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I could never be a travel blogger .. my posting skills are appalling. We have been back home for 6 weeks and I still haven’t got you to the UK  … here goes

With only a handful of days of our holiday remaining, we left France via planes, trains and automobiles to get us to our final destination, Broadstairs in Kent.

Hubby’s sister Joe and her family live in Broadstairs a quaint seaside town on the south-east coast. Bill (hubby’s Dad) had driven the arduous journey from Watford (I won’t mention his driving), to spend the last few days with us.

Joe, hubby and Bill – iPhone

A house bursting with people and days planned with shopping events, BBQs, walks on the beach with the dogs, family dinners, and chicky things like ‘facials’, Broadstairs kept us busy .. it always does 🙂

Morellis seaside café

Do you have a wonderful sister-in-law? I can honestly boast that I do. She is about the only person that is happy to go clothes shopping with me, can colour my hair without staining my clothes and can happily cook for a horde of people without getting stressed or flustered – I’m the exact opposite! She is also mother to four boys, John, Elliott, Charlie and Ziggy – which she deserves a medal for.

You will know if you follow Frog Pond Farm, that I loathe taking pics of people.  With this in mind, I did take some shots at a special Saturday afternoon BBQ. There was food to feed a battalion, matched with some lovely wines, good friends and family. What more could you want … some sunshine LOL.

Great friends – Joe and Ross



Ziggy and Simon (Joe’s hubby)


Broadstairs has loads of charm and history. The famous Charles Dickens also enjoyed Broadstairs spending his summer holidays there residing at the Bleak House (and no I didn’t get any pics sorry).

Even on a cloudy day, Broadstairs is a photographer’s delight. And I love clouds.

We had the best holiday .. thanks so much to everyone that made it such a special one!

It’s time to head back to NZ, it’s springtime!

Hello Frog Pond Farm


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  1. You are a wonderful travel blogger. Travel doesn’t have to be blogged in realtime. Fantastic photos. The photos of Bill and Teddy are perfect — they look so much alike. That first photo is a great capture, and all the expressions of the people’s faces are just exceptional. You are a super photographer, Julie.

  2. Hi Julie once again superb photos. You certainly put Broadstairs on the map for folks around the world. Will be going down there this weekend. So M25 here I come! As I said great photos. Well high winds last night but sunny this morning.
    All for now love to you both. Bill xxxx

    • Thanks Julie glad you enjoyed the food which Jo Andrew and I served up to you. Joyce and I were determaind that they should be able to fend for themselves. Which as you know was a success. Jo Elliot Ros and I a few weeks ago had a 90 th birthday celebration for Simons Mum and there were twenty people there. So Joyce our persistence paid off. Continue to enjoy our cooking you also can cook. Lots of love Bill xxx

  3. Your sister-in-law sounds fab, how I wish I could say the same of mine! My favourite pic is the one of Andrew, Joe and their dad – it speaks for itself 🙂 Wonderful pics as usual, the gull, the clouds…I feel very privileged to have met you, Julie, you’re an inspiration. Enjoy your spring…we seem to have fallen straight into autumn without a warning. Off to Switzerland next week. Love xx

  4. Only recently got to know Broadstairs as some good friends of ours who we met in Portugal lived and have family there. Isn’t it just acquant and Victorian, trad seaside town. No wonder Dickens stayed there. Good to see some of the people in your life. I try to avoid but my daughter loved it when they were featured! Am glad you had a great time on our side of the world and caught up with family and friends.

  5. The best travel blog posts are those that take a little while to ferment, to enjoy the return home and to ponder and think about your travel adventures 🙂 At least that is how I explain it to myself! Wonderful post Julie, you’ve got a rich family and set of friends which just adds to the joys of traveling and adventures.

    • Hey Randall .. great to know that you stopped by 🙂 I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the post. I do have wonderful family and friends that add to the joys of traveling. Looking forward to your next post …

  6. Hi Julie great photos of the family and a good place to wind down after a full and hectic trip, and you still have your own summer to look forward to.

