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Let’s get back to the Mediterranean …

sea view Crete

Greeks love their garlic which they add to most savoury dishes. I have eaten some of the best tzatziki I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, used crusty bread to mop up Greek olive oil which had been poured lovingly onto a side plate, shared oven baked lemon and lamb with spuds, sliced through chunks of octopus and munched on a garden fresh Greek salad. Most meals are ended with water melon and raki the latter being a strong spirit made from grapes.  An obvious disadvantage of travel is weight gain!

Greece is renown for its cats and as I’m a feline fan, I have no qualms about sharing my meal with these four-legged furries who always appear unannounced in cafés and tavernas.

Crete also has several archaeological sites.  One of these is the ancient city of Aptera which was founded in the 8th Century BC and is perched on a hillside with commanding views of Souda Bay. 

Restored Monastery of St John the Theologian 

Church of St John

You will see the restored Monastery of St John the Theologian erected by the 12th Century AD and used up until 1964. Not far from here are Roman cisterns which supplied water to the public and private baths of that time.

Roman cisterns

Ancient city of Aptera

Roman bathhouse

There are also ruins of a Roman amphitheatre and a Roman villa which would have been the ‘best house in town’ in its day, but now the columns from this building are sprawled on the ground. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in the 7th Century AD.

Roman amphitheatre

Columns from the Roman villa

Grasshopper visitor also enjoying the ruins …

Church of the Five Holy Virgins – Ancient city of Lappa

Roy and Ruth, we can’t thank you enough for making our stay in Crete such a special one!

It’s time to depart … France is next on the travel itinerary

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  1. Hi Julie loverly shots of Greek ruins. Takes me back to when Joyce and I used to visit Greece probably twice a year. Yes the food is basic but very tasty especially in the sun. All for now love to you both. Bill xxxx

  2. Some people have all the luck. A beautiful land full of history with much to explore. And mouth-watering food. Your first paragraph has me searching for a Greek restaurant for dinner. What a wonderful holiday destination.

    Lovely photography, Julie, but some guy in a straw hat keeps photobombing you. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Julie, you know I’m getting hungry reading this! And it’s not only travelling that makes you gain weight but life in France, so it may be better to choose a home in a place with horrible food and no tempting markets, haha. Beautiful images, always a pleasure. Isn’t it crazy what the Romans have been up to in those days and now Italy is on its knees. Love to you both, look forward to the next rantings, xx

    • Hello Annette … ah nothing like travel and food! Yes the Romans were amazing weren’t they? So pleased that you enjoyed the images – there is often a dearth of pics of people, which I always regret. Next up France! Lots of love to you both too … more rantings coming soon 😀

  4. Thank you, Julie, for making me feel so totally envious. It’s a feeling I have missed these last few years thinking I was content with my life- even though I live in Las Vegas! Truth is, I’ve always wanted to travel, maybe even live in, Greece. So I see France is next on your travel itinerary. At the moment I’ll still take Greece. But feel free to try to change my mind.

  5. Julie & Andy thank you for visiting us and the pleasure of your good company, so glade you enjoyed Crete which has so much more to enjoy if you have the time, which is why we live here !

  6. The experiences you have on your holidays are perfect ~ from the grand (what a cool monastery and history) to the small (I love the shot of the insects). The photos and writing feels like I am there, walking during the time when it was at its height of glory 🙂

  7. Hi Julie and Andrew, looks like you had a great visit to Europe, we love your photos , so much history in Greece, I take all my photos on my I phone, ideal , the grasshopper is so clear . We’re looking forward to some nice weather as well once we arrive in Brisbane at Christmas , Callum is there now and says his winter is nicer than our British summer 😎 Best wishes to you both Martin and Esther , Croxley green

    • It sure was a great trip Martin, so pleased you like the pics. Greece sure is steeped in history … and Crete was a wonderful place to escape the winter doldrums. I’m a great fan of the iPhone especially when we were walking through gorges 🙂 Nice to hear that you will be going to Brisbane for Xmas – the weather will be wonderful. Best wishes to you and Esther.

  8. The contrasts in the picture of the fallen columns with the flowers in the foreground fascinate me – history vs present; prickly vs smooth; solid vs ethereal – and the colours are lovely.

  9. Even before I got to the last sentence in your first paragraph I thought about the calorie count.

    I like the way you played off the thorny plant in the foreground against the broken, fallen columns in the background.

    I did a search for pictures of insects on Crete but didn’t turn up your strange “grasshopper”.

    • Hmm, the calorie count was fairly high! My Uncle did the research for me .. it is a Acrida ungarica. To be honest, I had no idea what it was, but he kindly told me. Glad you liked that pic Steve … one of my favs.

  10. Beautiful photos. I think you were having a better time there than I was in Croatia 😂. I see what I missed out on not going there. What a lovely place to visit. ❤️

  11. I enjoyed the tour, Julie! These are beautiful photos of Greece! Love the visiting kitty looking for a meal. He or she looks like they have seen a lot of fighting with that tattered ear.

    • Hi Lavinia .. so pleased you enjoyed the tour. Crete is a lovely place .. The kitty was just so very sweet, I could have taken her home. I believe the torn ear represents that they have been desexed .. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. What an unusual grasshopper! Love the old stonework, sad to see so much of it destroyed. Poor kitties! How nice of you to share your calories! 😉 I need to mindful of that (calories)–we have vacation coming up soon.

  13. Poor and nice cat *x*, certainly I would give it food as well . In Peru tourists refer to the weight gaining after try the food as the Peruvian tummy xD I loved so much the intensity of the light, one would say winter has been banned of Crete. : )

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