Autumn jumble

It was drizzling on Sunday morning which made me chomp at the bit (I love that expression) to be outdoors messing about in the veg garden .. with gloves on though, I had my nails painted for a do!

Autumn leaves on the ground

Autumn is a favourite season …

Wairau river Marlborough

Loddon Lane Vineyard .. Marlborough

Frost fan at Loddon Lane

A few weeks back, we were in Marlborough for grape harvest – the weather for the tail end of this was magic. Harvest for us is over for another year …  more of that NZ Sauvignon Blanc is on the way.

Marlborough vineyard

between the vines

Brookdale Vineyard – Marlborough

Sauvignon Blanc grapes

Staring out the bedroom window the other morning, I could see sparrows hopping about in a garden bed where I had previously sown mustard and lupin seed as a cover crop. I rolled my eyes skyward as I hadn’t netted this space .. the birds were evidently in heaven. Since then I have resown and netted the bed – has it worked? No it hasn’t, thanks to some very industrious birds the seed has disappeared yet again. I will either have to completely change my netting technique or give up on the cover crop!

Chilli sauce is done and dusted and so is the cucumber pickle, the larder is full of wonderful jars of homemade produce – we are set for winter.

I may have mentioned that I write an article for Ponsonby News, which is a smart publication that arrives in local letter boxes monthly. It has a high readership.

Saturday night saw us out at a 60th birthday party – which by the way, was terrific. I received a couple of super compliments and was asked how I decide on my content for the mag.

Lavender Sussex rooster

Jack our gate walking rooster

Silver laced Wyandotte free range

Living on a lifestyle block in Waimauku gives me loads to chirp about, my garden for starters and the trials and tribulations associated with this. Then there is our local beach, our pets, visitors from OS (you know who you are), chickens and sheep in places where they shouldn’t be – there really is, never a dull moment in the country.

Autumn at the beach

Muriwai beach

Thirsty dog

Beach walking makes you thirsty

Clouds at the beach

Hope you enjoy the jumble of photos …


Happy gardening



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  1. Hi Julie, I certainly did enjoy those magnificent photos and writing! Ah… so happy for you and your contribution to the magazine… congratulations!! 😉 😃 Keep up the wonderful posts and lovely writing! ❤ ⚘

  2. Life seems to roll along at a different pace, I have tasted the delights of Middle Earth and am hooked. Can’t wait to return one day, perhaps a little bit north of where I was before. These are beautiful photos, Julie.

  3. I have also been a fan of the saying ‘chomp at the bit’, thou I am much less likely to do it myself, preferring instead to be led! Lovely photos of the fall. Did you finally get out of your rubber boots and stomp on those grapes? Wonderful photos of the beach and the reflection. Love those silver waves. The Cosmo is showing the signs of fall and the upcoming winter. Perfect leading photo. The chicken feet brought back memories. I checked out the Ponsonby News. It is a wonderful publication and they are lucky to have you as a columnist. Take care. Bob

    • Oh Bob, thank you for checking out Ponsonby News .. aren’t you wonderful! I do love that expression ‘chomping at the bit’ .. an old favourite of mine. Glad you like the photos too – I really appreciate your comments. No we didn’t get into the rubber boots LOL Yes winter is on the way, it has suddenly got cold at night and in the mornings. Sigh …

  4. Hi to you both. Well Julie what great shots. Just makes me wish I was back . Glad you’ve got the bug of preserving. Just wish I bought more home with me. Well can’t say summer is on it’s way yet. Weather turned a bit cold and ☔️ yesterday. You will have to clip Jacks wings , or he will be off to see Vickies birds! It’s getting nearer to your visit. Looking forward to seeing you both. Happy sparrow hunting. Love ❤️ to you both. Bill.

    • Hey Bill … oh I had a laugh ‘happy sparrow hunting’! It was the doves that were the industrious ones .. LOL Yes I do have the preserving bug I think – love the new labels and now knowing what they are 😉 You won’t believe this, but we trimmed Jack’s wings – made no difference, he still thinks he is an aeroplane! Really looking forward to the pending trip. Hugs and love back at you

  5. Julie, these are stunning photos. I especially love the first shot. Your gate-walking rooster is wonderful! Question: What kind of chicken is that fellow with the black & white markings? It looks like the ones my sister just bought – four little chicks that will grow into – dang! I can’t remember the name. But she sent me a photo of what they’ll look like when fully grown. I’m thinking it’s the same breed.

    Why were the birds able to get through your netting? Gaps in the cover or they just found a way to the bootie? Curses! Foiled again, eh?

