Misty Mornings

I haven’t done a post in such a long time .. does it matter? Well not really I guess.

The question is, are you good people still out there waiting for more news from Frog Pond Farm?

Autumn has abruptly become winter .. it’s funny how one season disappears into another. Swallowed up. Nature is good at doing that isn’t it?

I planted my garlic a few weeks back. I know, I know I said I wouldn’t plant it this year especially after rust devastated my crop last year .. in fact, it still makes my eyes moist thinking about it. Anyway, truth is, I couldn’t help myself, I’m a gardener and I love home grown garlic. So yours truly prepped a bed with loads of organic matter, composted horse poo and seaweed pellets then lovingly poked about 50 Kakanui and Southern softneck garlic (two heirloom varieties) into the dirt. Green shafts have shoved aside the soil already and are skyward bound. Perfect, so far so good.

We have fennel, lettuces and beetroot that are ready to eat. I have an array of herbs that are doing famously including coriander which is notorious at bolting. There is basil that is basically dead, sage which absolutely isn’t, brassicas sharing their space with pesky nasturtium and a lupin cover crop that is slowly but surely growing.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the fruit tree pruning at Frog Pond hasn’t been completed. I still haven’t touched the casimiroa or fig trees, there are feijoas in dire need of a haircut as they have been planted way to close to a lemon tree and are smothering it (I wonder who did that Andrew B?), and a couple of peach trees that have been missed completely. Oh dear they are so unruly.

I need some sunny days with a light breeze and I’ll be out with my sterilised secateurs, I shall be wearing my gloves and a smile .. pruning is a favourite pastime.

Sorry I’m devoid of garden shots, but I have loads of our local beach – funny about that!

Happy gardening

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  1. I always miss you, Julie. So I always will come, although to me still is a bit tough to come u_u. Instead I am always afraid to seem to say the same comments because really your photographs are wonderful and your chronicle very enjoyable. Happy your gardener spirit blossomed. n_n

    • I miss you also Francis … I just loved your blog and your photography. So many bloggers have gone, which I find so sad. I guess one day I’ll put down the pen too. Trust me, you don’t say the same thing – just to know that you have stopped by is wonderful!

      • I would love to write again, there is things to show and tell but still I am afraid the burglary made a big change in my life that I had to take distance of many things. Certainly more than gone I was taken away xD One day you will put down the pen but I know that day will be because there is another project that would mean a happy new phase for you (a new way of publishing, a journalist enterprise, a kind garden not seen before, to write perhaps one book, or just simple what heart leads you to follow), and then I will support you too. ^_^

      • Francis .. I believe that you will write again and my friend I’m sure you will. I live in hope 😃 Thank you so much for your support .. I shed a tear when I read your comment.

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