A touch of frost …

Hubby is cooking me dinner again tonight – Spaghetti Vongole, my contribution will be a tasty Greek Salad. Spoilt aren’t I?


His signature dish … a ‘sort of Paella’

I woke up the other morning rolled over thrust my hand under the bed and let my fingers locate the iPhone. It wasn’t ringing, I just needed to see what was happening in the blogging world. Do you do that? The question is, am I predictably boring? Heaven forbid!  Wordpress was telling me, that apparently there was  a spike in my stats .. how nice to read that while waking up. I actually have no idea why (I’ve become particularly bad with regular posting) – but thanks to everyone that stopped by to see what I have been up to!

Chook Towers-1250655

My garden is looking particularly shabby. Worse in the rain and we have had plenty of that … Slugs and snails have done a fine job in the brassica bed leaving holes in leaves, while four legged vermin have dug tunnels amongst my garlic.

rodent home-1250624

That will teach me for burying tasty food scraps in this space. I  have a runner bean that thinks it is summer and is flowering, no peas as I ripped them out, and no sign of those broad beans which I planted over a week ago (yes I’m incredibly impatient). You will be pleased to hear that I have been using my worm tea – in the garden of course, I couldn’t imagine drinking this stuff!

ice art-1250671

And a visit by Jack Frost


Busy nights …

As you do when you are down a pair of hands and you have lots of piles of pruned branches that need mulching, you get smart and ring someone to help. Lorrine from Block Busters arrived last week towing a rather large tractor on a similar sized trailer. Not a chipper in sight but instead a plate mulcher which is attached to the rear of the tractor. Lorrine easily manoeuvred the tractor about – dropping the tray onto piles of prunings which disappeared in no time. It was hard not be be impressed. Job done and dusted!

frog pond farm-1250695

I’ve been good too – there is a rather large bag of lemons in the freezer waiting to be preserved, plus I dried and froze more chillies. I have my eye on the kale, it’s ready to juice and there is beetroot growing rather nicely in my salad garden.

floral art-1250656

We have had four days of brilliant sunshine – I can hear my garden calling!


Fun at the beach … someone loves a walk in a storm! 😀

Life is good isn’t it?

Happy gardening

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  1. Still very green, despite the frost. Fantastic set of photos, and the spiderweb is out of this world, and the landscape is super. That is one happy looking dirty dog.

  2. Hi Julie well whose been eating YOUR GARLIC! Not me I’m not allowed, yes planting food scraps is a mistake you’ve said that befor. Anyway loverly shots as usual. So Andrew is back on duty he should have left the sling on! But it’s good to know he’s getting better. Dan looks good after all his troubles. Well summer turned up yesterday a bit misty this morning but should be ok until Tuesday,then more rain. Looking forward to your summer ours hasn’t arrived only a few months to go before I’m back God willing. Lots love to you both Bill xxx

    • Ha ha ha .. No you aren’t allowed that garlic! I know I have to stop burying the scraps in the garden. I just can’t help myself. Feeding hordes of vermin. Lol. Ah so you aren’t having much of a summer? That’s no good. We have had the most stunning four days .. Following on from loads of rain. You will be here before you know it. I’ve been saving that black sand especially for you! Hugs

  3. As always, thanks for your wonderful post and beautiful photographs.
    The Spaghetti Vongole looks delicious! Any leftovers…??

  4. Sadly that wasn’t me spiking your stats. 🙂 I have been away across the ditch, and thoroughly out of the WP world. Home again to a cold and messy garden but hoping to get some pruning underway soon. Glad you have your ‘cook’ back on board.

