Autumn at our place

I wrote a post the other night and then yesterday without any thought deleted it! What? Oh please Julie … too much.

Wish I could say I found it funny …

duck pond

Well if nothing else you will be pleased to know that my garlic has finally been poked in the dirt (I’m very happy). I prepped the bed with lots of delicious organic material – think food scraps, Bokasi bin pickled veg (not to be eaten), homemade compost, planting mix and some good amendments – seaweed pellets and rok solid.

garlic planted in bed

Please don’t ask the variety – I have no idea now. But the seed is ours and produces wonderful garlic – and yes Bill I promise to let you use some! LOL

Speaking of seed – I have to show you that gorgeous self seeded pumpkin again …

my rather large pumpkin-1250045

And some beautiful autumn light through the pines

light through the pines

Our weather has been so mild lately .. with temps reminiscent of lazy summer days.

pink puri puri blossom

I was wandering around the property lugging that camera the other day – and I was pleased to see the puri puri  puriri tree blooming in our forest.

wood pigeons

Our large native wood pigeons adore feeding on the berries of this tree. They are so beautiful and make a special noise as they fly through the air, I can’t help but smile.

raised beds on hillside

The brassicas are growing nicely, and yes I’m out already doing night slug patrols with the torch.


We are fans of chilli, me especially and we have a bed which is chocka with them … time to harvest, dry and freeze. What do you do with yours?

Are you surprised that I’m posting again already? I am …

Happy gardening from me

border collie

And a woof from Dan

olive tree-1250091

PS Whoops slipped! Sorry AB

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  1. Julie, your pictures are always so lovely. what a talent you have. And then there’s the olive farming, the jelly making, and … that pumpkin is remarkable. I think we’ll have to have a pumpkin face-off very soon. Except my last pumpkin was very small and ordinary compared to yours!

    • Hello Cynthia .. Glad you like the pics. Thank you so much. I love that pumpkin too .. It is sitting in front of me right now while I type this. Bad ah? LOL Always so good to see you here. Hugs

    • Hello Mr D! Oh thank you – glad you think the garden is beautiful. I’m still gloating over that pumpkin. I dropped it yesterday accidentaly while moving it – needless to say I jumped back in horror. Appears I have developed a pumpkin fetish. ha ha ha Mini railway you say? I would love you to visit – we could grab those cameras a bottle of wine and have some fun taking photos! 😀

  2. Hello Julie, great post. Congrats on your olive harvest and your garden is looking lovely 😀 It’s very very mild here too – we haven’t had a proper frost yet which is late…some of the vines have decided to shoot tiny leaves on the ends of lignified and bare canes!!!

    • Thank you Miss! Yep olive harvest done and dusted. Big tick there. Although I’m hoping to go over and help a friend tomorrow. Ah, so you have been having mild weather too .. it has been amazing! Hubby was saying that some of our peaches were budding again – hmm, that’s a problem, sounds like your vines are doing the same. Whoops!

  3. I hate it when that happens — deleting blogs and all. Lovely photos. I really like the portrait of Dan!

  4. Amazing place Julie, and the light is magic… I don’t want to pick a favorite… they are in a whole a nice chronicle.
    Sorry for the deleted post, sometimes happened to me… thanks for your effort to gives us this. ^_^

    • Hey Francis .. how are you? I liked some of the light too – always an interesting time of year here. I couldn’t believe it this morning – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Yikes …

      • I am fine Julie. Happy as always to receive your words, I hope you are well too ☺
        About the other, it sometimes happens, but as your reader I know that it was a great publication and that as always you did a great effort to make it true and enjoyable. Perhaps it’s saved as a “draft” in your “all posts” section, in “posts” section in your (your blog name)/wp-admin
        A big hug Julie. Thank you again.

