Leaky hose

While watering my veg garden the other morning before the heat of the day, I noted that some things just never change.

After all these years and given that I really do know better, I still over plant. Why I planted three zucchini in close confines is baffling. Why I planted a cucumber next door is even stranger?  It appears that I have created a cucurbit nightmare! Still it could be worse, the cucumber could be a pumpkin! LOL

Mookie a sheep with attitude

I’m a huge fan of flowers in my veg gardens – I’m sure my Dad would roll his eyes and wonder why I was dedicating so much space to the floral beauties, but then he was a real gardener.  I adore flowers in my garden even when they are particularly bossy like the cosmos which is smothering a chilli plant, or the self seeded calendula which is intent on garden take over. Sadly though, some of my tomatoes have blight which brings a tear to the eye and sterilised secateurs to the hand, as I snip off infected leaves and bin them, strangely they are slowly losing foliage. There are literally weeds everywhere, Liseta spuds which need digging up and the usual garden mayhem. Still all is not bad, the salad garden is on steroids, so is the corn and the runner beans are skyward bound, while their dwarf buddies have been feeding us for a few weeks now. Did I mention that the green shield beetles are back?

Our veg garden is perched on a hillside. This as you can imagine can make watering the garden interesting, as it involves hauling the hose along behind me. It just so happens that our hose has a leak from the nozzle, which conveniently manages to dribble water into my gumboot while I’m in the throes of watering. I loathe this, as sloshing about the hillside in a damp gummy isn’t much fun … why I haven’t fixed this yet, I have no idea!

Well as it has become rather obvious, I’m devoid of pics of my garden which is bizarre as it really is quite stunning. Mind you so is the beach.

Perdie and Jess
Muriwai beach
Dan our beautiful old pooch

I promise garden shots next post, more news and who knows, I might even start regular posting again, fingers crossed!

Happy New Year and happy gardening …

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  1. Happy New Year! I always love all your photos and the wee news of your garden. Here we are frozen and then sloppy mud in the afternoon. You keep on enjoying each and every moment…winter will find you in six months time. Hugs

    • Hey Linda and a very happy New Year to you too! I always enjoy your visits to Frog Pond .. pleased that you enjoyed the photos. 🙂 I can’t imagine frozen and sloppy mud – and you are right, it will be our turn in 6 mths time! I can wait … 😀

    • Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you! We are having a lovely summer – but need some rain! Great to see you at Frog Pond Farm …

  2. Beautiful photos, and an especially good photo of Eric. We rarely have too many plants. Although we can get an over abundance of weeds.

    • Hi Tim .. thank you! Eric is photogenic (not like Spunk mind you). He’s such a beautiful cat .. Funny about the over supply of weeds, must be a global thing 😉

  3. The photos are beautiful, and I especially love the kitty! I had a black cat many years back, his name was Mr. Beaucastel, just like the winery. 🙂

    You love in such a beautiful place, surrounded by such wonderful animals and scenery!

    • Hi Lavinia .. I too love that kitty! Such a lovely boy .. Ah Mr Beaucastel – did you call him Beau? I think we live in a beautiful place too .. so very lucky! Thanks for visiting 🙂

    • That’s my neighbour’s horse Jess – she is such a beauty. The two look fabulous together. Garden pics on the way 🙂 Great to see you at Frog Pond …

    • Oh thank you Gallivanta! So pleased that you enjoyed them. There are pics on the way – time for a wee bit of boasting! LOL

    • Hi Helen great to see you here! And a very Happy New Year to you too. Ha ha you will laugh when you see my cucurbit planting – shame on me! 😀

  4. Well Julie, the photos are just so wonderful. I know it’s my fault that I’m not there. You both asked me to come over. But I just want to see my house restrord . It’s coming on, thhe plasterers are cracking on. Love 💖 the shot of Eric. I miss waking up and seeing him outside my bedroom waiting for his breakfast. Julie did you not think about buying a new hose attachment? Or are you waiting for my next visit? At least it saves you having to wash 🧽 your feet!
    Lots of love and best wishes to you both. Bill. Xxxx

      • I couldn’t agree more Gilly, what are we going to do? Well as it happens I’m making zucchini relish today 😀 – I have to get cracking!

      • Thank you but I think I have given them enough equipment and lessons. That they are getting on with it. Hopefully this time next time I will be there. I hope once my house is restored. To make plans to go later this year. Best wishes to you Bill.

    • Mr Bonner how lovely to hear from you! And thanks for sending on the blog. So pleased that you enjoyed the photos – I always am! We would love to have you here, but we do understand. Still it won’t be long before you board that plane will it?? ha ha no pressure! Yes I love that shot of Eric too, he’s such a character and spends loads more time inside the house. Would you believe that it is a new hose attachment? I suspect I will have to do something drastic though, wet boots aren’t fun! Lots of love right back at you xx

    • Hey Gilly lovely to hear from you it always is. Ah sunshine just what we all need! Glad you enjoyed the pics – I’m going to be back real soon! 😀

    • Happy New Year to you Anne. Ah so you overplant as well ..I will never ever learn! I see space and I fill it. Oh dear .. LOL Beach and blue sky, perfect!