    Your beach shots are to die for. Lucky you!! To live so close to such loveliness! 🙂

    • Hey Julie … wow what a great comment. OK that is a silver laced Wyandotte and she is very flighty. Poor girl is at the bottom of the pecking order. The birds were smarter than I thought (doves) and while I the bed was netted with pots underneath elevating this, they used their weight to pull the netting down and enjoy breakfast. LOL I have bought more seed today and will change the netting and get smarter! Let you know how I go .. So pleased that you enjoyed the pics. It sure is lovely living near the beach .. literally off for a walk there now. 😀

      • That’s the one! The Wyandotte – gorgeous, gorgeous. Theresa said this chicken thing has become addictive and that’s she has wanted one of these chickens for awhile now. She purchased four of them (couldn’t buy fewer than that apparently) and hopes to sell two of them once they’re raised. She’s provided us with a couple dozen of eggs and they are pretty tasty!

        Good luck with the netting. Smart birds — using their body weight to pull the netting down. Ingenious!!

        Having trouble falling asleep so thought I’d check my blog. Probably not the smartest idea as I’ll probably just get even more stimulated and lay there tossing and turning for another hour or so! Anyway, I was thrilled to see you show up in my Reader. Enjoy your walk. SO jealous!!!

  6. What a nice start to the day viewing your lovely photos. Such a good feel factor. Makes you want to be there.

  7. Beautiful photos Julie. I especially love the one of the little lane with all the autumnal leaves on it. Oh, and the reflection on the beach; I’m a sucker for reflections. So gorgeous. Also the critters! Love them all. What handsome fellows. Every time I see your posts it makes me try to re-imagine my life with more land…the only problem being that I’m always away…lol. Better stay right here on my manageable little city plot. 🙁 Because the truth is that I can’t wait to be in Europe again, and there’s no denying that that’s the way I am. At least I have a great chance of meeting you this year!

    • Hey V .. that’s our driveway and I really like that pic too. There is something special about leaves in Autumn – well, until you have to sweep them up that is! I’m a sucker for reflections too. Oh you don’t need more land (although you would do brilliantly on a lifestyle block) .. you are way too busy for that. And yes, you wouldn’t be able to travel so much. Speaking of that .. can’t wait to see you. Yay!

  8. Surreal that Autumn once again has come your way when we are just heading into Spring here. A very wet Spring I may add. Rain. More rain. Chill. More chill. It’s been very challenging to continue opening my gardens this year and yes am so far behind. This weather is not permitting me to get out. *sighs* Love your stories you tell here, Julie, and your pictures make me sigh out loud. Such softness and peace I feel in each one. Each one is just so gorgeous! Thank you for this beautiful post. I forgot for a few moments that it is rainy, windy and very chilly here (again). Much Love, Amy 💞

    • Hey Amy .. our spring last year was very wet too! And today is raining here in Akl and it is cold … winter is knocking on the door. I’m so pleased that you enjoy my pics and post Amy .. As always, love your visits! 😀

      • Julie, it’s been so chilly here and OH so wet. Now they are saying the S word as in snow. OMG! When will it warm up? I have two beauties to put in the ground and the one I must must must get in cause I forgot to water it and most of the flowers fell off. Darn it! Buggers! But with my TLC I can save this Beauty! Much Love to you! <3

  9. I always, always love a walk in your world. Now I’m heading over to Ponsonby News to see about a subscription, so I can support you, and them!

    • Hey Linda … oh you are lovely heading over to Ponsonby News. It is a free mag, but you can view it on line. Thank you so much for your support… you are a treasure! I love being able to share our slice of heaven with you! 😀

  10. The photos are beautiful, Julie, and I always enjoy a tour through your world! We are in mid spring up here now, although I know the spring and summer seasons will pass quickly enough and we will be in autumn before we know it.

    • Hello Lavinia .. and thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed your tour. The seasons sure do pass quickly – our autumn has suddenly got very cold. Winter sure is knocking on the door. Thanks for visiting 😀

  11. I always start crying when I read your post and look at your awesome images, Julie. I think it is time for a 3rd visit of NZ. Definitely not this year but may be next year. Thanks for your post and for boosting my memory flashes of NZ. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Oh Rienhold .. you are wonderful! And if you ever get here again, you know you MUST come and see me! I would just love that … Glad to be able to refresh your memory of my favourite place .. NZ 😀

  12. As much as I know that the seasons are reversed from one hemisphere to another, it still strikes me as strange to see a post from May 2 with a title that mentions autumn. The high temperature in Austin yesterday was 35°C.

    • Hello Steve … I know I find it strange too, hearing people talk about spring flowers, temps and sowing seeds for the summer garden. Autumn has suddenly got cold … winter is nearly with us. Take care .. and lovely to see you here

  13. hi julie and your photos,again,especially the loddon vale and winery !! little warmer now ,at ,last.! sounds like you may be visiting soon ,the wine over here isnt as good as yours ! best wishes ,martin ,esther and callum,croxley green.

