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I used to own my own horse years ago and loved riding with a passion.  I can’t say I was a particularly competent rider – dressage wasn’t me, and jumping often meant me flung over the hurdle while the horse had stood disinterested on the other side. Charming.


Funnily enough, living in the country & owning land as we have done for the past 11 years, has been a major temptation to own a four legged beauty, but the fear factor (and some common sense) has prevailed, plus the knowledge that owning a Neddy will be a major dent in the bank account.

So, my neighbour has a daughter who is young, adept and adores her horses, I dream about her talent. A walk on the beach with my camera was a promise of some pics to share …


happy boots-1190837

Dusty boots


Albert … Dan’s friend


Muriwai beach 



You know I love wood

Needless to say I have been busy in the garden. I have poked an array of happy seedlings into the dirt and assured them of water, seaweed fertiliser, mulch to retain moisture and regular pep talks.

Isn’t it nice to know that I’m back to regular posts even if a short one?  There may be no pics of the veg garden sorry, but what about some spring flowers




I usually finish with ‘happy gardening’. This week I would like to finish with

Love and respect  …

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  1. Flowers are always welcome!

    I took riding lessons a few years ago and while I’m glad to have done so, in the end I knew it just wasn’t a good fit. Bill’s teenage niece has been riding for several years now and her talent and fearlessness blows me away!

    • It’s funny how it doesn’t work for some. I rode from when I was about 11 and just loved it. Had some fairly good tumbles though .. My neighbour’s daughter is a pleasure to watch (think I might be a tad envious!) 😀

      • You hit the nail on the head. While I’ve never really been very coordinated when it comes to any sports (although husband tells me I have a good golf swing!), I was always afraid of falling off. A feisty mare (Millie was her name) tried to buck me off a few times. Didn’t scare me that much at the time but I think it took hold inside my head and eventually I decided my year and half ‘experiment’ had run its course! Glad though that I did it. Got that one checked off my Bucket List anyway. 🙂

  2. Breathtaking photos Julie- just stunning. You know I love your beach shots so much but the girls boots- there is something rather surreal about that shot- the boots/legs seem to be floating in space. Wow.

  3. Such wonderful beachy photos Julie. Oh what a dream to be able to ride a horse and such a beautiful place to rode him. Chloe rides. She’s had a few years of lessons each summer in England, and now rides her boyfriend’s mom’s horses. I don’t ride, (although I have done), because those things are just so much darn bigger than me! Tell you what though, I’d absolutely love some acreage and someone else’s horses running around in the field just so I could watch them and not have the responsibility of looking after them. That would be ideal. 😀

    • It sure is. I love nothing more than feeding the chooks and staring at Candy. She is the horse with her neck arched. Such a beautiful gentle girl. I used to love riding and had my last horse up until I was 40. Nothing beats a ride amongst the green or on a beach 😀

  4. Hi Julie! Wonderful pictures and story telling! I hope you forward those photos to your neighbours daughter – she will love them when she gets a little older and reminisces about riding on the beach. Nice looking geraniums. Keep your eyes on that purple sky gurl! Take care. Bob

    • Hey Mr Ede .. now coming from a real story teller, I’m pleased you think so! I must forward those pics to Georgia (I have more). I love those geraniums .. the bokeh is magical. Eyes to the sky Bob. You take care 😀

  5. Love the photos. I grew up wth horses and used to ride a lot, but they are too expensive these days — our cats are costly enough, and when I think of multiplying cat expenses to the size of a horse it gets really scary. I still love horses and you have posted a fun blog with horses, acute dog, beautiful flowers, and a fence post as well.

  6. I was sighing a whole lot throughout this post, Julie. Ahhhhh …. beach and spring flowers!!! And I LOVE those boots!!!! Oh wow I need a pair like those. Are they comfy to walk in? They look like it. Are they warm and insulated or just leather? I’m on a major mission to get all I need to get through this Winter for all temperatures. If I am carrying camera equipment and walking, sometimes on snowshoes I will have to be dressed right but not TOO warm. Anyways to get back to your post, I just LOVED it! Thank you so much for giving me a breath of Spring as we are heading into Winter. Love, Amy <3

    • Hey Amy so pleased that you enjoyed my post. I love it when you stop by. I wish those boots were mine too – but the owner was one of the girls riding. I couldn’t resist taking a pic .. They looked so comfy. In fact I was buying chicken food yesterday and spotted a beautiful pair of boots that I would love for winter. 😀 Take care and big hugs

      • Julie, I just have this thing about “boots” like you have with wood, I guess. LOL I’m gong to be getting a pair of boots to wear when I am going out, say for my hair or lunch, and I feel so excited because they are just perfect for me. Of course I have already gone into the store to look. LOL I didn’t have the time to try on, etc. Tomorrow I shall!! Sounds to me you ought to get those boots you spotted. 🙂 Go for it!!! Nothing like a pair of boots that feel so good and keep your feet warm and clean. 🙂 <3

  7. Hi to you both. Julie very good photos of beach and horses. I must try and get to the beach this trip could you arrange for a board walk to be layed as the sand simply isn’t any good for my shoes! Well I think winter is about to burst this weekend. Must try and clear more leaves up before it’s not possible. Looking forward to seeing the building work should be finished by the time I come. All for now lots love Bill xxx

    • Hello bill! I will get you to the beach .. promise! ha ha What about bare foot and then we could sit down and have some fish and chips! LOL Good luck with the gardening, won’t be long now and you will be enjoying the new building. Looks great. Hugs Mr B 😀

      • Fish and chips sounds nice but will have to sit on tail gate and put up a wind shield to stop the sand blowing in! Xxx

  8. I’d love to ride on that beach too 🙂 Mind you, in Ireland we once took our horses to the beach which was just 30 minutes away. It was so funny as the incoming and outgoing waves made the poor things so dizzy that we almost fell into the water…goes to show that we all have to get used to things 😉

  9. Lovely spring flower photos…..it feels a lifetime away till we’ll be seeing such prettiness here as we are plunged headlong into winter!
    I used to love horse riding too, and occasionally dream of having my own, but common sense prevails and I make do with my doggie companions😊

  10. This was such a good read and find this morning ~ takes me back a few years. Beautiful series of photos, the enjoyment of the dog running along the beach was a perfect capture of the day it seems. Well done.

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