Misty Mornings

I haven’t done a post in such a long time .. does it matter? Well not really I guess.

The question is, are you good people still out there waiting for more news from Frog Pond Farm?

Autumn has abruptly become winter .. it’s funny how one season disappears into another. Swallowed up. Nature is good at doing that isn’t it?

I planted my garlic a few weeks back. I know, I know I said I wouldn’t plant it this year especially after rust devastated my crop last year .. in fact, it still makes my eyes moist thinking about it. Anyway, truth is, I couldn’t help myself, I’m a gardener and I love home grown garlic. So yours truly prepped a bed with loads of organic matter, composted horse poo and seaweed pellets then lovingly poked about 50 Kakanui and Southern softneck garlic (two heirloom varieties) into the dirt. Green shafts have shoved aside the soil already and are skyward bound. Perfect, so far so good.

We have fennel, lettuces and beetroot that are ready to eat. I have an array of herbs that are doing famously including coriander which is notorious at bolting. There is basil that is basically dead, sage which absolutely isn’t, brassicas sharing their space with pesky nasturtium and a lupin cover crop that is slowly but surely growing.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the fruit tree pruning at Frog Pond hasn’t been completed. I still haven’t touched the casimiroa or fig trees, there are feijoas in dire need of a haircut as they have been planted way to close to a lemon tree and are smothering it (I wonder who did that Andrew B?), and a couple of peach trees that have been missed completely. Oh dear they are so unruly.

I need some sunny days with a light breeze and I’ll be out with my sterilised secateurs, I shall be wearing my gloves and a smile .. pruning is a favourite pastime.

Sorry I’m devoid of garden shots, but I have loads of our local beach – funny about that!

Happy gardening

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  1. Hi Julie.
    Well will I be able to use the said garlic! Never mind Faro do a very good line in garlic! Anyway photos up to usual standard in fact very good. The feigous might also be down to me as I used to water them many years ago with a very long hose from the house. It’s only about three weeks before you arrive. The weather at the moment is very hot. Hope it stays that way for your visit. Looking forward to seeing you. Lots of love to you both. Bill.

    • Ah Mr Bonner … still surprised that I planted the garlic, I just couldn’t help myself. Rest assured, you won’t be allowed to use any! LOL Not long to go and we will be enjoying some warmer weather (yay) … Looking forward to annoying you! 😀

      • By the way I’ve been pruning the brambles and saving the cuttings for your bed!

  2. Wonderful post . . . and long overdue! 🙂 Looks like you are settling into the start of winter. Your pictures capture the season and mood perfectly. I have been in the city to welcome my new Granddaughter Scarlett. She was born yesterday and is absolutely perfect! Always enjoy reading your posts! Take care. Bob PS While pruning your trees I would recommend wearing more than just gloves and a smile . . . it is winter after all!

  3. I just LOVE where you live! Your world is so full of rich earth, lusty vibrant green and misty hues of gray…not to mention that BEACH!!! Your winter’s are our springs. I could handle living there!

  4. Beautiful photos as usual Jules, keep up the good work, love hearing all about your patch of paradise xx

    • Hey Mr Draco … today the sun is shining bright and everything looks amazing. Busting to get outdoors … You must head up to the north island next visit 🙂 Always busy. Heading off on holiday soon though. And I can’t wait!

  5. The misty shots are great. We are getting heaps of fog this year which is nice, of course I haven’t been out to photograph it at all, but still nice to see. Good luck with your garlic.

    • Hey Leanne … so nice to see you at Frog Pond. We have had loads of mist too .. I love the way it shrouds the land and the animals. Magic! I have my fingers crossed with the garlic too. I must be bonkers planting it again after last years crop 😀

  6. Missed your posts Ms Frog Pond!🐸 Love hearing about your days on your beautiful whenua and always enjoy your gorgeous photo’s!

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! Julie. I am so impressed. You have posted a spectacular and fantastic set of photos. They are simply wonderful with superb compositions, perfect lighting and engaging content. Your photographic sensibility is phenomenal.

  8. We all did notice your absence from bloglandia. Have you been busy on the grape harvest Julie? Lovely photos as usual – my fave this time is that misty horse shot, juts like a painting. Fingers crossed about this year’s garlic. Mine is also shooting up- might have time to shove a few more cloves in. Happy gardening Miss.

