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It seems that my posting prowess is resulting in one post per month, which is appalling, especially when there are those amazing bloggers who post daily. I wish!

Then there was my last post which was devoid of pics of the famous Mona Museum in Tassie which I visited with the lovely Lizzie (thank you). Or any pics of my handsome bearded hubby on holiday … Shameful of me don’t you think?

Lizzie at Mona Museum


We have been busy since we’ve been back. The weather has been very spring like – unsettled. But in saying that, we have had some glorious temperate days. Makes me smile and the bees buzz. Today out of interest, has been raining.

There is one thing about country living that leaves city life way behind. There is such a sense of community, neighbours surprisingly, talk to each other (LOL) and are happy to help others. Hubby as it happens, is often out and about helping neighbours; he’s that sort of bloke. He spent several weeks over winter helping a neighbour feed her cattle. This meant throwing on layers of clothing, whacking a tea in the thermal cup and heading off to Karen’s property down the road. Her acreage is hilly and thanks to the volumes of water over winter, the land was sodden, the wind at times wild.

Haylage smells sweet, but it’s much heavier than hay, bulky actually and in serious demand by those four-legged girls who were more than happy to steal it from the trailer. Something to do with the fact that they were eating for two.

Spring time .. 

I can’t help but laugh at my veg garden – it’s totally caught up in spring madness. There is veg that appears to be on steroids, copious weeds, self-seeded stuff that I enjoy like borage, calendula and forget-me-not. The broad beans are unbelievably unruly, I’ll blame the spring winds, the spuds which finally got poked in the dirt are showing greenery and I’ve also planted tomatoes and salad stuff.  The slugs and snails are alive and well in our space, there are some massive holes in my newly planted zinnias, ok leaves missing, which means those molluscs are in serious trouble! There are also an array of seedlings which are desperate to get in the dirt too … I keep promising them.

A visit from a neighbour

Our orchard is looking a treat, we are going to be busy preserving again this summer.  And I hear that Bill won’t be joining us again for his NZ yearly sojourn. Shame on him 😀

I hope you enjoy the jumble of pics. It’s great fun sharing them.

Thanks for the shot of us Mr Bourke – windswept on Bruny! 

Happy gardening

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    • Glad you enjoyed the ‘jumble of pics’ 🙂 Gorgeous spring day, time to get out in that garden. Thanks for stopping by …

  1. Always lovely to get your blog with the amazing photos however often. Usually arrive in the morning just as I start work so makes me smile and I pause with a coffee and enjoy – lots of love to you and Andrew

    • Hey Sue .. glad the blog gives you a smile! Loved your comment made me smile too! Lots of love right back at you 😀

  2. Fantastic photos. I really like the cow portrait and the visit from a life sized “My Little Pony”. The Mona looks like a wonderful place to visit. Fun! Fun! Fun! All the way around.

    • Hi Tim, thank you! I did note that a couple of those shots should have been binned, but never mind! LOL Glad you liked the pint sized pony – you should have seen his mane. You would love Mona – a must for you and Laurie if you ever get down under!

  3. We had some crazy weather last night.. Wind, thunder and lightening.. The rainy season has begun here in the pacific north west.. Glorious colors and for some reason I have been sneezing non stop. We are in the middle of preparing for change, and it’s taking all of my energy and not an ounce of creativity at this time… Take care lady!

    • Oh dear sounds like you had some terrible weather! I just adore the colours of autumn, my favourite season. Mind you, spring is pretty good too! LOL Lovely to hear from you Roberta

  4. Hi too you both. Great photos of Tassie and nice one of Lizzie . Well of to the house today, to pick a new kitchen. So some progress. The heating is well on the way. Just waiting for builders to start. Well as you are getting into spring so we are the other way round. It’s raining this morning. Sorry I won’t be coming over. Will be the first time for many years. But have got to be here while the house is restored. Anyway it gives you a chance to perfect your skills at preserving. All that fruit etc! And those fruit trees that Andrew planted a few years ago. Must be now producing ! Better stop now and get ready for my train journey. I much prefer driving! Lots of love and to you both. Bill. Xxx

    • Hello Mr B! Glad you liked the pics. Isn’t Lizzie gorgeous!!! So pleased to hear that there is progress with your house. Thought those builders had started … Hoping that they will be finished so you can be home for Christmas. It will be very strange not having you here, but don’t worry, I’ll freeze those damsons and crabapples for you (LOL). Yes some of those trees will be producing this year! More quince jelly …

      • Hi you will have to get another frezzer ! Well sorted the kitchen units out. Nothing fancy. All very plain white units black work tops. The heating will be finished today. But haven’t got a builder start day yet. Will get on the case today. Not sure it will be ready for Christmas. Anyway good gardening. Saw Martin yesterday (who built the wormery ) he sends his love. On that note love to you both. Bill. Xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing those really cool pics, Julie, I just love the way you see the world 🙂 Having said that I also love the one of you both taken by your friend! No need to be ashamed or to feel pressure. I’ve since learnt to take it easy and only blog when I feel like it. Your neighbours are very lucky to have you around. Hope Bill is doing well and it’s not his health that stops him from going to see you. Love to you both xx

