Short on words

It’s one of those posts where I appear to be stuck for words – most unlike me! And it’s not that we haven’t been busy either.

Things that I enjoy in no particular order …

Autumn and clouds


highland cattle

Big wet friendly noses

self seeded large turban pumpkin

Self seeded turban pumpkins

road to the beach

A road that disappears to the beach

clouds and blue skies

Beautiful blue skies


Homegrown organic vege

zinnia without petals

Zinnias past their best


Sunflowers that are saying goodbye

British shorthair cat


beautiful misty autumn morning

Waking to a misty autumn morning

Muriwai beach and black sand

Muriwai beach

Honey bee enjoying a cosmos flower


self seeded turban pumpkin

My watering can πŸ˜‰

Happy gardening, I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Hi good shots as usual. We have had a storm here called Katie winds of up to 100mph off Isle of White. It’s a beautiful sunny morning but winds still at gale force. Don’t know what my garden is going to look like will know tomorrow when I return. Weather still looks fine with you, how are the olives coming on, have you still got a lot? The veggies look good viberant colours deserve to be cooked as they are and bring colour to the plate! All for now love to you both Bill xxx

    • Hi Bill … don’t much like the sound of that storm! That would absolutely destroy our olive harvest – which by the way is looking really good!!! I think we will have double the quantity we harvested 2 years back. Don’t those veg look fab? So many different colours – kept on digging up an array of spuds which someone had sneaked into the dirt. I wonder who? LOL … hugs

  2. It’s been a strange Easter! I’m not sure what it was, maybe the state of the world, maybe it’s in the stars, but I’m finding a lot of my favourite bloggers are also at a loss for words. Me too. Ah well, some days are like that. But some days that’s exactly what we need. We need to just lie on the porch and look yup at those gorgeous clouds , or sit on the beach and build imaginary fairy sandcastles, or harvest volunteer pumpkins and tickle friendly noses. And pretty soon there’s so much to say that we can’t stop ourselves. πŸ˜€ Big hugs Julie. XX

    • Hey Miss … hello to you! I like the idea of building an imaginary fairy sandcastle – fun. And those volunteer pumpkins .. how lucky was I? It is huge. That big moist nose and eyes were following me the other day while I was tending a friend’s property. Nothing like being watched .. LOL Hugs to you V

  3. You gave us a stunning 13,000 word photo essay! All your photos are really wonderful, Julie. The cow is fun, the kitty so cute, the landscapes are exquisite, the flowers are gorgeous, and your still lives are perfect. The “Sunflowers that are saying goodbye” is pure art! Wow what a fantastic photo, and “Waking to a misty autumn morning” is like a beautiful dream. You didn’t need words for this post!

  4. Gorgeous photos Julie! I am sensing fall in the pictures. Lovely spuds, and pumpkin.I think the bovine over the fence would have preferred a kiss to having it’s picture taken and I wouldn’t be surprised if feline Grace wasn’t keeping track of a rodent under the boards. Sometimes it is important to show and not tell. Hope you and Andrew had a wonderful Easter!. Take care! Bob

    • Hey Bob … yes it is Autumn for us the leaves are finally starting to change colour, but the days are still stunning. Nights are a bit cooler. Those spuds are amazing and as for that pumpkin … LOL Yes Mac the bovine would have much rather have had a kiss or at least some food (he loves pumpkin – not getting mine though). I think you are right – it is important to show and not tell, I’m always aware of people being time poor! We had a great Easter Mr E .. I know you did with the family. Take care .. Julie

    • Hey Meg … the weather lately has been superb. Another super Autumn day, I should be out with my camera and not in the office. πŸ™‚ Glad you liked that cloudscape. I adore cloud puffs! thanks for stopping by

  5. www this is such a busy time of the year with fruit falling off the trees. Thanks Julie for those great photographs just reminds me we live in paradise

    • Hey Ilona – it sure is a buy time of year! We have cleared the orchard now, but have our olive harvest happening soon. Lots of olive trees out of control! You aren’t free are you? LOL Gosh I loved that comment – we do live in Paradise don’t we? Hugs lovely

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too. I love the silhouette photo of the sunflowers.

    The turban pumpkin looks an interesting specimen.

  7. What a delightful gallery of shots Julie….love that fresh green grass and blue skies….clouds are a personal favourite….I can watch them for hours! And you have a Highland cowπŸ˜† now I feel right at homeπŸ’•

    • Hey Miss .. that lovely highland boy belongs to a neighbour. I love getting pics of him .. I don’t think he minds too much either πŸ™‚ I adore clouds .. a favourite of mine too (time wasters absolutely) ..

  8. No need for words with these stunning pics that say it all, dear Julie πŸ™‚ I’m late coming to your garden but spring is here and well, I’m out in the garden…planting potatoes today, yeah!

    • Hello Annette .. thank you! Always so nice to know that you have stopped by. I bet your garden is bursting into life! I love planting spuds – probably because I enjoy digging them up later πŸ˜€ Do you plant them with comfrey leaves?

      • No, should I? Harvest time always feels like looking for Easter eggs, I just love it. This year I’m growing 3 varieties, got sort of carried away πŸ˜‰ By the way, do you celebrate Easter with eggs too?

  9. Oh, Honey, your heart is so clear in each and every precious image. I Love the way your eye captures. Absolute gentleness and grace, just like your cat. Beautiful post, my dear friend. Thank you!

  10. GOD, Julie. They are absolutely fantastic shots, all of them, Very atmospheric with great composition. If I was marking tonight I’d give you a 9.5. Jpgs normally add up to minus 4 but excellent exposure make it hard to notice. They’d look great printed up. Cheers D

    Dallas Nock Photography/Video

    Dallas Nock Photography/Video p : 61+ 2 66 286 100 m : 61+ 407 740 737 e:Β Β web:


    • Mr Nock .. I woke up this morning to your fantastic comment. I still can’t fit through the door! Hey thank you so much for saying this .. it means a great deal!! Laughed when I read about the jpegs! You know me .. LOL

  11. The photos are lovely, Julie, and Grace is such a beautiful cat! As you head towards winter in NZ, we are on our way to summer here in our hemisphere. Your farm & garden photos help keep our winter in bloom here. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Lavinia – Grace is just beautiful, but has a dense coat and likes leaving her fur everywhere πŸ™‚ How lovely to be heading into summer. Mind you, I adore autumn and love getting in those winter veg. Thanks for stopping by

  12. Love the wet nose, but the belter has to b your ‘nature’ photo, just love the curve in those petals, the texture and of course the friendly visitor adds to it as well…..MMπŸ€

  13. The clouds in the first photo look like you could reach up and touch them. Friendly wet noses are special. Volunteer plants that bear fruit are a nice surprise. Inviting road to the beach. Ah, yes, you are going into fall. Thanks for returning spring! Pretty cat. Hope you have a great week!

    • Hey Patti … I have a thing about clouds! πŸ˜€ Yes we are heading into fall … nice to be able to return spring until next time. I hope you have a lovely week too! Thanks for stopping by …

  14. Excellent taste in the finer things in life. A friendly wet nose is always very good (great shot) but a road that leads to the beach under blue sky clouds has to be the best.

  15. Hello Julie,

    just found you here your Pictures are so great and happy to found you
    We love your blog so much .
    Say Hello at our blog and lets friends if you love it <3

    Your Toby and Anni

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