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Oh dear me, I’m getting worse. Seems that my blog will become a monthly issue (just kidding). Frog Pond Farm has been so busy lately and what’s worse is, I just can’t seem to get any ordinance happening in those beds. There are …


  • Leeks the size of legs –  I think chewing on a slab of wood might be easier
  • Egyptian walking onions which are taking their time to fill out but are looking so healthy
  • Garlic in 2 beds that needs to be removed, it’s getting that spent look
  • Beans which are looking anaemic (watch out comfrey tea is on the way)
  • Cucumbers which are piddly,  I just can’t imagine them producing anything
  • Same with the zuccs (will teach me for late planting)
  • A Black Krim tomato which is falling all over the place – laterals seem to be producing laterals
  • Parsley which is smothering oregano
  • Borage which is just so damn bossy and shoulders everything else out of the way
  • Runner beans which haven’t sprouted thus there are gaps in front of the trellis
  • My oat / pea straw which I use as mulch, has sprouted and is growing particularly well in the salad gardens (oh great)
  • Thornless raspberries are looking red and delicious but taste terrible (ha ha)
  • Strawberries which need urgent netting



New life

norfolk hibiscus hedge-1200133

That’s the garden.

The orchard appears to be much better behaved although I need to …

  • Spray the trees with seaweed brew
  • Don’t spray the olives as they are already out of control
  • Throw around Rok solid and some good cheer – Chrissy is on the way
  • Stop being bothered about the leaf curl  the peaches won’t die
  • Consider opening a shop for our feijoas our trees are laden with flowers

The chooks are all good thanks, including my favourite Dolly. Tony our rooster is pushing his luck and being bolshie with some of my old girls.


I’m great, so is hubby, Dan has arthritis and has decided that he isn’t enjoying his tucker much but would prefer ours (he doesn’t realise he is a dog).


Albert keeps telling him he really is a ‘dog’


See we do have frogs at our place!

Lastly, I made some loquat jam over the weekend and it is absolutely delicious.


Hope you enjoy the rather odd collection of photos …

seagull beach walk-1190946

Happy gardening!

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  1. Love your photos! Always. Hello 😃
    Sounds like you are busy. Tis the season!
    Glad to hear you’re all doing well and Dan sounds normal to me – not knowing he is a dog 😜
    My cakes have marked it. Not warm enough for them here. The toms are doing fairly well and producing lots of warmers toms. I’ll take it 😃
    Lovely to hear from you Jules.. and yum..jam!

  2. Great photos, Julie. Given the size of your garden and orchard, I’m surprised you have the time to do anything else; I’m impressed. 🙂 The frogs are a great sign about the health of your garden. I must book to take a tour of your garden some day. Have a great Christmas. At least one of us will be disappearing soon. 🙂

  3. You have been busy. You title reminded me of the Todd Rundgren song of the same name. I love all the photos, but I especially love the frog photo.

  4. Hopefully the courgettes will pick up – mine did a massive sprint towards the finish line once they realised summer was closing.

    My runner beans were also hard to get going. Must be something about 2015!

  5. Hi to you both. Well oversize veg it looks like a trip to my favourite store on the north shore is going to be in order! Good shot of the frog yes it could be a new logo.well finally got in the garden and did a bit of clearing up before I start packing .looking foreword to seeing the place again, and cooking my special Pork belly dish and cranking the oven right up full!
    Lots love to you both Bill xxx.

  6. Was seduced into peacefulness by that first picture, then heard your list of gardener task! A gardener’s job is never done…. Good to hear from you, my blogger-friend. Cute doggy pix, too.

    • Hey lovely … ah, I like that – seduced into peacefulness, what a delightful thing to say. Yes that list is a tad ominous – but we always get through it. A gardener’s work is never done. Good to hear from you too my blogging friend

  7. Hi Julie, wonderful photos and write-up as usual! Dan looks like he is doing what dogs do best in summer. Albert sure has a big smile! The photo of the seagull is sensational! Beautiful colour, texture and composition! The lawns around your pond are lovely – during the spring you must have found your old high heels and walked around aerating the grass! 🙂 Hope you and Andrew are well. Take care. Bob

