Bill will love this!

I’m sitting here tapping away on the laptop gazing out the window. It is another gorgeous summer’s day, birds are chirping madly, butterflies are cartwheeling in the light breeze and I’m indoors feeling guilty. I should be out in the garden, but it’s hot and I have a post that I must do …

It is about this time of year, that hubby’s Dad Bill arrives from the UK for his summer sojourn, unfortunately he is unwell and won’t be joining us just yet.

For those that don’t know Bill, he …

  • is an amazing cook
  • makes the yummiest panna cotta AND will give you the recipe if you ask nicely
  • is renown for his salads
  • enjoys chilli as much as I do
  • makes a pav to ‘die for’
  • fills our larder with jars of our homegrown produce in the form of jams, jellies and chutneys
  • knows how much I loathe the wild turkeys in our orchard
  • is often the first person to leave a comment on my blog (Thank You :D)
  • sports a beard that makes him look much like Santa Claus (he also arrives bearing gifts)
  • refuses to drink coffee which means he doesn’t realise how delicious my Tiramisu really is
  • made me appreciate Campari and soda
  • can on the odd occasion be grumpy! LOL

I miss you loads Mr B … hurry up and get well!

And as usual in no particular order a mad jumble of pics and none of my garden, which by the way is just looking beautiful.

Made by ‘guess who’

Yes I was laying on the ground!

Every one has a favourite chook don’t they?

A pensive sheep moment

Fun at the beach

I have this thing about wood

Too pretty …

Muriwai beach our local

Happy New Year and happy gardening

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  1. beautiful photos Julie but of course the star of the post is Bill. What a shame he isn’t coming this year- I love your Bill posts. I wish him a speedy recovery. He is one perfect bloke- a great cook, handsome and I am sure, very good company. Looks like you’ll have to do your won preserves this year Julie!!!

    • Hey Francesca .. that handsome bloke is the star of the post and my kitchen. I suspect I might be in trouble preserving this summer .. daunting task!
      Thanks so much for the get well wishes 🙂

  2. Great post Julie. You’re absolutely spot on about Bill. A true Gentleman and a generous soul.
    Terrific photos again.
    Love the Tassie Bourkes

  3. Dear Julie, I hope and wish Bill get well soon and not a serious problem. He is special person even I can feel on your blogging and photographs. Photographs are so beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you dear Julie, Blessing and Happiness to you all. Love, nia

  4. So sorry to hear that Bill has had to delay his visit. Hope to see you all soon when he is able to travel. All our love, Alison & Marcus xx

  5. Sorry to hear Bill’s unwell, hope he’ll be better soon so that he can visit you in your little piece of heaven. I also sit at my desk looking out but it’s all grey and foggy. Longing for spring but that’s still way off. Lovely pics as always, unusual angles, great light and one happy flying dog! Again best wishes for the new year and always, love to you both, xx PS: Any travel plans for 2018?

    • Hi Annette thanks so much for your well wishes, I’m missing him … I can’t imagine grey and foggy as it is so hot and dry here. Glad you enjoyed the pics … Best wishes to you and George for the New Year! Not sure of plans for 2018 travel just yet – would be super to see you again .. Hugs

  6. Do hope Bill will be able to visit you before too long. Just looking at your beautiful photos is bound to cheer him up and give him an incentive to get well as fast as he can. 🙂 Happy beach days and happy gardening.

  7. Hi Julie
    Thank you for your lovely wishes. The photo sold and new.are just stunning. Your frog pond does.youjustice. Tthanksto all for those best wishes.ill do my best toget though this but I’m afraid it’s a long job.Julie will keep in touch.Much love 💖 Bill xxxx

    • Ah Bill … the comment I was waiting for! Wonderful to hear from you and not one word about my lack of garlic either! Fab 😀 Yes loads of well wishes … you hurry up and get well. Lots of love from me and the blogging world!!! Hugs xxx

    • Good morning Julie. Well yet another day here in the UK. Andrew said it was 30 yesterday in NZ. The day I should have arrived. Anyway though it’s winter time and cold outside It’s very warm here in hospital. Julie just though your blog thank all those people some off I know very well for their good wishes.. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to revisit that part of the world that I have come to call my second home. You really don’t know what problems. You cause folks when something like this happens. I know you went through it years ago..Andrew I know is keeping you informed. Darling all the world just loves your beautiful photos. I just keep getting praises . And thanks for passing them on. You should consider. Becoming the N Z ambassador!!!! Just love you lots and keep our food processing ongoing. Bill. X XXX

