An unwanted visitor

You may remember me mentioning that my chickens were devoid of a man in their lives .. and quite frankly, I don’t think it bothers them one bit either. That was until my neighbour’s rooster who is free ranging realised that there were 10 rather attractive chickens over the fence, who needed some male attention!


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the casanova the other day .. and as can be expected, raced up to the chook paddock hollering.


He was given his marching orders and didn’t waste any time flying over the fence and disappearing into the long grass – destination home!


Needless to say, not everyone was concerned


Our garden is full of flowers .. the roses are looking gorgeous



And the dahlias are showing off in the pots on the deck


Eric our black cat is also looking rather gorgeous parading about


We went to a different part of the beach the other day in search of Toi Tois.


I thought Okiritoto stream looked lovely


Muriwai beach in the distance


Pretty coastal plants



Slow down it’s the beach


Nothing better than watching horses being ridden on the beach .. yes I’m jealous


I’ve been super good too – I was out and about spraying the orchard with seaweed brew!


Baleage on a neighbour’s property dots the hillside


Happy gardening

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  1. What a charming “visit” to your place! Of course, I loved the photo of your handsome black kitty (I have two of my own), but the beach and the surroundings, the flowers, and all were a welcome change from the fall scenery where I am!

  2. All beautiful photos. The Muriwai beach photo is stunning. The lonely rooster was just our trying to fine some fine chicks to puck up. I see your neighbor does rectangular bales like we do here.

    • Hey Tim thanks! Glad you like that shot of Muriwai beach – I have lived here for years and never ever shot this angle. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the view finder. 😀 That lonely rooster is up there again .. yep, he sure is trying to pick up some girls. Thanks for stopping by

    • Hey Gilly, I sure did! But not for long. He was up there again this morning at breakfast time, so I shooed him off. Guess who is back already? Toi Tois are a native NZ grass .. silly me I expected people to know 😀

  3. I read through the comments so I could find out what Toi Tois was! A beautiful plant of the grass nature! I love seeing your world. As rich and lush and full of color and growth and late SPRING!!!

    I wonder if that Rooster will be back…he looked decidedly interested in that very pretty hen. And he IS a handsome Roo. Handsome roo and pretty hen makes for little baby CHICKS!!! Chuckle.

    I loved seeing your fur children also!


    • Hey Linda .. whoops forgot to mention what the Toi Toi is (we named our wine after it). It is a beautiful native plant. Ha, that rooster has been back many times – caught him up there again this morning and shooed him off. Guess who is back already? LOL No no, no chicks! ha ha. Glad you enjoyed our fur children. Hugs

  4. The roses look divine, the kitty is most handsome and Dan looks like he is enjoying his summer-and loved the chicken story. Hubble says if he had been there that ol’ rooster would be on his way pronto😆

  5. That rooster has quite the strut and who could blame him, he’s out on the prowl! Lovely photos and colours. The surf on the beach looks spectacular. Andrew will have to get his board out. The roses, Eric and Dan and the silhouette of the bird are all wonderful. Do you gather and do anything with the Toi Tois? There is a a plant called Sweat Grass here, that looks similar. It can be used for smudge sticks. Very enjoyable report from Frog Pond and Muriwai. Take care, Julie. Bob

    • Ha ha Bob … he sure was on the prowl. Couldn’t believe his luck! So pleased you enjoyed the pics and colours. Andrew will have to get out his board, now that the shoulder is better. I was after the Toi Tois as we were at a wine show and needed them for that. Didn’t find them in that locale though. Sweat grass – must Google it! Glad you enjoyed the visit Bob …

  6. You can’t blame the poor old rooster 🙂 Now he’s find a lovely little harem you won’t keep him away will you? Riding on the beach always looks so exhilerating and romantic at the same time.

