Season’s greetings from Frog Pond Farm

A post before Christmas! Brilliant …


Our garlic got hoisted from the ground today – about 95 heads which are currently lying on the path drying. Nice Chrissy present.


Oh and Bob, you will be pleased to know that we will be enjoying spuds for our Christmas lunch, I was scrabbling around in the dirt yesterday digging them up!


I hope you enjoy my jumble of this week’s pics .. our garden is looking just lovely.


pink roses-1200359

horses eye-1200357

frog pond farm-1200684


Luisa plum-1200327

self seeded poppy-1200389

Christmas tree-1200659

Thank you to all my wonderful blogging friends .. for your support, friendship and encouragement.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, safe and happy holidays.

post boxes-1200364

frog pond farm-1200703

Best wishes from us all at Frog Pond Farm

Bumble fun-1200343



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  1. Priceless photos! All the animals have such character, and how wonderful you are to capture that bumblebee bottom! Love it. Hope you Christmas is merry and bright Julie and I think it will be, over there on your beautiful farm with your lovely family and those roses! Biggest hugs. πŸ˜€

    • Hey V … they do have such character, even Grace when she is smooching while waiting for her dinner. I just love the bumbles bottom .. just he cutest. I hope that your Chrissy is merry and bright too – have a wonderful time in the UK with your man. Biggest hugs back at you lovely

  2. Hi to you both. Well this time next week I will be with you looking forward to getting there. I see Andrew still bringing the beach home with him! Garlic looks good just enough to do my belly of pork dish which as you know requires a lot of garlic bulbs! It’s like a summers day here sun shining about 16 in the sun and daffs about to bloom weather has gone crazy. By the way I now know why Dan was barking the other day if he has to run around like a Christmas dog!
    Lots love to you and a merry Christmas see you on the 27th Bill xxx

    • I know I can’t believe it. Ha I laughed when you said that about the beach. Oh what a surprise, he must have forgotten to take his shoes. LOL Nope that garlic is not for you and certainly not for that pork which can be cooked perfectly in the BBQ outside! Ha ha Yes, i reckon that might have been why Dan was barking .. poor pooch! Lots of love back at you and a very merry Christmas spent in a plane! πŸ˜€

    • Oh thank you .. your comment are always so special. Ah that is a horse that lives next door and goes out on treks .. couldn’t resist the closeup. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas too! Happy holidays

  3. Where to begin?!?

    I love the shot of the onions, the pooch in the Santa hat, the bee, the mailboxes – and all that lovely green!

    Happy Holidays, Julie! It’s been a good year. Here’s to a fantastic 2016!!

  4. Seasons greetings to you too Julie. Thanks for the garden tour- I am so pleased that NZ doesn’t suffer from the awful heat we have here which is so destructive of summer gardens. Thanks for your friendship throughout the year. It is always such a pleasure to open your posts and have a little buzz around your garden, the sea, or someone’s legs. Cheers, xx

    • Hello oh lovely one! I have so enjoyed your friendship throughout the year too! It is always a pleasure in return to read your posts Francesca – travel, food, gardening and fun! I’m so pleased we don’t suffer the heat like OZ does. Love the place, but that is one thing I don’t miss. All the best to you and yours F, have a wonderful Chrissy πŸ˜€

  5. Stunning photos of both flora and fauna Julie. I can’t pick a favourite. But if I absolutely had to I choose the delicate details you captured in the horses eye, oh and Dan of course. You know me, I’m a sucker for the animal pictures. Have a great holiday Juls, sending best wishes xxx

    • Hey Anne … it sure is looking vibrant and green. I’m umming and ahhing about escaping the office today and racing outdoors, to no doubt create more mayhem.
      Enjoy your Christmas with your family and all the best for a super 2016!

  6. Yummie pics as always, Julie, so cute your dog, love it! Must be funny to celebrate xmas in summer…well, for you it probably isn’t. Have a good one πŸ™‚ My favourite garlic recipe is the chicken with 40 (at least!) cloves of garlic, to die for!

    • Yummy pics … oh I like that! πŸ˜€ Dan our pooch is so cute, and this year he was easier to photograph .. I grew up celebrating xmas in summer, gosh I couldn’t imagine being cold. That would be so strange .. I shall have a good one and I hope you have a fab Christmas too Annette. Ah that Chicken and 40 cloves of garlic recipe … phew! LOL

  7. Oh my goodness Julie! I’m a little late to comment. Frog Pond Farm didn’t show up in my reader. Everything looks so lovely! And those spuds. . . how lucky! Those will be delicious for Christmas. I envy your potatoes (I bet you don’t hear that very often πŸ™‚ Dan sure looks like a good sport, I wouldn’t dare try that with Willow! Can almost taste that garlic! All the very best to you and Andrew this Holiday Season. Take care and stay out of mischief! Bob at Palliser Pass

    • Ah did Siskin tell you about the post? LOL Couldn’t believe that you missed it .. put the spuds in especially for you! And they are sensational by the way. Thought of you and Lisa when I hoisted them from the dirt. Dan was a very good sport this year – very unlike previous. Oh that garlic .. what a treat! All the very best to you and your family Bob .. best wishes, have fun and enjoy the festive season. Mischief what’s that? LOL

      • Siskin did tell me! I’m in trouble if I have to depend on him. Those spuds look fantastic. Once the taters get a little older you will have to throw in a few cloves when they are boiling and mash them all up together. All the very best Julie! Bob

  8. Julie!!! My gosh you live in Magic Land! Your images are absolutely sprinkled with Fairie Dust I would swear by it. LOVE LOVE LOVE your legs dirt and hair and all!! In fact, I read about how society forces women to shave and since I have read that article, I have decided to see how long I can go without using the razor. Now being winter and all it is not too bad but come this summer, will I have enough courage not to shave my legs? I also like clean shaven legs on me BUT is this conditioning? I will see!!! I would LOVE to come to Frog Pond Farm. So lush it is and your dog … just how did you get him to wear that hat? Again magic! Oh last thing …. LOVE the attitude on your cat showing what she thinks of the camera. Tee hee …. catattitude at its best!! LOL <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    • Sure is a cat with lots of attitude. I just couldn’t resist using that pic .. she is the cutest (even if it is her rear) ! Oh my, those aren’t my legs those are my hubbies. Trust me mine are hair free ha ha ha … and he has horrid feet too! You are gorgeous … Anytime you get to our shores you have to come and see me, I would love that! So would your camera – NZ is a beautiful place. And a Merry Christmas back at you lovely girl

      • *blushing* Oh my, I certainly put my foot in my mouth with good measure, now didn’t I? Tee hee ….. I am laughing as I write this. I would have sworn those were a man’s legs but something just threw me for a curve. Was it the cat? Or what looked like nail polish on the big toes? Hehehehehe Oh, Julie!!! Proof positive when I was made the mold was certainly broken. ROFLMAO!!! I HOPE some day we really do meet. It is one of my Dreams to travel the world, and OH OH OH how I would LOVE to come visit!! I would be lost though on your property, just with my head in the clouds and I probably wouldn’t be good company at all!! When the itch to create hits, I’m hopeless!!! Oh Lord! But I am laughing SO hard right now!!! Geesh!!! Only me!!! *giggling*

  9. Popping in again to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas my dear Julie, and I hope all your Christmas dreams come true. Biggest hugs. X

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