Happy New Year – it’s raining!

And you know what? I couldn’t care less! My garden is just loving this rain and more importantly, it is giving me the opportunity to be indoors and get another post happening.


Last night was lovely … we spent it with some of our special neighbours, enjoying wonderful food and wine. And 2015 left us with a cracker of a sunset .. how nice to say goodbye with such style!


Can you believe these colours!

I’m just loving being on holiday and it is so nice having Andrew’s Dad back to stay – the proof is in the pavlova! LOL


My garden is growing and looking superb (if I don’t mind saying so myself). There is much to do as usual and I’m behind with my fertilising, but that can wait, can’t it? I’m sorry I don’t have any veg pics to share just yet, but it won’t be long before we will be munching on zucchini and slicing freshly picked tomatoes. I won’t even mention the orchard!

As you do on holiday, you go to the beach.

muriwai beach-1200942

Cloud puffs at Muriwai

fun at the beach-1200857


Who loves fishing?

Or take photos of long grass

long grass-1200879

and old trees

old trees-1200888

Or pics of pooches who are eager to be outdoors



May the moon be bright for you in 2016!

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  1. Thanks for more beach shots- I love your beach and feel quite familiar with it now. You sound as lazy as I am. Lucky NZ getting rain- hope we get some here too. My garden is looking very sad.

    • I couldn’t do a blog without those beach shots Francesca .. especially for you! I am feeling a tad lazy I have to admit. Loving this rain! Sorry about your sad garden. I hear that you have been having some hot hot weather!

  2. Happy New Year Julie! We have a few hours yet before 2016 becomes a reality! It has been a fantastic Holiday Season spent with our kids in the city. Lisa and I arrived home in the mountains a few hours ago and quickly got the fire going and opened some wine. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Could use a slice or two of that pavlova to ring in the New Year. All the best from ours to yours. Wishing you the happiest of 2016! Bob

    • And a very Happy New Year to you! I’m so pleased you have had a great holiday season – how nice to enjoy it with the kids. Must be nice being home again though, with the fire going while you are sipping on …. ? NZ Sauv Blanc? Just kidding 😀 If I could share some of that pav with you I would be delighted! Special wishes for you and yours for 2016!

      • Happy New Year to all of you! Say hello to Bill and untie him from the kitchen for at least a day or two so he can enjoy NZ! 🙂 PS those are fantastic sunset pictures! That must have been something to see. All the very best from Bob and Lisa in the Canadian Rockies!

  3. Your garden is a piece of paradise, Julie. Thank you for being you and share with us the beauty of your land ^_^
    I wish you all the best for you in this new starting year ☺

    • Hello lovely .. yes 2015 has gone and we are well into a damp 2016. A very Happy New Year to you too .. and thank you for your kind comments. I love being able to share our place with you! Hugs

  4. Hi julie and Andrew beautiful photographs of the last sunset of 2015. And yes now the gorgeous rain. Been mulching as much as possible thinking that it will get quite dry late jan. A very Happy New Year to all the residents of frog farm

    • Hey Ilona .. Oh so nice to hear from you lovely. And I don’t mind the rain at all 😃 I too have been mulching like crazy .. In fact, I need to throw more about. Love the stuff .. Happy New Year back at you!

  5. Well Happy New Year to all that follow Julie’s blog. I have finally arrived at Frog Pond lucky me. But do you know I am not allowed to use the said 96 heads of garlic I have to go to New Wold or other outlets and buy my own! Now about the Pav her mentor in photography her neighbor Vicky was told that she wasn’t allowed any, but on observation she had at least two or more helpings! It’s good to be back here again the farm is looking just great lush and green Julie and Andrew you work very hard to keep it so. Lots love to all followers Bill.

  6. Happy New Year Julie! 😀 I wish you all the happiness your little heart can hold in 2016! I’m so happy we’re friends.

  7. Your pictures are awesome and what a lovely break for you on the beach! I had never heard of pavloval and looked it up on the internet. It will be my first new dessert of 2016! Our garden is gone but planning for the 2016 season already. Have a glorious year! Rita

  8. Beautiful as usual Julie! Keep up the good work – makes the heart sing to see these fabulous photos – love to you and Andrew and may 2016 be wonderful for you both!

  9. Happy New Year, Julie!!! Beautiful post! I just LOVE coming here!!! Oh …. FYI … The razor won yesterday. Remember me telling you I was trying NOT to shave my legs? Well, I could not stand for one more moment the hair so I now have clean shaven legs. LOL At least I tried!!! <3

    • Hi Kath – that sunset was literally breathtaking I couldn’t believe the colours and richness. Nice way for 2015 to wave goodbye. I didn’t resist the pav, I just had to have some. I think we live in a beautiful place too, I’m very lucky. I really enjoyed your last post too .. it was so inspiring!

  10. Hi Julie, Love your photos and that pav is epic, I go to Ch-Ch on Wednesday to collect some more supplies.the bottles I forgot to bring out …(lam). I spouse it has aged a bit more lol…. I am back here on the 10th..

  11. Julie, your opening shot is brilliant, and it gets better from there…a beautiful way to bring in the New Year, a great post and the best to you with your writing and photography in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

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