    • Hey Anne … he is a lovely boy but has been known for being a bit feisty. My girls are doing fine on their own! ha ha … Riding on the beach is so wonderful (I haven’t done it in ages) – so exhilarating. But that fear factor has set in as it does, a walk on the beach for me now would suffice! LOL

  7. Hi to you both, well I don’t know what happened to your blog never got it am I off the mailing list! Photos just stunning makes me feel at home, which I will be soon. Sort that email out or it might effect the preserving! Waking up to a very cold morning about minus three, not so bad as some parts it’s minus six . Still here looking after the boys JOE should be back on Thursday or Friday. They’ve been good but one of the dogs climbed onto the kitchen table and ate Charlie’s dinner, i covered it up but when i went into the kitchen I thought Charlie must have come home. But no the dishes were as clean as a whistle that will teach me a lesson to put things higher up. Lucky i had something in reserve! All for now lots love to you both Bill xxx

  8. You do get your share of unwanted visitors Julie. We have been roosterless for some time now as Mr T could no longer put up with the early morning call, though I love that sound- it’s comforting. Your visitor looks like a handsome dude- maybe he could be encouraged. Thanks for the lovely beach shots too.

  9. Now you are a storyteller with words and images… stunning. I am sitting here with a cup of tea enjoying your post, Julie. A kaleidoscope of action :-), landscapes and impressions. Very entertaining… Smiles. Reinhold

  10. Happy gardening to you too! I’m attending to the stuff inside these days. Scotch bonnet pepper trees that keep growing bigger and bigger…. but few blossoms come to fruition. (First time I’ve used that word in its proper meaning…)

    • I love scotch bonnets! All chillies come to think of it. I wonder why those blossoms aren’t happening? I know that chillies like it hot .. maybe you should give it a good feed (whoops will grow bigger not doubt!) Fruition is such a good word! Great to see you at Frog Pond Cynthia

  11. I’m finally home and back in the land of reliable internet and can come have a peek! Oh look at that bad boy. He is rather beautiful though. No wonder the ladies were impressed. (the little tarts) Love seeing summer coming to you now Julie. It’s so sold ad wet and dreary here in Van. We had a lovely week in the tropical warmth just now so I guess it’s twice as hard. Oh well, at least I can always pop over to the Frog Pond and get a little sunshine. 😀

    • Hello V 😀 Oh I hope you had a fantastic time away. How superb .. nice to get to the warmth! Laughed when I read your comment (little tarts) LOL Yes he is a looker alright. Great to know that dropped by .. come and enjoy summer with me 😀

  12. The ornery rooster may come a-calling again with all those lovely ladies around. Pretty roses, I’m swooning over the stream and seascape photos–just beautiful! You got the PERFECT shot of the horse and rider on the beach.

    • Hi aren’t those roses beautiful! I really liked the stream too and got such a surprise when I looked at the beach scene through the view finder. Glad you liked the pic of the horses – I adore watching them on the beach and listening to the sound of their hooves as they strike the sand ..

      • They aren’t allowed on the beaches here. There are wild horses in North Carolina, south of us. There’s a stretch of beach where they roam, and people have to keep a certain distance from them, for various reasons. One of my local blogging friends goes down and photographs them.

  13. I too had no idea what Toi Tois are. Thanks to Steve now I do!! That Rooster … better watch out for that guy ’cause now he knows there are females around he might be back. I LOVE the beach pictures and my Heart just flew when I saw the horses. *sigh* And yes I can ride and just imaging what it’s like to be on beach on a horse ….. oh ….. LOVE your flowers and am a tad jealous. Snow is coming our way … I think I’ll hang around in your gardens a while. LOVE your cat … oh that feline is a special one. He looks like when he walks everything shakes around him … powerful! I have a cat like that and the look on his face says it all …. oh yeah, I’m a male and I KNOW it. LOL Another great post from you. Thank you, Julie!!! <3

    • I have ridden on the beach a few times … it is marvellous. You stay in our garden for as long as you like! 😀 He is so powerful – literally, but a scared lad into the bargain. You would love him! He is reclining now on the office floor. Oh I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post Amy, thanks so much for stopping by. Love your profile pic btw 😀 Hugs

  14. Gorgeous pics as usual, dear Julie, and that rooster is sooo handsome – you should have kept him! 😉 Eric seems in spring mood too, mind you. We took our horses to the beach in Ireland once. The waves made them “drunk” they wobbled all over the place. 😀 Take care xx

  15. Love hearing your animal stories. Footrot Flats is real @ your place and mine… always makes me giggle!
    Beautiful flowers and scenery – you live in a gorgeous place. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, Andrew and family xox

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