    • Hello Miss .. ah you have been away! Nice … The cook sure is back on board – lucky me! I have pruning on the ‘to do’ list too, just as well I enjoy it. Good luck with yours. Thanks for stopping by 😀

  5. Hey Julie, your frost image #1 is stunning. Like how it flows from blurry to sharp to blurry. Awesome effect. Picking up the iPhone first thing in the morning? I have done this all the time. I stopped it 2 weeks ago. I now use my iPad instead. 🙂 Bigger comments, bigger likes, bigger posts, … It is amazing how blogging eats itself into the brain. Pasta and salad is always a winner, but cooked by two? Would not work over here. I need MY kitchen, MY cooking wine (otherwise things will go wrong) and MY rules to cook. If someone starts discussion MY way of cooking… not recommended. 🙂 Your garden looks cool. I first thought you post images of a public garden. I wish you “lots of your stats are booming”. Hope this comment makes it round the world to the other side. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Hello Reinhold … I’m so pleased you liked that image. I do too – my fav. Pure fluke! LOL It’s either the iPhone or the iPad that I haul out. Blogging sure becomes an obsession. Pasta and salad is so good – and dinner last night was no exception. Ha, so you like being in the kitchen solo? Love it … I’m not big on instructions in my kitchen either! ha ha Oh aren’t you amazing thinking it was a public garden – Nice! I hope my blog gets around too Reinhold 😀 so nice being able to share. Hugs

    • Mr Draco .. life sure is good! I was enjoying your brilliant Sydney pics this morning (showing hubby too). I’ll go a Sauv Blanc thanks. 🙂 Guess you’ll stick with your reds? I know, what about those eyes … ha ha

  6. Hi Julie, life is good. Your garden looks fantastic. So great at this time of year. Lots of citrus, bananas and persimmon. I am busy planting ground cover. David is making me a wooden compost bin😜Well that is when he is not in the garage restoring motor bikes! More bonfires coming up

    • Hello Mrs Warren – so nice to see you here. Gosh you reckon the garden looks fantastic do you? Honestly it is messy with winter hues. Still growing things though! We have loads of lemons, no bananas or persimmons (love the latter). Where are you planting that ground cover? Damn, I’m jealous about that compost bin. Haul him out of that garage! Hugs Ilona

  7. ‘A Touch of Frost’ is a UK detective series 😊.

    I so wish we could garden more in the winter – and I wish I had your space. The shot of your pond with the bench looks so serene. Do you sit down there?

    • I know, I remember watching it years ago. Imagine if you did have my space … wow your garden would be incredible. We are lucky gardening in winter – thankfully it doesn’t get too cold. That bench … do you know I seldom sit on it, shame always running around doing things. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • It must be hard to find time to sit down – I certainly don’t think I would be doing that too often if U had your space!

  8. Great photos, Julie. I’m sure your greek salad would compliment the colourful paella dish! Enjoy your wonderful season . 🙂 Aah a pat for the cute doggie too! 🙂

    • Hey Josephine … We got up one morning and there was that web suspended between the branches. A spider had been so busy the night before. Couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. So pleased you liked the pics 😀 Dan sure had a very happy face that day – he just loves it when the weather is rotten on the beach – me, well that’s another story. Ha ha

    • Hi Linda .. oh thank you! Our fall is fairly mild .. still can blow a gale here though and Auckland loves to rain! Dan was so happy that day … yay the weather was horrible on the beach today. Woof woof! 😀

  9. The farm still looks lovely in winter! I will have to look into plate mulchers here and see who might have one. Great idea when there is no wood chipper available.

    Love that happy doggy!

    • Hi Lavinia … thank you! It’s pretty soggy as we have had loads of rain – although the last week has been amazing. Those place mulchers are incredible things .. we had loads of piles of prunings and within no time they were gone! Only problem is, unlike chippers the mulch isn’t in a pile, you have to go and rake it up. 😀

  10. Another wonderful series-I love the pond image and bench-what a wonderful place to just *be* for a moment or two or three… and Jack Henry and Hubble said to tell you they are SO sorry they live so very far away-the love Italian food 😉 Great post Julie!