  7. Well can I say Julie I miss you and I wish I lived round the corner ! as you happen to be the best sister in law ever !! Broadstairs was blessed you came and loved your travel blog. As I love all your blogs !! TrueType one of lives special people as is my brother xxxx

  8. Beautiful shots. Makes me want to visit one day. And I want to look like Bill when I grow up. What a distinctive looking fellow. And happy! That first shot, the painting on the beach shed, or whatever you call it, is my favorite type of painting. Vintage anything, I like!

  9. I’m with Dalo – don’t worry, it takes time sometimes, and what a great group of photos, it totally conveys all the fun. Bill is quite photogenic! Thanks for the follow, now I’ll go and have a look around…

  10. Dear Julie, beautiful photographs and you are not justice to yourself. You are a wonderful travel blogger. How beautiful family you all seem so nice. By the way we know Bill, I think we met in your past posts, he visited you, does my mind make a mistake? Thank you dear Julie, I am glad to know that you did this travel and came back in safe. Have a nice autumn days, Love, nia

    • Hey Nic thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed the pics. You do know Bill indeed. 🙂 He always visits us each year. It was super nice being able to visit him and family for a change. Ah, we are heading into spring now Nia, I’m just waiting for the weather to improve. Take care …

  11. What a special time you had 🙂 the love shines out in your photos. Is Bill the one that comes and makes your jams and chutneys? I wish we were going into spring instead of autumn, but I’ll have to enjoy it through your eyes!

    • Hi Gilly .. we did have a special time. And yes, Bill is that wonderful person that ventures over from the UK to make those jams and chutneys. How lucky am I! I’m pleased we are heading into spring, I’m just waiting for the good weather 🙂

  12. Just LOVED to see your family, Julie. What a loving, warm, open family you have! Know you are blessed! I too don’t like to take pictures of people either but I’ve been about to challenge myself to do so. Hey the pic of Charlie is a heartbreaker! That young man is going to break a lot of hearts if he hasn’t done so already! LOVE the pic of the seaside and the clouds. And here I am closing down my gardens while you are about to jump into another very busy season of growing. Thank you for sharing your imagines with us. I LOVED every one!!! 💝

    • Hello gorgeous Amy! I agree, Charlie is going to be a heartbreaker 🙂 I too love that pic of the seaside and clouds. I’m a cloud fan and just adore them. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. A very special family indeed. Always super to see you at Frog Pond Farm.

  13. I thought I was on a wrong blog. 😀
    Despite the unusual elements, the premise of your blog still remains – lovely anecdotes and incredible, professionalist-ic images.

  14. Lovely! I’m with you, Julie. Taking photos of people is not one of my photographic strengths – inanimate objects don’t tend to move! – although I am working on it (hubby and I just snapped my niece’s senior photos). I love your shot of Bill and Charlie and the boats along the shoreline. Nicely done!

    Oh. And I love me some clouds as well. 🙂

    • Hey Julie .. ha ha taking pics of people in public drives me nuts! I feel like such a sneak … Taking pics of people I know, is nearly as bad. Thank you so much .. glad you enjoyed the pics. Hard not to love those clouds isn’t it 😀

  15. Hello 😀 Julie, I ve just been reading through your holiday posts. What a wonderful time you had and oh wow, youve taken some gorgeous photos, including your family.
    The sights are gorgeous and your eye for a photo is perfect to my eye.
    Hope you are back home, rested and enjoying your spring garden now! 😀
    Would you believe its 3 deg here on the tablelands this morn? Crazy weather!

    • Hello lovely … how nice to hear from you. I have missed your visits! We did have a wonderful time, seems ages ago now .. like a dream (the weather was too .. ). Back home and working like nuts in the garden (between the showers 😀 ). 3 deg, eek! Big hugs your way.

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