    • Hey Martin .. great to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the pics! Those vineyards are special places, especially at harvest time and in the sun. I think Bill mentioned it was getting warmer at last .. Yes we will be with you soon. Fab to catch up again …

      • Hi Julie ,yes caught up with bill last night in the pub ,he did say you were visiting in summer ,he’ll keep me posted ,would be great to see you both

  14. Wow!! Breathtaking! Love seeing Jack high-stepping along the gate. Now there is happiness! And check out those sav blanc vines! Looks like the leaves go right to the ground. Do they? No wonder you are chirping. 😁 you live in a piece of paradise, you have an eye to appreciate it and the gift to share it. Thanks! Your posts always lift me up!

    • Hey Janet .. I laughed when I saw Jack on top of the gate .. high-stepping. I think he was showing off. And at last he has started crowing. Time to man up a bit! LOL . I think we live in a piece of paradise too! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment .. it’s great to know that my posts lift you up!

  15. Dear Julie, photographs are so beautiful. I can see, you are ready for winter now. I hope and wish you all to have a nice winter season. We are now in the village home and today the temperature is higher than normal. Summer seems will be more. But our garden is terrible… no one took care of them this year. You know we live in the city during autumn and winter days. But the gardeners didn’t look well this year. We are sad for this. Everything will be started from the first step again…
    I wished the distance not to be so far between NZ and Turkey, I wished because I would be so happy to travel and to visit you. I loved reading all your sharing with us, you are amazing. Thank you, Have a nice day, Love, nia

    • Hey Nia … thank you! So nice to see you at Frog Pond. We are heading into winter .. there is a chill in the air in the mornings and in the early evening. So sorry to hear about your garden .. that would be so upsetting. I’m sure you will have it looking beautiful in no time. Best of luck! Yes I wish there wasn’t such a great distance between us .. it would be lovely to meet you 😀 Have a lovely day Nia

  16. There’s never a dull moment in the city, either, but I’d rather have a couple of your never dull moments rather than my own. Ah, the grass is always greener. 🙂

  17. Dear Julie, your photos are always so evocative and beautiful. Methinks that your camera captured Jack the rooster beautifully. We may be having similar weather — it’s been drizzly here too, but the gardens seem to love it. One of our best Springs for spring bulbs, green grass, etc.

    • Hey Cynthia oh thank you so much I’m so pleased you enjoy my pics and sorry for this late reply. Jack is really strutting his stuff now and has started crowing 🙂 Winter is now with us – I can only imagine we are in store for plenty of wet weather. Mind you, today is divine!

  18. Lovely to catch up with your news and the views. And those birds seemed to like chomping at the generous bits you left for them. The blackbirds are enjoying our overgrown cherry tree at present as we move from spring to much warmer weather.

    • Hello so nice to see you here! Yes those birds were very happy with the seed that I kept sowing … bet they couldn’t believe their luck! How lovely moving from spring to warmer weather. We are heading into winter well and truly – but today is quite lovely!

  19. I usually remember to don the gloves AFTER I’ve pulled a handful of weeds! Enjoyed seeing your lovely photos and glad you are all set for winter.

    • Why do we do that? I’m forever out and about without my gloves (no wonder my hands and nails look woeful) .. 🙂 So pleased that you enjoyed the pics and as we zoom into winter …

  20. A lovely jumble indeed. It must be nice to have a larder that is full, the grapes harvested and a little time left to enjoy your beautiful autumn. 🙂

    • Hey Miss … thank you! It is so nice to have a full larder .. I have a couple of lemon trees which are loaded with lemons – so looks much like I’ll be preserving them very soon 🙂 Autumn is leaving us as we head full onto into winter. But today is just divine … 🙂

  21. Chomping at the bit? you must have strong teeth 🙂 . Being form South Africa we have the seasons (and Sauvignon Blanc) in common. Your first photo of the vineyards is my favourite.

  22. I didn’t realize that I’ve been gone for such a long time, Julie, that I’ve missed this post but hell, this spring has been so busy. I always love to go for a walk with you and see the world through your eyes. My favourite pic this time is the gate walking rooster – you should enter it for the Monochrome competition. Looking forward to seeing you soon, xx

    • Hello Annette .. I’m behind answering. Shame on me! Always wonderful to know that you stopped by, it’s super being able to share my world with you. Ah you have been busy haven’t you? Spring can be such a busy time. Glad you liked that pic of Jack .. such a handsome boy and crowing now too! So looking forward to seeing you .. hugs x

  23. It’s only right that you get featured in a publication. Your blog is very interesting which means you are interesting. And of course, your images are just incredible.

  24. If your photos were desserts I would feel like a kid with free pass into a cake shop 😛 I laughed with the part of the “industrious birds” not for what they did to the net (of course not) but the word, makes me recall some times when some creatures seem to do things in such a way just to boycott us. xD With the quality and care you share with us I bet the magazine with your article was absolutely a wonderful one. I recall so much what you photographed with occasion of a vineyard. : )))

    • Hey Francis .. lovely to hear from you. I miss your blog and your world. Yes you are so right – industrious is such a great word for these birds. Clever little guys determined to eat the seed. Thank you for your comment Francis 😀

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