storm too with all that amazing produce you grow. Keep it up Julie.

  3. Spring is a beautiful time of year in the garden, no wonder you have taken a blogging break to get into it! Everything is looking lush and gorgeous in my garden right now too, but unfortunately I have sewing orders to complete, so I’m chained to a sewing machine….well, almost, I couldn’t resist taking a look at what you’ve been up too. And don’t worry, you could never be forgotten. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Joanne … such a busy and pretty time in the garden. Hate getting behind blogging though. Not sure about being chained to the sewing machine though πŸ˜€ Glad I won’t be forgotten .. Take care

  4. I remember you, actually I was afraid that my reader (as sometimes happens with WordPress) was with bugs hidding your posts.
    Happy to see it was time to turn your garden into a work of art. Thank you for the happy colors, Julie.

  5. You know what I love so much Julie, (besides your gorgeous photos and wildly beautiful garden), I love that I can always have summer when I pop over instead of my gloomfest of soggy, cold winter. So wonderful to see my poppies (same as I have in E), and those rose buds! I just picked my last yellow rose bud for the season and put it on my bedside table to have it around me as much as possible. πŸ˜€ So nice for you to have your brother come visit. And that peach leaf curl! Big problem here on the West Coast too. So big that we tend to only grow peaches under the eaves or under some sort of little roof which keeps the rain off. Darn those pesky pests and diseases. But then, when something doesn’t do well, another thing thrives, doesn’t it? Big hugs Julie. Can’t wait for your next post…hint hint. πŸ˜€

    • Hello V … what a lovely comment. Yes those roses will look so beautiful when they bloom. Not long to go now. Our November rose which is laden isn’t far away from showing off either. It is so nice having my brother here – who like me adores the garden. Damn leaf curl, what a nasty disease it is. And given how humid Auckland is ,,, Interesting that youy grow under eaves. Yes pests are alive and well at Frog Pond Farm. You should see the aphids πŸ˜€ lovely to hear from you as always .. next post is this weekend πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. I’ve missed you and your posts, Julie πŸ˜‰ I tell you the truth, I had didn’t had time to look for new posts…:-( to much work in the garden!
    The Taste of Auckland – how fascinating it must had been…all the delicious dishes……..
    You must be happy, spring has come and your poppies are really amazing!!
    We have spring temperatures here – unusually!
    Have a nice day!!

    • Oh it is so nice to be missed! Thank you .. Watch out for more posts though .. πŸ˜€ Taste of Auckland was a great event and the food was just delicious. Yes I’m loving spring the garden is a blaze of colour. Great that your weather is mild … A lovely day back at you πŸ˜€

  7. I hope the garden listens to your pep talks and behaves as it should. If only life were that simple.
    Your egg sales barrow looks wonderful. My sister put some eggs for sale outside her gate and someone stole the table she’d put them on. That’s English egg sales in the country for you.

    • Hey Anne .. oh if only life was that simple πŸ™‚ That is a neighbour’s egg barrow .. I just love seeing it and they have an honesty box on the side. Another good friend used to sell flowers on the side of the road and often found people weren’t paying for them. Thanks for stopping by

  8. Hi to you both. Now Julie I’m sure I have seen that wheelbarrow around the farm somewhere, I bet your hiring it out! Like the new arm decoration is it hena or real!? Well our gardens are going into winter mode and lots of falling leaves. I thought I gave Milt some cooking lessons a couple of years ago get him remembering how to cook. Not long now before my trip over looking forward to the nice weather although it’s not cold here yet.
    Lots love to all Bill xxx

    • Hello Mr B! Good to hear from you. Ha that’s not my barrow, but I’ve been thinking of putting in a red phone box and selling eggs from that! LOL That is real NZ art not henna πŸ˜€ Milt so needs more cooking inspiration – I think this weekend might be it! So looking forward to your trip, food and laughs. I bet your gardens are getting ready for winter .. I do so love autumn. Lots of love back at you … Jules

  9. Yes ,off you go ,get in the naughty corner . I missed you and your stunning garden exploits. That poppy shot is a beauty. We overindulged in some toi-toi pinot noir last night .Very thirsty.What a lovely drop

    • Missed me? Good LOL! I love that poppy shot too … it is amazing how it has shoved other stuff out of it’s way. Such a wonderful colour .. Bit like the Pinot Noir πŸ˜€ … glad you were thirsty and enjoyed it! Yay .. hugs

  10. Love the egg sales barrow and I saw that Anne commented that someone stole the table a neighbour put out! The cheek! I’m selling my flowers on a little wooden cart at the moment and the first weekend someone broke the lock πŸ™ However, hasn’t happened since and everyone else is happy to pay! Hurrah!

    • Hello Sarah!! How are you? I’ve missed your blog. Seems you may have disappeared off my reader. I love the barrow too .. aren’t people incredible ? I bet your flower gardens are looking amazing! Would love some news from your place .. this spring weather is so good πŸ˜€ Take care lovely

      • Hi Julie! I’ve disappeared a bit off the blogosphere! I have a half written post and I just need to take a few more pics of the veges before publishing. We’re working so hard at the moment putting in yet more beds for the flowers and tidying things up. Yes, the flowers are looking lovely although this cold weather has put them back a bit I think. I post about them on FB regularly ( if you want to have a look πŸ™‚ Just adjusting to working and keeping up with all the family stuff….not easy!!! I’ll get back into the swing soon though as I love writing about my veggies and fruit trees! Your blog posts are gorgeous as always! xxxxx

  11. Hi Julie! Absolutely lovely post! Can feel the early summer in your words. Great picture of the poppy and the food fest! If you must go stand in the naughty corner grab a couple bottles of Toi Toi to keep you company. Enjoy the growing season. Take care. Bob

    • Ha ha naughty corner with wine .. how bad is that! LOL … the grwoing season is underway. I’m going to have a busy day planting. Glad you like the pics. Always good to know you have been here πŸ˜€

  12. That poppy!! Luscious post, Julie – packed full with your beautiful garden, food, wine and art! Not to mention the essence of spring that is carried all the way from your place to mine. It lifts me up! And definitely worth waiting for…….

  13. I just love your ‘joie de vivre’, Julie, shining from every line and pic you post! So glad you’re having a good time…would have loved to that Auckland event too, all that fab wine and food. We still dream about it. Fab place down by the harbour where we ate so well, another great restaurant in Queensland which we loved…mind you, I treat myself to the odd bottle of kiwi sauvignon blanc which is like no other, my favourite actually. We had such a good time there and it’s nice to have the memories. Happy weekend πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you have such fond memories. For me food is much of travel … So pleased you stopped by, I always am Annette I’m so so sorry to hear what has happened in your beautiful country, I am so saddened. Words cannot convey my feelings for you all. I hope that you and friends and family are ok Annette. Much love your way

      • We’re far from Paris but still shocked to the bone – the result will be suspicion and hatred, something we have already far too much of! Don’t understand these crazy guys and I’m afraid this won’t be the last we’ve heard of them. Thanks for your kind words, Julie. PS: Yes, food is so important, not only when travelling, and I always pity those that don’t enjoy it.

  14. Lovely to see your blossoming Spring. Here in the North of the world it is wet and warm! And getting ready for the winter sleep. Great to see your side of it all and have fun in the garden!

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