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We have had the best weather for over a week now .. blue skies, cloud puffs, mild temps. In fact, I think I can see the grass growing ..

Pauanui morning-1260441

Fishing was on the agenda last weekend in Pauanui a holiday destination on the east coast of NZ. I’m an avid fishing fan who can bait her own hook, cast out and on a good day, remove the fish from the hook, when I land them. That’s on the proviso of course, that the fish aren’t big or scary looking – I think you get my drift.


Sorry no pics of fish, when we started to catch them I was way too excited to haul out the camera. But we have enjoyed several meals of snapper – a big thanks to Grant for the fishing adventure.



pauanui 2-1260448

Our chooks are also enjoying this fine weather. They can be seen outdoors in groups scratching and squabbling and doing chicken things. They are hilarious to watch and huge time wasters. They have laid for us right through winter, not every day mind you, but I haven’t been spotted in the supermarket either buying free-range eggs so that’s a bonus. They are still devoid of a man in their lives and to be honest, I don’t think they mind one bit. I think I’m the only female around here that misses a rooster and that early morning crow.

You may remember me mentioning my garlic and wiping a tear at the time. Well, my attempts to date to combat the rust haven’t worked.  So yesterday I hauled out the big guns and for the first time ever I used sulphur. A good friend of mine (X hort teacher) suggested that I spray my rust covered garlic with sulphur ensuring me that I would be able to ‘knock’ this nasty on the head. Fingers and toes are crossed! I have bought more tissues just in case.

We are still munching on cauli, broccoli and the odd beetroot. I love gathering herbs from the garden which I can do all year and in thanks I’ll be splashing about some seaweed brew this week … or maybe worm tea instead!

feeding time-1260388

One of my girlfriend’s latest additions

Time for more local beach shots …


Hubby leaves these anywhere – literally

Dog fun-1260592

Go on throw it. Before …

Dog fun-1260593

… After



And on the way home a top coffee made by gorgeous Rosie

Happy gardening

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  1. Hi god photos as usual,but no fish ones did you really catch fish or did you take bananas on board! (For thoses who don’t know they say you won’t catch fish if they are on board ) Remeber that fishing trip a few years ago! Well don’t worry on my behalf about the garlic as I’m not allowed to use it anyway, Faro sells good fresh garlic without rust you should go there sometime. Glad the weather has improved its not to bad here they say heatwave on the way this week. Happy gardening lots love to you both. Bill

    • Hello Mr Bonner glad you like those pics and yes we did catch some fish and no bananas on board! Trust me now you will never ever be able to use that garlic (ha ha ha) shame on you! The weather has been amazing … love it! Hugs back at you

    • Mr Draco … love your visits. And we haven’t got to that holiday yet either. Not long to go. Yay! The smell wasn’t too bad actually … I’m checking everyday to see how it’s going. Thumbs up so far. Glad you like the shots … 😀

  2. So nice for you to get away for a little trip. Fishing…hmm…I’m ok with baiting and casting and landing, as long as someone kills the thing for me! That’s something I can’t do. Happy mild winter for you Julie; too bad about all the garlic trouble. I sure hope the sulphur works. You never know, do you. I mean every season brings on some new and exciting challenge just when you thought you had a handle on the garden and troubles which can develop. Great photo of the midair dog! lol, made me smile, and beautiful Rosie! I saw so many lovely girls like her in 1940/50s looks at the Retro festival. It seems this day the vintage vibe comes with a huge amount of tattoos. No idea what that’s all about. Anyway, your season is about to turn, isn’t it? We’re already getting that autumn air here in OXON. Big hugs. 😀

    • Hello lovely … I can’t do the final deed either. No way, I’m such a blouse. Our winter has been mild that’s for sure – although volumes of rain. Mind you the last 10 days have been gorgeous. You are so right about gardening .. lulled into a false sense of security – I always thought I was safe with my garlic and then ‘boom’. Oh well I’ll get there (fingers crossed). Glad you liked the pics Miss .. always super to know that you have stopped by. Hugs back at you

  3. What a lovely trip you had. I’ve caught carp before but they had to go back in the water which is just as well, there’s no way I could do the deed! Your cow baby is really cute and what s brilliant shot of the flying dog 🙂

    • Hello Helen .. so far so good. I think it will work. I would imagine it would work on the chives – same family I think. Gosh I didn’t know they were inflicted by rust also. If you do use it, then check if there is a withholding period.