    • Hello Miss .. .always enjoy seeing you at Frog Pond. Some of those pics should have been binned! Can’t believe I posted them .. LOL I relish the way I see the world too. I’m so very lucky to be able to enjoy it. I still beat myself up on my slack posting though. But you are right, blogging when you feel like it is the way to go. We have some fantastic neighbours … again, so very lucky. Bill is doing famously btw, thank you so much for asking. Lots of love right back at you both x

    • hello lovely Linda! Thank you … The Museum is quite amazing – so worth visiting! The garden is showing off at this time of year – I must get out there more with my camera 🙂 You should have seen the pony’s mane! I couldn’t believe my eyes when he appeared in our garden.

  6. wonderful post Julie…the light in your portraits are wonderful…and yes country living would be so different than urban life…I would love to try and live on the land…one day maybe…and the horse has a unicorn feeling…enjoy your time and your blog…your posts are rich and I love your narratives…thank you for sharing ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫❤️

    • Thanks dear Hedy … a couple of plcs slipped through the keeper, they should have been binned! LOL Country living is so different. I lived in the city for years, worked in advertising – I would have fainted if someone had said to me then that I would be living in the country and my fav shoes would be gumboots! Who knows Miss, maybe one day you just might give it a go. Many never do and consequently have no idea what they are missing! (or not ;)) . That horse from next door sure does have a unicorn feeling – I wonder if they nip too! LOL Glad you enjoy my blog, I always enjoy your visits. Big smiles back at you 😀

  7. Great Pics Jules. Everything looks amazing and you have developed an amazing eye and talent for things through that lens. Don’t forget to bring that camera with you next time you come to Oz. LOTS OF LOVE XXXX

    • Hey Claire … always fabulous to hear from you!!! And thank you .. I really appreciate your comments 😀 Of course I’ll bring the camera – expect me next year for sure!!! Lots of love right back at you ..

  8. Wonderful post Julie! I was glad to hear the spuds were in the ground. I really liked the portraits of Lizzie and Andrew. If you are ever out in our neck of the woods I will expect a fine portrait of myself. 🙂 Seriously, it is good to hear you have weeds to pull and beans to train. Great shot of you and Andrew at the end of the post. Take care.

    • Hey Bob great to hear from you! You would love to see the growth with those spuds .. they are loving being in the ground. Don’t think we’ll be eating them for Christmas though 🙂 Glad you liked those pics! One of these days these days I’ll get that portrait of you .. 😃

  9. What an absolutely lovely photo of you and Mister, one for framing I’d say!
    Lots of fab pics, what it the lacy metal thingy? We’re rushing into our darkest days now and have had our first frosts. I’m trying hard to enjoy autumn instead of letting winter make me miserable!

    • Hey Gilly glad you liked that pic, our friend Stephen is a great b&w photographer. 🙂 That’s a truck .. amazing structure but not a great angle from me. I love autumn, hope you enjoy yours, don’t think about winter …. 🙂

  10. I wish to see more post in your blog but I know you are busy lady. I said I wish, because your posts are amazing, and you are a window of your country that I enjoy and travel with you. Beautiful photographs, great museum to visit… I really enjoyed. Thank you so much, dear Julie, have a nice new month to you all there, Love, nia

    • Hey Nia .. lovely to hear from you as always! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my post – and nice to take you along with me 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind comment, I hope you are enjoying autumn … Big smiles to you

  11. Good morning Andrew and Julie,yes what lovely photos,nice to see its warming up over there ,as it cools over here 😬 It was so nice to see Bill this Tuesday , chatting with friends in the fox and hounds .looks well and immaculately dressed as always .i love your picture of the cow , munching on some hay.i will be back over one day to check on that wormery ! Take care both of you
    Till the next blog love Martin,Esther and Callum .

    • Hi Martin .. nice to see you at Frog Pond again. It must have been great to see Bill .. he is always immaculately dressed and is looking so well too! Glad you enjoyed the pics. And you will be pleased to know that your worm farm is full of worms – literally! Take care Julie 😀

  12. Oh my goodness, Julie, the array of pictures is totally unreal. I absolutely LOVED the one of the cow and that horse with the painted tail …. oh wow! You definitely have a unique lifestyle which is so cool by my standards. That photo of you and hubby … you must put that one up on your wall. That is so gorgeous! I cannot thank you enough for putting this jumble of pictures together, pics I’ll have you know I very slowly scrolled through. As for those camera skills …. no complaints from me here. I think you are being too hard on yourself!!! Brava for such a great post!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Hello dear Amy .. So pleased you enjoyed the photos, you would have loved the horse .. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he arrived in the backyard. 😀 I really like that pic of hubby and I too – our friend that took it is an amazing photographer! I read your comment on my camera skills – my dear if I could take photos like you I would be in heaven! Thanks so much for stopping by

    • Hey Andrea … thank you glad you enjoyed the pics! It was fun taking shots at the Museum – I need to get out more! LOL

    • Hey Lavinia – I always enjoy your visits! You would have loved the horse … his mane was something else too. Pleased that you liked the photos, thank you!