  5. Well your photos depict Autumn in such a way that it makes me want to come and see it,the light is beautiful. Have finally managed to start planting the last of the frost here in the South has finally gone. Just the pots haven’t turned the soil over yet might let it turn into a wild spot for the birds etc. My garlic is coming on but because of your Maaf laws can’t share any with you the niffer dogs would have a field day! The pumpkin looks as though it going to be chicken fodder if you keep looking at it and dropping it,cook it! Dan is looking good, like the bird shots don’t really see them much when I’m there. Any way a nice sunny morning here so might do some more in the garden on the other hand might not! Lots of love to you both Bill xx

    • Hi Bill … sure is autumn my favourite season. And so very mild too – you would love it. Have to say I would love some of your garlic, but you would get nabbed at the airport for sure. No way is that pumpkin chicken tucker. It is sitting on the kitchen table in front of me right now! True!
      Dan is looking good and had his first bath in ages yesterday. Stitches are out! We have seen loads of wood pigeons lately – such beautiful birds. Enjoy your sunny day – I’m off to help pick more olives.

  6. You must be an angel living in heaven! 🙂 Your “place” is really something else. Beautiful location and awesome photos. Deleted a post? I delete complete documents and presentations. You are not alone. And if we redo our work it is sometimes better than the deleted version. This one is full of colors, light and compositions. And interesting stuff to read. Which language are you using in the garlic section? Sounds like a foreign language to me. Garden..ish? Have a good time and enjoy the autumn. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Oh aren’t you lovely 😀 Our place is pretty special. So pleased you enjoyed the photos Reinhold. I couldn’t believe I deleted my note. But I think you are right .. 🙂 The light at this time of year is so nice and the colours too. Ah my gardening language! LOL Yes it sure is different isn’t it? Great to see you here Mr Staden smiles right back at you ..

  7. How exciting it all is! I looked at my email this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes! Another post from the Frog Pond? Yay! It’s all so very lovely. I’m glad you got that garlic in. Mine sprang up from some bulbs I plum forgot in the ground last fall. It’s always such a search for the bulbs round here at harvest time, because I’m usually in Europe then, and by the time I get back to Van some of the foliage has disappeared! And then, I also garden in that ornamental kitchen garden way by mixing the plants all together and so don’t have a dedicated bed for garlic or potatoes and such, so it’s always such an adventure come spring…lol.

    • Hello V! ha ha .. I know, another post already. And to think I used to post every week. I’m so pleased to get in half my garlic. I just love it and have such great crops every year. Isn’t home grown the best? And it does pop up unexpectedly too .. always a treat. Makes me smile when I see it. Sometimes I think it is better not to have a dedicated bed … now those spuds, don’t they just pop up everywhere! Hugs

  8. Oh to write a post and then lose it is so frustrating. Been there/done that! I loved your autumn tour the light is just stunning. I planted garlic for the first time ever in all my 49 years of gardening. I’m so excited to see how it all turns out for me. Fresh garlic, baked in the oven, hot and creamy…yummm.


    • Hi Linda … ah someone else just like me! I can’t believe I did it. The light at this time of year is magic – the mornings have been glorious. Wow .. good luck with that garlic! How exciting. I just love the stuff and plant it every year. You can’t beat home grown! Great to see you hear Miss 🙂

      • Just re-read the post! Sorry – I saw ‘chocka’ and thought of a vegetable which I think I read about recently. I can’t remember the exact name… I use chillies all the time, though 😊.

  9. What is this? A post, not long after the last post! You took me by surprise! 🙂 I think I’m starting to see the beauty in that pumpkin. It is an original, I’ll say that! 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to look at it all fall and into winter, just to see how it handles the weather. Lovely photos and post. Dan looks happy for the cooler season. Thanks for the extra post! PS That tree will be okay. That’s way we prune all the Christmas trees here in the Canada. Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob .. ha ha ha. I know amazing isn’t it? I love that pumpkin! I suspect that I won’t eat it – I can’t stop gloating. It is sitting on the dining room table in front of me now. I appear to have a pumpkin fetish. Glad you like the photos Bob and the post 🙂 Dan sure is a happy boy now. Oh you are so welcome .. pleased you enjoyed the other post! That tree will be fine – olives are amazing at what they will handle. Ah so you are a ruthless pruner too? LOL Great to see you hear Mr E!