      • Hello Mr B … oh yes we have been having some hot temps! Andrew did say that it is rather cold in the UK .. but I’m super pleased that you aren’t feeling it. Thank you so much for comment on my photos Bill, and thanks too for being my best ambassador. I sure will thank all those wonderful friends and bloggers! And (ha ha) I’m going to freeze the plums and damsons just for you! Much love right back at you xxxx … Hurry up and get well

      • So the Kiwis are after our receipies Now you should register them. And then we can set up a local shop on the cross won’t be long coming in time when it can bee unmanned. Julie experiment making smoothies with that blender. I’m sure if you got the right seal they would be winter fuel! After all you have the vacuum machine. You will perceive making that all elusive plumsauce! Your own pasata! Apart from tending to all the other chores. This will fill your days. Darling thanks for letting me have time with Andrew. He and Jo are working so hard. What I’ve got to do now is get mobile again. Then when that happens. And I can walk around I will be able to take care of myself. And cook lunch etc for me while they are out. Can’t wait All for now love to one and all but especially to youXXXX

  8. Wonderful photos, Julie, and all the best too for 2018! Hope for a good recovery for Bill and to get well soon! Thanks for sharing… enjoy your gardening and lovely Summer!! 😃 🌅

  9. Were to start, Julie. So many wonderful images. The image of the cake is awesome. As the cake must be. We had one on our second trip to NZ. Great stuff! I always “saw” you located at the south island. But you seem to live in the Auckland region. We loved Auckland and we still have connections to the B&B owners in Auckland where we stayed in 2007. A very interesting and cool post. As usual. And I see you are still working on the “animal photographer of the year” award. Smiles and happy days. Reinhold

    • Hi Reinhold .. happy days to you! Me an animal photographer … you think! Ow, I take that as a compliment. Thank you. Yes that pav dessert was amazing, but not surprising as Bill is the best cook ever. I’m yet to make one! LOL .. Glad you liked Auckland – it has got seriously busy in the last few years. In saying that, we are so lucky living on some acreage and near the beach. Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits!

    • You went swimming on that stormy day? Go girl! I sat indoors and watched as the wind tore into my veg garden .. I was sure I was going to lose the bean trellis! Loved the rain that came with it though. Summer is back – hot and dry and we need more rain already. A gorgeous day to you too Miss, I hope you are enjoying your holiday.

  10. What a stunning beautiful world you live in! I always love your photos…they transport me right there with you. I hope Bill gets to feeling better and can wing is way to you soon!

  11. Enchanting photos as always – you live in a beautiful part of the world! The photo of the two sheep wondering what on earth you are up to is delightful…although they don’t seem too surprised by your antics 😊. Best wishes to Bill – we all love to hear about his visits and hopefully he’ll have another one soon!

    • Hello – I always enjoy your visits. It is a special part of the world, but I am a tad biased :). I have to say the sheep were wondering what I was up to .. LOL Thank you so much for your well wishes … I have to say I love talking about his visits and all the super things he does when he is here. What a guy!!

  12. Hi Jules, beautiful pics as always, love the look of that pav! Best wishes to Bill for a speedy recovery. What a warm person you are Jules, always the same x

  13. Hi julie and Andrew ,sorry to hear Bill is unwell at this time and to get well soon.
    Beautiful photos of summer time again,animals and all,me and Esther head back to Croxley green tomorrow ,Thursday ,having had a great catch up with Callum on the Gold Coast .
    Best wishes to all
    Martin and Esther

    • Hey Martin .. always good to hear from you. I’m pleased that you have had a great time on the Gold Coast. Hope you are ready for the cold! Thanks for those get well wishes, I’m sure Bill will read this … 😀 Cheers Martin

  14. Julie and Andrew, we are so glad he is recovering when he comes here we MUST Come over and see him Lol Ilona and David XX

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  15. Bill sounds like a great guy, who keeps you well fed. That pavlova looks like a meal unto itself!!!
    Great photos as usual, Julie. Some great backgrounds/scenery as well. Have you decided where you want to be photographed? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We’ve just had a weekend into the mid 40s Celsius here. Didn’t leave the house. 🙂

    • Hello Mr Draco. Bill is a great guy, you can’t imagine the feasts he has prepared! Wish I was that good a cook … Now that pav was something else, enjoyed it one New Years Eve with a glass of bubbles! Pleased you liked the photos, I always enjoy your feedback. I hear it’s been super hot in Sydney, 47 in Penrith. Wow .. Hmm .. photo destination, Iceland? LOL

    • Hi Jane .. I can only imagine how difficult that gardening would be! Mind you, we are having a super dry summer in Auckland – in dire need of some rain. I’m pleased you enjoyed the pics – how beautiful is NZ 😀

  16. Did you grow all that fruit? I love your chook and all the other beasties, Hope Bill is ready to travel south soon. He has such a lovely warm face. Happy New Year lovely lady!