  13. “Posting prowess?” You’re too funny! I struggle too, and yet, there are so many photos….ah well! This was just the most delightful romp through a tiny bit of your life in faraway Taz (do I write Tas?). I love the museum photos, both the ones of Lizzie and of the art – I’m a big fan of minimalist works that just use light. The carved “fancy” caught my eye too – wow, wonderful stuff. It’s good of your husband to help out with the feeding – no easy task for one person. And who’s that fanciful neighbor in the garden? 🙂 Finally, the finale photo is fantastic! 😉

    • Hello Miss .. sometimes I really struggle and then other times it flows! Love that you had a delightful romp in Tassie with me, it’s a great place to visit and catch up with our friends that live there.The Museum is something else … I didn’t do it justice. Yep hubby is so good with helping others .. a great guy. Ah that little horse is called Boysie he belongs to my neighbour. She adores him .. So pleased you like the last photo, thank you. A great friend of ours in Tasmania shot it for us – he is a whizz at b&w. 😀

    • Thanks Otto … you would love that Museum, I can just imagine you there with your camera. Yep, hubby is my kind of guy too!

  14. Beautiful Pictures as always! and I would love to visit your Little paradise! 🙂 I’s good to see and feel How Relax and Happy Everyone is on pictures. (is it spring season now?) Hey Julie! 🙂 it seems you have an Unicorn! oh my! How Lucky you are! 😉 Take Care of yourselves. Solveig

    • Oh thank you! I think it is a little paradise too .. Such a lovely comment 😀 And yes it is spring here now . We are so very lucky – unicorn included. 😉

  15. Hi Julie, I really love your creative photo work. The portrait of Lizzie is particularly eye-catching – what a special expression of joie de vivre you´ve captured!

    • Hey Josephine … always enjoy your visits. I really liked the shot of Lizzie too – she is so lovely and incredibly photogenic. Thanks Miss – have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Great to hear that Spring has finally arrived and you can now look forward to a fruitful growing season.
      Here in Crete we are into the walking season slowly walking into the winter with cooler nights and finally the rain which fills the wells ready for our dry summers.
      An early start to the olive picking with the promise of a bummer harvest and the sound of chainsaws echo around the valley trimming the trees for wood for the winter.
      So for you we wish a warm dry summer and for us a warm days with evenings spent cosy sat around the wood burner.

  16. It’s always great to catch up with your goings-on, however infrequently you post, but I guess your days are full. That’s country life with that massive garden/farm of yours.
    Lovely photos as usual, including that last one not taken by you. I guess I have to believe in unicorns now that I’ve seen the photo with the pink tail.
    I hope you’re well.

    • So good to hear from you Mr Draco! Always enjoy your visits …and so pleased you liked the pics 😃 Handsome unicorn… All good at Frog Pond

  17. Love the post, it’s always interesting seeing how people in other countries live their daily lives. Your images help bring it all together and add something words cannot always accumplish.
    Have a great Xmas and I envy your sunny weather, it’s cold wet and miserable here in UK.

    • Hey David .. sorry for the late reply. It is interesting to see how people in other places live their daily lives! So pleased you enjoyed the post. I hope you had a great Xmas and all the very best for 2019 … 🙂

  18. I missed this post, too. And I thought you were taking too many breaks from blogging. Ha. Now I changed the setting, so I will get a notification whenever you have a new post. One post per month? It’s December now, Julie. Ha.
    Have a great day.

  19. Belle et Heureuse Année Julie! All The Best to You all; Family, Friends, Pets, Unicorn 😛 … in fact, a Perfect Harmony between You and Nature Reigns, in your Beautiful Little Paradise.
    Lookin’ forward to watch your next fabulous photographs. Solveig:)

    • Hello .. lovely to hear from you 🙂 I think it is paradise too! More photos to come soon 🙂 Happy New Year!

  20. If I follow that white horse with colorful mane I’d dream to arrive to another world, one where Murphy’s law doesn’t exist in first place as it happens in cities. But seeing your countryside I cannot think another world would look happier. Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful side, Julie. I came to wish you a happy 2019 (belated, I know u_u) for you and your dear ones. And no, there is no rush. These days the world seems to insist in constant feedback and publications. ^_^

  21. even if yer strivin’ to post once a month — you put up several posts worth of “stuff” here. amazing stuff @ the museum! and takin’ us (da readerz) along on your sojourns in your “country” neighborhood ~

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