  5. LOVED every photograph, Julie, although I must admit that while here you are talking gardens I am seeing pictures of animals and the beach. LOL Over planting ….. Darn but those plants look so SMALL when first planted then I turn around and I have a jungle. And weeds? I mulch so that does take care of a lot of weeds but not all. Gardening is a LOT of work and I’m just glad to see you are taking breaks by going to the beach. Good for you!! Thank you for showing me a part of the world I won’t see. Your first image really pulled me in and then on to the rest of them. NICE!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Hello Miss Amy … oh so pleased you enjoyed the photos .. even if they weren’t of the garden! LOL I’m a shocker, I see a space in the garden and I fill it, hence garden mayhem. I haven’t mulched much this year in the veg garden, probably as there are too many plants in the beds :D. But weeds – I sure do have plenty of them. Loved your visit always great to see you at Frog Pond Farm.

  6. Sure, I’d love to see garden shots, but these are a delight, a real treat. There is something about the way you write and string photos together that says, “living the good life.” 😉

    • Garden shots on the way! 🙂 I’m so pleased you enjoy my banter – we sure are living the good life! See you soon ..

  7. Muriwai looks lovely. No wonder you go here so often, or at least as often as your garden allows you to. 🙂 It’s good to know you’ve been busy in the garden. My usual answer to the leaky hose attachment is to cut an inch off the hose and hopefully that improves the seal.
    It looks like beautiful weather in January in NZ. Happy New Year.

    • Hello Mr Draco … so nice to hear from you! Muriwai sure is lovely, after all these years I still enjoy going there just as much. Like it when there are less people there though 🙂 I’ve been so busy in the garden – but it is looking fabulous. Ha, I laughed when I read your suggestion about the hose, I so need to do that, great advice! The weather has been amazing – damp today but that’s not a bad thing. Happy New Year to you too – looking forward to your next post! 😀

  8. Happy New Year darling girl. I think you’re very wise to plant flowers with veg. That confuses the hell out of the bugs. (At least that’s what my grandfather used to say). The beach is so beautiful I don’t blame you one bit for wandering away from the garden. By the way, that photo of the Cape Gannet! Spectacular! X.

    • Hey Veronica … so good to hear from you! Has been ages … And a very Happy New Year to you too 😀 I know that the flowers attract beneficial insects and I think your Grandfather might just have been right! The beach sure is beautiful, I was hoping to get shots of the garden today, but it decided to rain instead! x

    • Hey Andrea thank you so much! Love the smell of the sea and adore my furry buddies! Great to see you at Frog Pond Farm.

  9. Great post! Good to see Eric and Dan summering comfortably. Wonderful mix of photos. The beach looks lovely. I also plant large vegetables too close and leave self seeded flowers in places they have no business being. It sounds like you need some water proof hiking boots to do your watering rounds. Take care. Bob PS Good to see the Frog Pond Farm correspondent has been found. 🙂

    • Hey Bob oh thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the pics even though there are no garden shots. There will be next time 🙂 Ah, so you also over plant and leave in self seeded stuff – good in know I’m not the only one! The correspondent was finally found and has advised that regular posting is due to commence LOL ….

  10. What a beautiful post. Your photographs fascinated me, especiall Eric, birds and horse… Amazing. garden works is great actually and I know not easy, I am sure you are doing well. Thank you dear Julie, you almost took me there with your beautiful writing and photographs. I hope and wish we can make more this 🙂 Have a nice and enjoyable new week, Love, nia

    • Hello Nia … oh thank you, I do so appreciate your comments. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post. I’m going to start regular posting again … about time! 😀 Enjoy your week too lovely ….

  11. I have some potatoes and one of them is having blight (I think) too. Is sad to see something you made grow to fall like that :S It is wonderful to see you, Julie. I always get tempted to make my little corner a paradise as yours *_* (but it ends being a piece of abstract art xP)

    • Hello Francis .. I really enjoy your visits to Frog Pond Farm. Thankfully my potatoes are fine – wish I could say the same about the tomatoes! It disappoints me when this happens, but the weather in Auckland and my over planting don’t help 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you too. I’m ever hopeful that one day you will blog again – fingers crossed. Happy New Year!

  12. You may be lacking in pictures of your pretty garden, dear Julie, but you make up for it with these! Gorgeous 🙂 I think combining flowers with veg is a female thing…must be! I’m driving Monsieur nuts with it, he claims our veg can never thrive under the load of flowers :D. Ah, men – they do come from a different planet, don’t they?! Glad to see you all well and happy in your little piece of heaven. Thinking of you often xx

    • Hi Annette … oh thank you! Glad you enjoyed the jumble of pics. I think you may be right about flowers in the garden being a female thing, although it was something that was encouraged in hort school. Ha ha so your veg garden is loaded with flowers too 😀 Yes Miss we are well and very happy in our little piece of heaven which by the way is growing like mad! Thinking of you too – hugs xx

    • Hey Stuart … thank you! I suspect that my garden is very much a version of Permaculture and you are absolutely right, some close plantings sure do work wonders! Have you ever tried square foot gardening? Great to see you at Frog Pond Farm 🙂

  13. Hi Julie, my apologies for not visiting for some time… hope you’ve had a great start to the new year! Lovely photos and as always interesting to read your posts. Enjoy the garden and summer flowers. Happy writing too! 😃

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