  8. Hi Julie, your post are always with the wait. Always. It’s terrific to follow the progress of your garden. The photos are just spectacular! That first one is absolute magic! So soft and lush…..and ideal – I expect that if we could look very close we’d see the faeries dancing under a tree. Or something else, equally fantastic. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Janet .. I’m glad you think they are worth the wait. The garden is slow to start but I know it will gather momentum. So pleased you enjoyed the pics. Soft and lush indeed :D. Imagine fairies under the trees … (I bet there are 😉 ) Hugs

  9. Whew. Sounds like you need to stop for a moment to let your spirit catch up. But gee it all sounds like life is overflowing in a good way. =)

  10. Brilliant and even more brilliant! Your garden is brimming with goodness…and possibility. Oh, funny story, the day I leave for England…for a month…the digger crew next door decide to dig up the ancient grape vine I wanted to save, and plonk it over the fence, where Chloe has to dig it into the garden! There, and odd story to reply to your odd assortment of brilliant photos. I love Dan and Albert! What beautiful animals. Oh, another odd story, Robert has taught our 21wk old kitten how to chase, catch and retrieve and 2 pence coin!

  11. Ha ha .. oh I bet you can’t wait to meet that kitten. Gorgeous! Love hearing from you V. Your comments are always full of fun and energy … The garden is slowly brimming (I’m out there giving it pep talks). Not good news about the grapevine .. that will keep Chloe busy. So pleased you enjoyed the pics. Have a wonderful stay in the UK .. when do you leave?

  12. Oh I always enjoy your photos and the last one is just awesome. You have captures an eerie sort of feeling – I can almost hear the waves, and feel the foggy air. I ahve decided that December and January will be the months I break from blogging. Too hot and humid and there is nothing much going on gardening wise anyway.

    • Thank you! So pleased you like that last shot – so do I. It was one of those days .. hazy. Ah I have been so bad with my posting lately that I don’t deserve any time off! LOL Ah, I bet it will be hot and humid for you. It gets really humid here too. I can’t believe that the black spot is already alive and well in my garden. Thanks for stopping by

  13. Our garden seems to do the same thing as yours. One year everything is fabulous and the next has gone to the dogs as we say. This is the reason I can and freeze so much when we have a good one. My cellar seems to love being very full! Your pictures are glorious and everything looks so well maintained and should explain to anyone why you can’t blog every day. It’s the excuse I use anyway. Have a wonderful day!

    • Isn’t it funny the way gardens do that! My fault I suspect as I planted later this year. I’m pleased you enjoyed the pics Rita .. so nice being able to share our place. A wonderful day to you too! 😀

  14. Hi Julie….your photos are beautiful, but I’m totally in love with that frog image. I never saw a photo of a frog with such a expressive frog face. I wonder what he has in mind….:-)

  15. Hi Julie,
    Your garden sounds a bit like mine at the moment – some things are doing so well they are taking over and others just aren’t working at all! Such is life 🙂
    I love the shot of the frog too !

    Have a good weekend,
    Sarah x

  16. Dear heavens, Julie!! Oh how I know how much work a garden takes but what you just described …. HOLY MOLY!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your first image so much so I just wanted to fall in it. What a glorious collection of eclectic images … at least IMO they are. Great post, and I am so happy that you live where you do so that I can enjoy New Life while here Life is going to sleep. Best of luck with everything. I honestly do NOT know how you do it. (((HUGS))) Amy <3

    • Hello Miss always loads of work, but so worth it. I’m busting to get outdoors and get some more pics. The garden is slowly starting to look like a veg garden 😀 Yes that first pic is so lush .. I find myself standing and staring at the pond on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by …

  17. Hello You, it’s Me, who is also struggling to get out a blog post with regularity. Since borage is as bossy as you say, I shall blame the borage for my situation. It’s everywhere, which means happiness for birds and bees, but general mess otherwise. Your garden and your pooches still look beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your flourishing feijoas, and beautiful peaches in the New Year, and maybe some beans?!

  18. Julie loving your photos that frog is pretty awesome. It is amazing how quick a garden can get out of hand. We have enjoyed our crops of beans, lettuce and herbs, now waiting on corn and tomatoes. My husband is the gardener I don’t have a green thumb so he does not let me near it. But I am happy to share in the fresh produce, nothing better.

    • What a lovely comment and thank you! Oh yes it is so easy for garden’s to get out of control. I’m still eagerly waiting for our tomatoes and have been enjoying dwarf beans (the runners are yet to produce). Ah a hubby with a green thumb! Lucky you 😀

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