I clambered out of bed the other morning and was greeted with – “the sheep are in the back yard!”

Pardon? You must be kidding I thought peering through the window. Yep, the sheep were indeed in the back yard – there is a first time for everything.


The previous night they were safely contained behind an electric fence which runs down the centre of a paddock near our house. One side is dedicated to sheep grazing (we have 2),  while on the other side sits my veg garden – my pride and joy.  Strangely enough and you might raise your eyebrows, the electric fence wasn’t turned on. They must have stood for some time eyeing up the veg, thrown caution to the wind and have come to the conclusion that the ‘grass is literally greener on the other side’.

Laughing and wondering if I sounded hysterical,  I hauled my gumboots on over my PJs and raced outdoors. The sheep were acting mildly disinterested but copped a scolding as I made my way to the garden.

I have to be honest, I was more than nervous poking my head through the gap in the hedge to access the damage. As I suspected the sorrel had disappeared and in the bed next to that, the broccoli and cauli were mere stalks, those eating machines thankfully hadn’t spotted the cabbage, Brussels sprouts nor the broad beans. Phew! The garlic had been skirted, clearly not on their menu. But they had nailed the parsley and beetroot, which is now devoid of leaves. I stumbled through the hedge smiling, it could have been a lot worse!


It’s been an interesting week. Dan our pooch was sick again – first visit to the vet, then my favourite chook Dolly was also sick (return of bumble foot) second trip to the vets! Dan is vastly improved, while the chicken is currently safely ensconced in a crate with a run attached, sitting on our verandah. Her foot is swathed in a bright green bandage which needs changing daily. Oh what fun!


I’m gazing outdoors .. the sun is endeavouring to shine there are clouds puffs in the sky and everything is growing like mad – I won’t mention the rain!

Sadly I’m short of pics this week – but guaranteed, I always have pics of our local beach …








I love clouds …

Happy gardening

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  1. I love clouds too.. naughty sheep .. once long ago in a farm in the back hills of Hawkes Bay, on a beautiful old sheep station, I had for some obscure reason put all my orchids out into the front yard, to get the rain maybe? then SOMEONE left the little front gate open when he went out to the sheds and in the wee hours in came the sheep very very quietly- ate the lot. I feel your pain! c

    • Oh what a good story Celi! Or not perhaps 😀 There is always that someone that leaves something open. I did warn hubby that they needed to be moved .. I was right … LOL Great to see you at Frog Pond

  2. I hope Dan and Dolly hen make a full and speedy recovery. They are all
    so lucky to have you as their human 🙂 xx

    • Hey Iris … I sure did smile too! Thankfully it was the end of the winter garden. Might have been a different story if it had been my summer spread! I would have had to grab a hanky! Smiles back you 😀 So pleased you liked the photos

  3. Oh my goodness, what an adventure. That reminds me of a time, (at least 30 years and def two marriages ago), some cows decided to use our house as a May pole and made a huge mess of the lawns and veg garden. I never did find out where they came from but the local farmer came and took them away. Naughty animals. I’m glad everyone’s on the med over your way, and how exciting to see spring springing all over the place. I’m not that excited for our fall this year. No idea why as it’s usually my favourite season. Maybe it’s because summer was so lovely that I’ms till trying to hold on to that. 😀

    • Hey V! How nice to hear from you .. There is something about animals in places they aren’t meant to be! We have had the cattle in the orchard bit before .. oh, that was so interesting! LOL Animals on meds and special diets … Spring is springing all right. Oh fall is my fav too .. such a pretty season. Hope you have settled in again Miss … Hugs

  4. Sorry to hear Dan not well and Dolly is also receiving five star treatment so sounds like a busy time for you.

  5. Hi to you both well sheep got out! That pretend electric fence never fooled them. Glad Dan is on the mend and the chook as well. Nice to see the blossom should be a good crop more preserving to do. Photos are up to the usual standard love the beach shots. Enjoyed your video on ToiToi you should let folks know in your next blog where they can get it, lim sure they will love it. We are having good weather still bu t leaves turning colour and the vine is turning red will try and send photo when it does. All for now love to you both Bill