  4. What fun you had. Sounds like successful fishing sans photos. I love the air-born Doberman. The goat is really cute, love the land and seascapes, and Rosie looks to be a very lovely and feisty coffee barista!

    • Hey Tim … sure was fun and it was in the sun too, double bonus! 😀 Love a good fish! I laughed when I spotted that pooch shot via the viewfinder .. classic. And that goat is a lamb LOL … So pleased you enjoyed the shots. Rosie is a great girl too and a whiz at making coffee

  5. Love the flying ears of your bounding dog! Fishing bores me stiff, though I’m not averse to eating the fish that my husband brings back on his occasional fishing trips. Good luck with the garlic.

  6. Gorgeous pics as always, Julie. I tried my luck at fishing on Stewart Island and gosh, I was catching one after the other. You should have seen the poor chaps on the boat turning green with envy…and I was in heaven as it was the first time I caught anything in my life. We had them for dinner when we got back to Otago country the next day. I was very impressed with the birdlife too by the way. x

    • Hi Annette .. good on you girl. I still haven’t made it to Stewart Island. Fun to haul them in one after another – I haven’t done that in ages. Oh I bet those men were green with envy. LOL Great to see you here Miss!

  7. Very beautiful pictures. I loved how you have played with DoF. In my laptop 14″ screen, only scrolling down brought to me the focused part. It was kind of fun. 🙂

    • Ha ha hey Cynthia .. so pleased you enjoyed those ‘paintings’. They were taken on the same morning .. they sort of have the same look and feel (I think so :D). That photo of the pooch is a hoot – I laughed out loud when I saw that on the viewfinder. Great to see you here Miss

  8. Wonderful photos and report. It looks like you are having great weather! And the garden is still producing. Wow! Sounds like a very successful fishing trip. Better tell Andrew to be careful not to lose his boots in high tide. You may catch them on your next fishing trip, and they aren’t nearly as good eating as snapper! 🙂 Always enjoy your posts. Take care! Bob

    • I had no idea he had taken off the boots until I spotted them on the return. Typical .. can you imagine the colour of his feet? LOL Always enjoy your visits Mr E. It was a fun fishing trip, and a taste sensation later on. The Sauv Blanc wasn’t bad either! 😀

  9. I love the beach in warm weather but there’s something magic about the seaside in chillier weather. Thanks for taking us along on your fishing trip and best of luck with the garlic. Trying to imagine the smell of garlic mixed with sulphur…probably smells a bit like Mephistopholes’ old sneakers 😉 Cheers, Ben

    • Hey Benjamin .. how are you? Great to take you on that trip – sorry no pics of fish! The smell of the sulphur isn’t too bad actually – I was quite surprised. I have my fingers crossed that it will work. Cheers Julie

  10. Love your boots-on-the-beach shot. And this: They are still devoid of a man in their lives and to be honest, I don’t think they mind one bit. HA!

    While I’m not a coffee drinker, I do love coffee shops – so long as they provide a cozy tea or hot cup of chai. They are usually inhabited by the most interesting people, don’t you think? 🙂

    • Hi Julie … so good to see you! I love that shot too by the way – so typical of hubby. Glad you like that line too btw, it’s true! ha ha ha I love coffee, have to have my daily fix. Cafes are always full of fun people!