    • Hello Meg … oh thank you so much Miss! The pond and surrounds are very special .. perfect place to just be and reflect. Wish you all lived closer – your boys would love our beach. Ah fans of Italian food? Me too! Hugs

  11. If your garden is actually shabby that’s cool, I can’t bear pristine, manicured with scissors plots! You’re very productive, what on earth is worm tea? 🙂

    • It is a tad shabby indeed. I’m not precious, although I did consider the scissors at one stage! LOL … too much land and the age thing caught up with me. I try to be productive and gardening sure is fun. Worm tea … great for the garden. I have a worm farm and the tea is liquid which runs off from this. Full of microbes and great for the garden … 🙂

  12. Julie that meal looks so yum it would hit the spot in this cold weather for sure. Love the dew on the spider web. There is something so perfect about photos on a dewy morn and Jack frost makes everything sparkle.

    • Hello Miss … and doesn’t Jack makes things sparkle. He sure was busy that morning. Hubby is a great cook, I’m very lucky … So pleased you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  13. Beautiful garden, Julie, more like a spring garden. Love the Jack Frost capture. Life is good, indeed.
    I have never heard of worm tea before… Dogie enjoyed the walk lot, I can tell. 🙂

    • Dan sure enjoyed that walk – the worse the weather the faster he runs and barks! Life sure is good isn’t it? Especially when the sun is shining. Glad you like that frost pic – I did too 😀 Worm tea, is liquid from my worm farm – full of microbes. The garden loves the stuff!

  14. For minute I thought Dan had been rolling in the manure pile (oh no)! Then I remembered your lovely pictures of the beach and the black sand! I bet Dan is enjoying the cooler weather. With cooking like that, Andrew must have the use of both arms again. Wonderful pictures and report. Take care. Bob

    • Hello Mr E .. ha ha you would really enjoy that wouldn’t you! Nope sure is black sand. He just loves it when the wind is howling and it is raining. Makes him run faster .. He sure is a fan of the cooler weather. Yes Andrew is out of that sling but still a long way to go. Glad you liked the pics Bob! 😀

  15. You call that a mess??? Come on over and see my garden 😌 Worst still a local crow had the temerity to crap on my head this morning…However, messy your place m,ay get, it remains inviting. I’ll be back soon, MM 🍀

    • Hey MM .. so good seeing you here, even with the crow stuff! You are hilarious .. I remember horror days when that used to happen at school 🙂 Glad you think the place looks inviting, the veg garden doesn’t look so good! Still growing though. Hubby’s food was divine, always is. Drop by again soon 😀

  16. One way or another, the weather affects garden plants a lot. In my case, squirrels destroy everything they get at to. They simply laugh at different pepper and similar mixtures, they find tiniest pathways in the fencing, so, therefore and since we have heat and no rain since April, lots of stuff is feeling not that great. You probably have a huge garden, it sounds like it. The pond part was really attractive.

    • Hello how nice to see you here! I think squirrels are divine, but they would run riot in my garden for sure. I bet they do laugh at different solutions put down as deterrents 😀 Yes our garden is on the large size .. keeps me busy. Thanks for stopping by

    • We call it worm tea over here (LOL) but you might call it worm juice / worm wee … all that gorgeous liquid run off from the worm farm. Made me smile … I really can’t see a cup of tea with worms in it! 😀

  17. Magnificent photos, Julie! The one with the bench – a girl could lose herself in that pic. Dogs & sand: what a combo! I wish my summer garden looked half as lush as your winter one. (I think we could use a bit of your rain) And I’m intrigued with the worm tea …..

  18. A Paradise always in your words and images, dear Julie. Thank you : )
    In these photographs I love specially the light breaking in sparks as winks of morning. Quite precious… a smile from far away. ^_^

      • I miss you too, Jullie, for that I wanted to pay a visit, to see our Winter from the other side of the world and happy to see you’re doing well. n_n
        I am happy but still the future is a bit unclear, so I couldn’t say when I am going to return. But I am sure to come back to see your garden and sea, and read your chronicles. : )

  19. A husband that cooks–girl, you have got it made! LOL My phone sleeps on my nightstand, and usually the first thing I reach for in the morning, too. Right after shutting off the alarm. Dogs and water, they really go together, don’t they? Enjoyed walking with you through your photos.