    • That pretend fence works ok when they are shorn, when there is loads of grass in that space and it’s turned on! LOL … Dan is much better Bill, but it was more of the same, probs with his pancreas. There will be loads of fruit this year .. the Luisa trees are smothered in blossom. Glad you liked the pics – thanks Bill. I’m hoping to get down to the gannets as they are gathering in numbers and they are fun to get photos of. So pleased you enjoyed the video .. Ah autumn, my fav season, I love watching the leaves change colour. The only prob winter follows close behind. Love back at you Bill

  6. A perfect opening shot ~ tit makes me smile, as animals have a way of getting into places they shouldn’t 🙂 It is such a peaceful looking photo, yet knowing there is some panic with your tasty garden nearby… And such a beautiful beach ~ the golden rays with your golden pooches chasing life, a magical life indeed!

    • Hi Dalo … glad you liked that photo. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them there – it sure was a first! … I’m so pleased that you liked the pics of the beach, the light was so interesting that day. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Glad the whole veg garden wasn’t eaten. My childhood was punctuated with cries of “the cows/sheep/horses are out ” and we’d rush out to round them up before they caused too much damage. Usually they only made it to the grass tennis court, which led to some interesting bounces! Wish I was on your beach.

    • Hey Anne, I was so surprised that they didn’t really go to town. There was loads of stuff they didn’t (thankfully) munch on. If it has been my summer garden, I would have been devastated. At least this one will get hauled out soonish. I remember years ago when I had a pet lamb that it used to love eating roses – Dad had the most gorgeous ones you could imagine, he wasn’t happy! LOL Oh boy, I can just imagine the tennis court! Ah animals … You would love that beach Anne! 😀

  8. I love your photos! Just love them! What is the purple light in the one? I’ve never seen that color in the sky. As for you puppy and chicken. It’s terrible when they get ill. I hope they ar on the mend very soon.

    Spring has arrived for you…YAY! Lucky you!


    • Oh thank you Linda … I have no idea about that purple light, I suspect that it was because of the afternoon sun, angles and stuff. I wondered whether it was Lightroom, but no, it was on the original pic. Thankfully Dan is much better now, poor pooch hasn’t had a great year. As for that chicken, she is loving all the attention and the food she is getting. Pics to come! I think she is on the mend too .. fingers crossed.

  9. That first photo is a stunner! The garden and sherp are equally gorgeous lookers. Seems they were pretty easy on you there…

    Your dogs are so beautiful as well..I miss our Aussie Mango who died almost a year ago. What kind of dogs are they? The first one is so unusual looking. Gorgeous.

    Paradise for sure!


    • Thank you! The sheep were very easy on the garden, considering! I was relieved when I poked my head through the gap in the hedge .. The damage could have been much worse 😃 I’m not sure about the first dog, he is beautiful though .. Ours is the border collie. Sorry to hear about your dog .. Lovely to hear from you

  10. The sheep are in the back yard, and did not do any damage. Thank goodness! Gorgeous beach shots, Julie.
    I see your dog is happy to be out there! 🙂

  11. ‘I’m gazing outdoors .. the sun is endeavouring to shine there are clouds puffs in the sky and everything is growing like mad – I won’t mention the rain!’ I love that sentence. It reminds me of the way my father wrote (and he was a wonderful writer) saying so much with only a few words. A few years ago deer jumped the fence in my garden and ate my brussel sprouts, I damn near went ballistic! Are you telling me you took the sheep incident all in stride, the way you described? Not even blaming Andrew for the fence being turned off? Good to hear Dan is okay. Wonderful report. Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob .. What a fabulous comment! Thank you .. I did take it in my stride! I would have been crying if it had been my summer garden. I still can’t believe they didn’t see the broad beans or the cabbages .. Lol! Oh I can just imagine how you would have felt about those deer!