  10. Wonderful photos and wonderful garden ! I see you have
    garden square , it’s beautiful , I like the atmosphere happens. The light in your photo is really beautiful. Have a good day

  11. Beautiful images, ah, the light, love it! And yes, we love chilli too. Still got plenty from last year. We dry them and they keep so well. Is the pumpkin Queensland blue? A friend grows them and they look like yours. Autumn light is beautiful, combined with the mild temperatures. Make the most of it 🙂

    • Hey Annette .. they are so easy to dry aren’t they? A great fav of mine. That pumpkin I think is a Turban X .. maybe with a Queensland blue 😀 I’m going to have to stop gloating over it and cook it! It was self seeded so I left it to do its thing and it grew like mad. Autumn light is the best our mornings are superb. Oh I’m making the most of it alright 🙂 Lovely as always to see you here Annette

  12. Whoops with my spelling surprised you had heard of it at all 😀 I was reading that it will commonly flower from June – October. It is just beautiful Steve, you would love to take photos of it. Right next door to it we have the kohekohe tree and this is just starting to flower also which it does directly from the stem. So very beautiful, another for your camera. Thank you for stopping by …

  13. That is a fancy pumpkin – so much character. The glowing light is gorgeous! Pretty puriru (spell check does not like that!) pigeons and peppers. So Dan is yours? He’s so fluffy! Slug patrol! I’d laugh, but I know that is not funny.

    • No no laugh … I can’t believe I do go out on slug patrol at night! Weird .. LOL That glowing light is gorgeous isn’t it? Every now and then you see and shot and think ‘oh wow’ that looks amazing! Dan sure is ours .. just had a bath the other night and is looking very fluffy indeed! 😀

    • Hello Miss … I know, ouch was right. I believe I said something a tad stronger than that 😀 You would really love those pigeons. They are big and beautiful and so gentle. They make a woof woof sound with their wings when they fly. Heaven! 😀

  14. Always enjoy a wander in your garden Julie – so peaceful. Beautiful Autumn pics of your place. It really has been a warm season and the long range is saying winter might be a warmer one too.
    Inspiring and gorgeous as always xx 😃

    • Hey Robyn … so good to see you here! 😀 Nice to wander through others places isn’t it? I love heading over your way too. Oh how I would love a warmish winter. It has rained for the past few days and got a tad chilly .. but then winter is only a week or 2 away 🙂 How nice inspire … thanks Miss!

  15. Oh, Julie, I know how much work you put into your posts and to delete one? That hurts! Your photos just stunning as always as you take all of us through your gardens. I cannot even imagine the work you do. Honestly. I know what I put into mine. I’ve just gone and “shot myself in the foot” because I bought 25 perennials to plant. I’ve got 7 in. You do the math. LOL Every year I say I will NOT do this and every year I do. I hope your back is feeling OK. Please take care. <3

    • Hey Amy … it did hurt a bit! I was so surprised that I had managed to delete it! So pleased that you enjoy my photos – isn’t it great to share things. Oh boy 25 perennials that’s some job ahead of you Miss 😀 My back is feeling pretty good given how busy I was yesterday. Hugs Amy

  16. Beautiful photos Julie! I like the profile picture of Dan and the photo of the pigeons – nice perspective! The chilies look so appetizing…this year I try to grow some chili plants but doesn’t look so opulent… ;-))

  17. Hi Josephine … so good to see you here. Glad you like the pics. Those wood pigeons are amazing – their colours are brilliant too. Do grow some chillies – they love lots of sun. Good luck Miss 😀

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