  17. Get well soon Bill. Julie words and pictures have painted a beautiful portrait of the much loved gentleman I know. I hope our paths cross again in NZ soon.
    John Haugh

  18. Hi Julie! So sorry to hear Bill is feeling unwell and will be delaying his visit to Frog Pond. I will miss your reports of his cooking and preserving. I have great respect for anyone who can make a good jam (and also get out of one if needed). Please pass along my well wishes. Very fine photos as usual. It looks beautiful in your neck of the woods. Really liked the sheepish perspective and the moon over the treed ridge. Wishing you and Andrew and all the critters at Frog Pond a Happy New Year from the Canadian Rockies! Take care. Bob

    • Hey Bob … fabulous to hear from you! Thanks for those well wishes, I sure will pass them on. I’m going to miss those reports as well … Glad you enjoyed the pics, we are having a summer like no other. I really like the moon pic too. Wish you and Lisa a very Happy New Year. 😀 Miss your blog Bob

    • It is hard to believe isn’t it! I agree, there is something about guys with white beards 🙂 Most people keep off the dunes (I sure do), but there are always those that just can’t help themselves!

  19. If Bill can’t be with the two of you right now, I’m certain he enjoyed at least seeing your lovely photos. Hopefully he is better soon and will be able to make the journey.

  20. I could just hug that hen!! But I have a question … aren’t almost all sheep moments pensive ones? 😉 They just seem pensive, by nature. I think. But I don’t have sheep, so I don’t really know. However! I LOVE their pics! Great silhouettes in the sunset shot, too. Sorry to hear about Bill. Sending warmest wishes that he recovers quickly, changes his mind and deposits himself into your kitchen, pronto.

    • Hi Janet … I like to hug her too! I know we shouldn’t have favourites 😉 Ha ha, I think you are right, sheep do have loads of pensive moments! Your comment made me laugh. So pleased your loved their pics (I must go and tell them 🙂 ) .. Thank you so much for your get well wishes .. I miss him and so does our kitchen.

  21. Of course I recall the post you wrote about him, it is a person one could treasure as a friend, that is what I felt in your words, Julie. Absolutely love your moon among so beautiful photographs. Happy you are having a nice summer. n_n

    • What a lovely comment Francis … thank you. He sure is a special guy! I like that moon shot too .. the light was amazing that night! We sure are having a nice summer … no doubt about it! Great to see you at Frog Pond

  22. All the best to Bill & shame he can’t get away from our freezing weather. Lovely selection of pics – they give a real feel of your area in the summer.

      • Cheers – have relatives in Dunedin who are enjoying the sun, but said they’ve had odd days of rain. It’s really mixed here – sleet and snow due on odd days next week – cloudburst today so milder. More aware of it now were 200 miles further North!

  23. Get well soon, Bill! Where would we be without tales of the jams and jellies you make for the younger ones who are so lucky to have you? In a jam, I say! (Sorry, Bill, I’m really not very witty.)

  24. Wow, what a delightful wander through summer, in the midst of our winter – thank you! Here’s hoping Bill is on the mend very soon and joins you all for another summer full of treats and laughter. And here’s wishing you loads of creativity this year!

    • Hi, so pleased you enjoyed your summer wander! Bill is on the mend and I’m saving up treats and laughter for his next visit. Including frozen fruit for him to preserve 😀 Here’s wishing you loads of creativity too this year .. ! Thanks for stopping by

  25. What a wonderful getaway from the snowy, dreary day today in the US-love that picture of Dan and the ocean-and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr. Bill-and Hubble wants some chooks of his own (oh dear!)

  26. Your landscape pics are fabulous, Julie! The beach, the woods, the garden. Just LOVE your perspective and those clouds … wow! That plate of fruit had my mouth watering. LOL You must trust your livestock enough to be laying on the ground and not worried about being trampled. Brave girl! Absolutely just loved each and every picture, all giving me a renewed “OK, I can do this” attitude that I can and will get through the remainder of winter. I can actually “see” and “smell” signs of Spring! Oh YAY! Much Love! 💖

  27. Lovely pictures Juls as always…Wow! Much love and good wishes to Bill to get well soon and come back and join us Downunder .

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