  12. Sorry, Julie, but I had to laugh at those sheep and all they got into. As for vet visits oh friend, I know only too well about those and treatments. LOVED your photos of the beach. Sometimes I wish I lived near the ocean. Sometimes. Good luck with Dolly!!! And give Dan big HUGS from me!!! 🙂 <3

    • Hey Amy … I know it is funny. And I remained so cool too! LOL I know you are a regular at the vets .. seems we are too! So pleased that you enjoyed the pics of the beach. We are so lucky and have lived near the beach for years. Big hugs to Dan for you .. .still bandaging Dolly’s foot! 😀

  13. In your photo your two sheep make great lawn ornaments – guess they thought so too! Had to laugh at your description of how they must have stared at the veggie garden and then thrown caution to the wind…nice of you to be so calm about your losses.

    • They do look like ornaments don’t they? I couldn’t believe my eyes .. very lucky though that it wasn’t my summer garden, I would have been in tears. I was calm … ha ha incredible! Thanks for stopping by

  14. Just catching up with a few things and can’t believe I forgot to add my two bob’s worth on this lovely post Julie. Naughty sheep- they can be as pesty as a goat in the garden. The veggies will come back. Lovely seaside shots, I felt I was right there. Thanks for taking me away from Melbourne’s gloom.

    • Hello Miss .. oh very naughty sheep. And lucky me that it wasn’t my summer stuff, I would still be crying! I would love a goat, but they are escape artists! Yes the veg are growing back already. Wish you were right here .. we could go for a walk on the beach and then you could cook me dinner (LOL) Hugs

  15. I guess the sheep figured they needed to eat their veggies! Glad Dan is doing better. I imagine it is quite fun to bandage the foot of a chook! 😉 You do have a lovely beach.

    • These sheep are so food motivated .. the grass is always greener on the other side! LOL Dan is doing much better and we are still bandaging Dolly’s foot – which is trying! 😉 Love our local beach, we sure are lucky!

  16. Dear Julie, so beautiful photographs, and made me smile these sheep! But amazing photograph, I hope Dan and Dolly get well soon, as you said, it is not easy when they are sick. Thank you, Have a nice day and new week to you all there, Love, nia

    • Hey Nia .. nice to see you at Frog Pond. The sheep made me smile too – I was so surprised to see them there. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Dan is much better and hopefully I will be letting Dolly out with her buddies in the next few days. Have a lovely day too Nia! 😀

  17. Hope Dan and Dolly are improving-we send our best. And Hubble says, if he had been there you can be sure those sheep would have thought twice, before they decided to help themselves to your abundant *buffet*–great post and I always look forward to my visits to Frog Pond!

  18. You’re not alone. Soon after we moved to our current house 12 years ago, I accidentally left the side gate open one say and returned to find two deer in the back yard. They’d eaten half of a plant someone had given to Eve as a housewarming present.

  19. Hi Julie, you made me giggle. Mind you, our sheep were notorious outlaws, the goats even worse. One day I found them in the orchard-cum-potager sitting happily in the glasshouses munching away…me fuming of course. Well, with animals there’s always something going on, never a boring moment. Hope Dan will be alright. I’m a bit worried as he’s been ill before. Hope it’s nothing serious. Love to you all xx

    • Hi Annette … Dan suffers from pancreatitis. Poor pooch. He is well again thank goodness as yes you are right, he was ill previously. I couldn’t imagine finding goats in my glasshouse (if I had one :D) … I would have been in tears. At least the girls were in the old winter garden. Glad you had a giggle Miss

      • sorry for Dan but thankfully there are such great diets available – in the surgery of my husband we used to give Hill’s i/d to those with pancreas problems, is it available in NZ? keep your chins up x

  20. Sounds- and looks- to me like you live in paradise. Or next door to it. Sheep in the backyard are better than uninvited neighbors, which we’ve had to tell in no uncertain words to get the h— out of our backyard. Am I too territorial? I guess. 🙂

  21. I cherish your photographs! Simply adore them! What is the purple light in the one? I’ve never observed that shading in the sky. With respect to you puppy and chicken. It’s shocking when they get sick. I trust they ar recuperating extremely soon….

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