  11. I know how to fish to how about that? My Dad taught me and I remember crying when he told me I had to put the worm on the hook. LOL Speaking of laughing, I laughed so hard at the pic of your dog in midair. What a shot, Julie!!! Oh that is so cool! Oh to have the life of a dog! As for hubby leaving his boots all over the place what can I say other then? …. MEN! LOVED this post. Oh, another awesome image I just oohed over was the tree one. You caught the light just right and the way you framed that image is perfect. Thank you so much for another great post!!! <3

    • Thank you my dear! Dad taught me to fish too – no worms though (phew). I love that shot of the dog and I had a good laugh too. Men! You are so right .. LOL Oh I’m so pleased that you like the pic of the trees – I did too, something about it indeed. Nature looking gorge … Love your visit Amy and that new camera of yours btw 😀

      • Hope you will be around tomorrow, dear friend. I am showing a goal, something I attained that just blew me away. Much Love to you and hubby, Julie!!! <3

  12. You almost took me there… I felt the peaceful touches of your garden, land, farm, beaches, dogs, everything you shared. It was so good for me, Thank you dear Julie, how I wished to be near your farm or to be able to fly there 🙂 I could have been your new stuff and I didn’t expect anything, just to be there… 🙂 You know these days are not easy in here. Blessing and Happiness to you all. Photographs are so beautiful, especially your dogs… and a lovely sheep… Love, nia

  13. You are a brave fisher-woman! I want nothing to do with that! LOL Hope the sulfur helps your garlic, that would be wonderful. Love the “flying dog” shot. Great catch! I admired all the shells on your beach.

    • Ha ha no I’m not! But I give it a go. I love fishing, time to think and reflect and wonder what the fish are doing under the boat. I think that sulphur is starting to work, the garlic is starting to look better. So pleased you liked the ‘flying pooch’ shot .. I laughed when I saw the viewfinder!

  14. Such a beautiful scene shining through with your opening shot ~ sets the mood perfectly for a day out & about. Your photos have such great diversity, vast vistas to something close-up and personal. Perfect.

  15. Your photos always make my heart sing, Julie! I love the circling seagulls, the cute little lamb, the lonely boots on the beach…you get my drift, I could wax lyrical about them all!
    Sorry it has been so long between visits, I’m studying these days (university, online) which I must write about on my blog at some stage.
    As for my own garden, I have recently bought a few large pots in which to set up a herb garden out the front of my house, as my four-month-old Labrador (who I must blog about also!) loves ‘gardening’!!
    I really enjoyed my long overdue visit to Frog Pond Farm and the beach today. 🙂

    • Hey Joanne … oh I thought I had answered this sorry! So pleased that you enjoy the photos. It has been a long time between visits hasn’t it? I think it is fab that you are doing this schooling on line – go girl! Please do blog about that new pup … love to see some pics. Great to see you here … 😀

  16. I, too, love a good morning crow. Fortunately, the neighbors have a hefty fellow whose song drifts over the prairie. As always, your space is a favorite stop of mine. Thank you, Julie. Hugs!

  17. Looks like absolutely gorgeous weather. I’m with you when it comes to fishing but haven’t been in years. Glad to hear you caught snapper, a really delicious fish.

    • Sure was great fishing weather! We thought about getting our own boat, but opted against it as we spend so much time in the garden! But it sure if fun disappearing for a weekend and throwing out the line. They are so delicious .. a favourite! 😀

  18. It takes me nearly a year to be back to blog world, even know that we still keep in touch in Instagram but just want to knock your door to say hi when I have time for blogging, and yes, should spend more indeed! 🙂

  19. I hurried over, but realized that I didn’t miss any new posts. I hope you are well and also that the garlic is improving. And beetroot – what a great root veggie that is. We just had some thise vening – it had been roasted and kept in the fridge for at least a week. I sliced it, adding a bit of olive oil (was too lazy to pick and cut up some mint to add) and had it with dinner. Dee-lishusss!

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