    • Hello Francesca .. I’ve been bad haven’t I? Been too busy doing work stuff. Nearly time to stop and smell the roses. Just wish there was some in the garden LOL I really love that horse shot too – so does hubby. I have fingers and toes crossed for the garlic .. although I really think I’m nuts planting it again this year. Aren’t they wonderful when they shove the dirt aside? Coming over at Christmas .. will you be about? Happy gardening right back at you

      • Yes Julie, I will be about, recovering ( and gardening) after a 5 month trip. We are heading off in a few weeks. Mostly France and Italy. Let”s catch up then. xx

  9. Ah, I could never be a farmer but I’d love to have had a kitchen garden. Living in an apartment however means that I can only try to keep a few pots. You are lucky! (Ok I know it’s not a walk in the park to maintain all this). 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with potted plants 😃 I’m sure you could easily be a farmer! Trust me I used to be an account manager in advertising ..you can do anything! Couldn’t wait to sit ditch those heals .. thanks so much for stopping by!

      • I too quit practice to join another field and now am trying to enter into online writing as a career. It’s just that I have the un-greenest thumb you could think of! 😀

  10. You do have a lot to maintain, hope you have some nice weather to get it done. Enjoy your holiday! You have truly captured the essence of the season.

  11. Im the same Julie no blogging for awhile but always find the time to stop by an admire your lifestyle and garden. Spring will be here before we know it. I do love the stillness of winter but not the cold so much. Loving all the photo’s as always you have such a keen eye for a beautiful composition.

  12. What a stunning post, Julie. Always interesting news and the images are amazing. I have a favorite. The misty shot with horse and tree is so cool. Beautiful composition. Such a quite image. I like winter. We have a pretty dull summer over here. Green, green, green and rain, rain, rain… I am always fascinated of the area you live in. Smiles and Happy Days! Reinhold

  13. Dear Julie, of course I wish to see/to hear you more 🙂 I miss to read you, to hear the news from your lovely farm. The photographs are so beautiful, and seem that winter is going well… I love to plant something and to wait for their growing… should be amazing. But still I should learn more about gardening. Thank you dear Julie, t was great time for me to be here, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  14. Ah.. your photos are stunning and I too love your subjects and compositions..and always enjoy seeing/hearing what you’re up to at FPF 😀😀

  15. Hello my dear, how absolutely lovely to see what’s going on down there. Your misty photos are fabulous, especially the horses. It’s good to see a seagull eating what looks like something it should eat, over here they just raid bins and there are almost as many in towns as at the sea 🙁
    It’s good to see you back again and thanks for all your lovely visits to me, I do appreciate it even though I rarely get time to respond. Have a great week Julie 🙂

    • Hello lovely Gilly … so nice to hear from you. I too love the pic of the horses. And as for that gull, he was loving the dead fish! Much more his kind of tucker. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it’s good to be back. Have a wonderful week Miss!

  16. Stunning, stunning!!! I was just thinking about you the other day, how our seasons are opposite each other’s. Some fabulous photography here Julie and while I struggled to understand (and often, to pronounce!) some of what you’ve described here for us, I enjoyed your post nonetheless! 🙂

  17. Julie, the ambience of your photos is intoxicating, so soft and so lovely. How I enjoyed scrolling through each image giving me glimpses of a world so far away from me. Exceptional shots, dear friend, and all the very best with your garlic. I honestly don’t know how you keep up with all you have because I know the gardens that I do have keep me ever busy. Happy weekend! 🌼💞

    • Hi Amy .. thank you so much! Your comments are always so appreciated 😀 I have my fingers firmly crossed and check that garlic regularly! Love my garden … hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  18. I really thought I had commented on this post but only see a “like”. And while a “like” is nice, it doesn’t really express anything much more than…, well…, niceness. An overall likability. And the photos of your farm and the countryside go way beyond nice. That fog rolling in- or burning off, the horses milling around, all are just magical! Beautiful.

  19. And to think that you’ve escaped winter and are roasting in beautiful Najac right now! Love your pictures as always and can’t wait to see your holiday pics which you’ll hopefully share with us. Keep cool and until tomorrow xx

  20. I know it couldn’t be done but something about fogs that makes me want to wrap myself with it. 😀 Always beautiful and easy on the eyes pictures.

    • I’m with you! There is something about fog … We were driving to the beach only yesterday and the valley had a layer of fog and the sun was streaming – it was one of those classic shots, except that I had left my camera at home! Typical. 🙂 Great to see you here!

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