A quick trip last week to Central Otago to visit vineyards, talk turkey with viticulturists, admire the amazing scenery, have some sensational food and share our Pinot Noir love at Feast Wanaka.

Frost fan-1210443

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? There is always the odd hiccup and while our journey was brilliant we did spend several days travelling the countryside stuffed into a very small car …


I have taken an array of pics and yes you will see plenty of wood (I never used to get excited over it, something has changed).

Holly hock-1210479

Central Otago is a feast for the eyes and well worth a visit if you get an opportunity.

Frost pot-1210420

The vineyards at this time of year are hot, dry and dusty .. but the good news is the vines are looking healthy and those grapes are sizing up. More Pinot Noir is on the way ..

Clutha Vineyard-1210389

PN Grapes Clutha-1210369

Red door Clyde-1210472

What was I thinking, I chopped the top of the frame off

Olivers Clyde-1210474

Wooden door leading into Olivers Cafe at Clyde

Bridge over Shotover River-1210700

Bridge over Shotover River

Solitary Arrowtown-1210699

Solitary at Arrowtown

Queenstown Botanic Gardens-1210730

Queenstown Botanic Gardens 

Lake Wanaka-1210623

Lake Wanaka 

Immigrants Vineyard-1210513

Wood that counts ..  

Next post our veg garden and that’s a promise …

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    • It sure was hot and dry … I can’t imagine having chilly temps. We are having a superb summer. Rained cats and dogs last night, so everything will be growing like mad today. 😀 Thanks for stopping by

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love all the photos, especially the bridge! Speaking of wood, my blog post for tomorrow is titled “A Fence for Julie”. I think you will like it. When we were in southern France in 2013, we rented a car for a week. We ended up with a tiny little VW Up, and it had a heck of a time getting “up” some of the mountains we explored.

  2. Well I was lucky to be part of the tour. Your photos Julie do it justice. Just so amazing scenery,the only time I have seen something simula was in north east Scotland but not as large! Andrew drove us to the kawarou bridge and said Dad this is one of your Birthday treats! He said I’ve booked three jumps for you! I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done one! Just to say to all the folks who wished me a very happy Birthday thank you very much. I had a fabulous one.

    • Hey Mr Bonner .. thank you! The scenery down yonder is always amazing. Glad you didn’t contemplate the bungy jump .. oh imagine! Looking forward to your lunch celebrations – more birthday pics on the way! 😀

  3. I too have noticed the lovely light in so many of your photos and always associated it with your farm…but seeing these travel shots maybe it’s a New Zealand aura! Glad you had fun.

    • Hello Miss … the light sure is different. I spoke to a wedding photographer while I was there (no I’m already married LOL) and she said that often photographers struggle with the light. Interesting isn’t it? We did have fun .. such a beautiful place to visit. But oh how I love coming home! 😀

    • Hello and thank you! Vineyards interest me too, especially Central Otago in winter time with mountains capped in snow as backdrops. Superb! I have never ever seen an ugly one … now why is that 😉

  4. We once had a camera (both my father and i were photographers so we shared the cameras when I was little) that we called the head chopper. Something to do with the view finder. You had to make sure to compensate or every arch and every head got partly cropped off in the negative – no saving it! Made me laugh when you commented on you doing the same thing by mistake.. I hate it when that happens. c

  5. Holy smokes does that area ever remind me of the central BC land where my daughter lives. I can almost smell that special dry air and fragrant pines. I love it so much. 😀 What a fabulous place top be able to visit…and paddleboarding! Miss it so much now that it’s winter. I know I could technically still get out there in my wet suit…but I’m feeling too old to get cold. Looking forward to a garden update!

    • Hello V … The air is very dry down yonder 🙂 Not like humid Auckland. I thought of you when I saw them paddleboarding. Just the lake and scenery for you. I bet you miss it. I’ve never attempted paddleboarding (wonder …) Garden update in progress .. with all the rain we have been having our garden is growing like mad!

  6. Lovely, lovely Julie! I love the picture of the grapes- so plump and full of promise and of course that handsome fella got my attention right away- I used to have black labs- wonderful beasties!

  7. Hi Julie! It looks like a lovely trip. I bet the food and wine was terrific! Wonderful composition in your photos. Sure you may have cut off the arch of the doorway, but to make up for it you captured the lake with paddle boarders, the rolling hills and the rugged mountains in the background (talk about the rule of thirds), and to top it off you have a seagull in the foreground! Fantastic! I always enjoy your posts. Looking forward to your garden update. I hope you are keeping the carrots weeded and thinned!! Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob .. it was an enjoyable trip! The food and wine was amazing … truly. I’m so pleased you liked the pics. Ha, the arch of the doorway .. I took a better pic on my phone. Yes but the lake with the paddle boarders was good – and a bonus with the bird flying past! LOL .. Watch out for the garden update, you will need to grab a chair for this one. Ha, I haven’t planted carrots yet .. shame on me!

  8. How long did you wait for the bird to fly past or was the bird waiting for you Julie? Beautiful shots as always. Grapes and grumpy dogs and plenty of wood. All wonderful . thanks for sharing your journey xxxxxxx

    • Ha ha .. it looks like I have photoshopped in the gull (rest assured I didn’t, I can’t use PS). Funny – the bird saw me with the camera and took the opportunity LOL I’m so pleased it did. Glad you like the pics Gill – lots of grapes and Frankie who looks grumpy in this pic but just isn’t. And yes, loads of wood. Damn fine stuff 😀

      • I know he isn’t grumpy I should have said how lovely he is because I love him. And I know you didnt photoshop the bird. He saw you. I have no idea how to PS either. My love to gorgeous [better word] Frankie! xxxxxxxx wood and all that to you Julie<3

  9. Lovely Woody shots Julie. when I saw the pic of that bridge, I headed straight to the Jetstar sight. we are booked for early May- a little crisp I know, especially in a motor home but the Pinot might keep us warm. I haven’t been to the South island for a very long time.

    • Oh wow Francesca – how exciting! Phew I’m nearly speechless (most unlike me). Oh early May will be lovely and the freshness will be divine. Lots to see and do. And Pinot to enjoy 😀 I’m excited for you. Do you want to visit the Vineyard? Are you just visiting Central or will you be heading up to Marlborough? Oh sorry about the questions. I need to email you 😀

  10. What a glorious country you live in, Julie!!! The shot of Lake Wanaka blew me away! I just stared and stared. As for all your photographs you shared a piece of your Heart … soft, precious, beautiful. Really enjoyed this post. How you manage to post a multi picture post like this with all what you have in your life, is beyond me. You amaze me, Ms. Julie!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Love, Amy <3

    • Hello Amy .. what a lovely comment. You make me feel special! 😀 thank you so much. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post. Wishing you a fabulous weekend too Amy. The sun is shining and it is beautiful 😀

  11. Such a picturesque post ~ a little slice of heaven. Also, it was great to hear of your love for Pinot Noir, as my home state of Oregon in the USA has some of the best Pinot Noir wines and I like to experience different ones from around the world (and can give the ones of Feast Wanaka a try). Wishing you a great weekend!

      • I love hollyhocks as we used to have them bobbing about outside our kitchen window when I was a child. My attempts at growing them here have been disastrous though as they get devoured by the snails. A red one would be my very favourite!

  12. Julie what a beautiful part of the world. I love wood too, there is something about the grain and patterns. The vineyard looks gorgeous and that old door simply stunning. Don’t get me started on doors.

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