  20. Life iS good, Julie, I SO agree!! I’m spoiled too for hubby cooks for me as well. I’m so busy with gardens and taking care of fur babies that he has stepped in to feed us. How grand because I truly do not enjoy cooking! Love your image of the pond with the ferns and foliage around it. I can just picture you sitting on that bench just relaxing. I as well have 4-legged creatures digging tunnels in my Mother Rose Garden … chipmunks. As long as they don’t disturb what is growing in the garden, I leave them alone. Besides they provide much entertainment for my cats when they run about. I believe in working with Nature as best as possible. Yet when my gardens becomes decimated by insects or creatures, that is where I draw the line. I go to “war” with my garden weapons. LOL Great pics, and I absolutely adore Dan. Much Love to you, lovely One. <3

    • Hi Amy .. I’m glad you agree! Ah so your hubby cooks too – love it! I don’t enjoy cooking as much as I used to. Hope all your fur babies are good. So pleased that you liked the image of the pond – one of my favourite places on the farm. Very relaxing! Chipmunks .. we don’t have them here. Bet they are cute. I laughed when I read that they tease your cats. LOL Yes agreed it is best to let nature do its thing. But I’m like you, I will intervene at a certain point, especially if I see my beautiful plants getting eaten. Love back at you Miss 😀

  21. Life is, indeed, good! What a wonderful walk through your garden…And that smashing picture of the spiderweb is absolutely stunning! Best of luck battling the critters, both monopedal and 4-footed 🙂 Cheers, Ben

    • Hi Benjamin … you have been very quiet on your blog lately. I miss your beautiful pics and garden news. So pleased you enjoyed the walk through my garden. Those spiders never cease to amaze me at their handiwork in the night hours. thanks for stopping by 😀

  22. Look at me only just now catching up! I do that too…pick up the iPhone first thing in the morning. Sometimes I think it’s a dreadful habit. After all, shouldn’t the first reflections of the morning be mine and not influenced by someone else’s? But then there’s that temptation, isn’t there. So now that I’m back in E I actually have a valid excuse…need to see what my children are up to lol. Also, don’t talk to me about slugs and snails! You know what they do with my strawberries here? They keep the whole berry intact except for a small round hole at the tip, and eat the whole of the inside! I’ve actually never seen anything like that.

    • Hello lovely .. ah so you are there! How exciting. I have been thinking of you. How is Robert? Must be super being back … Ah so you reach for the phone too … LOL nasty habit I have got into . INteresting thought about being influenced by others first thing .. 🙂 Slugs – can you believe that they like chewing lemon skin? Shame on them .. Strawberry thieves as well! .. Must pop on over to your blog. Hugs Miss

  23. You’re lucky your husband likes to cook occasionally and it does look delish! Your photos are great…my fav is the one with the bench…really beautiful, and of course the dirty doggie!

  24. We are both lucky to have husbands that enjoy cooking for us…mine cooked for me last night too. I absolutely love the photo of the pond, it looks so lush and green. As to those gardens of yours, nature sometimes deals us a bad hand with snails, slugs and critters but I know in the end you will prevail.

    • Isn’t it great having hubbies that like cooking! 😀 Yes that pond sure is lush – the whole property is. We are very lucky. I’m getting good at filling soil into those tunnels!

  25. Such a beautiful corner of the world you inhabit there. I’m sure the maintenance in forever ongoing – but looks well worth it from these lovely photos.

    • Hi thank you, I think it is beautiful too. Sure is ongoing maintenance but worth it. The place has changed so much in the 11 years that we have been here .. a work in progress! So pleased that you enjoy the photos .. 😀

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