Surprise! I’m back ..

Hello 2020. And Happy New Year!

So what’s happening you may ask?

Our place is looking amazing (well I think so anyway).

In our garden

  • the summer beds are all planted they were stuffed full of homemade compost, blood and bone, rok solid and loads of TLC
  • the perennial beans are scrambling up the trellis – looks like a race to the top
  • I wonder why I still over plant – my tomato bed is outrageous
  • there are loads of self seeded calendula, borage and weeds
  • the corn is in, growing like mad and sharing the bed with sunflowers, calendula and melon (and a few weeds)
  • the zucchinis have already turned into machines – that’s a given
  • our salad bed is stuffed full of wonderful delights – I appear to be eating them all
  • we have a bumper crop of plums
  • not so good with the damsons, peaches or crab apples
  • the olive trees are out of control .. I’m embarrassed
  • we have the odd broody chook which amazes me given we don’t have a rooster – silly girls
  • garlic what garlic! Grrrhh rust got it again

everything else is fine (I think 😀 ).

Jimmi what a ‘showoff’

Bill has returned at last. After being away for nearly two years he’s back. Already ensconced in our kitchen he cooked the best fish pie I have eaten the other night. I had forgotten what an amazing cook he is. Welcome back to Frog Pond Mr B you have been missed. Now let me show you all the damson plums in the freezer! Lol ..

After saying goodbye to our gorgeous pooch last year, walks on the beach have never been quite the same. As it happens, our neighbour has two lovely border collies who thoroughly enjoy trips to the beach.

Loki (black & white) isn’t a barker, in fact, I’ve never heard him bark, whereas Juni does bark and rather loudly. Loki loves motoring about and leaping into the surf, so does Juni but she tends to tire quickly and gets distracted, ( I wonder if it’s a female thing?). They both love swimming! And strangely enough, they both suffer from similar hearing difficulties … Rest assured, the smell of dog has returned to our car.

For the life of me, I can’t get the horizon to be straight! Lol

Life is grand isn’t it?

Happy Gardening

PS: I promise pics of the veg garden next post, it is looking awesome

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  1. Welcome back I’ve missed you!! Your place looks grand and I’m sure the garden is too! We’ve just had our first real snow last night and have three inches. The chickens are very unhappy as are the ducks because the pond is frozen solid. Looking forward to your next post!!

    • Oh how lovely to be missed. Thank you! I think the wild ducks that frequent our pond would be horrified if it was frozen! Hoping your winter isn’t extreme .. Super to hear from you Rita 🙂

    • So nice to hear from you … Green it is! One of these days I’m going to get to Scotland! Next post coming soon 🙂

  2. Well as you said I’m back at Frogpond. Good to be back it certainly has grown a lot in the last two years. And I’m getting my hand in at cooking and hopefully preserving As usual Julie your camera work is brilliant.
    Bill xxx

    • Mr Bonner, I’m very happy that you are back in that kitchen! Looking forward to that green plum chutney .. So pleased you enjoyed the photos ..xx

    • Hey Sue how lovely to hear from you! The Frog Pond Farm correspondent has returned … Happy New Year to you and David! Hugs xx

  3. Good beginning to 2020 Frogpond blog Julie.
    Like the monochrome kitchen shots.
    I’m worried about the olive trees though. Looks like our plan to pick this year might be pruning instead.
    See Yu ! SB

    • Hey Mr B .. how nice to hear from you! Glad you liked those mono shots … me too! I’m so worried about those trees, hope AB mentioned the yield is way down. Yep would love help pruning! Great idea … J x

  4. Welcome back, Julie. I’ve missed your photos and stories, too, even though I have taken a long break, too.

    >> For the life of me, I can’t get the horizon to be straight!
    Something to do with Bill’s cooking? 😉 Just kidding. It’s so nice that he finally came. I am happy for you!
    Have a Healthy and Happy 2020!

    • Hello Helen .. so lovely to hear from you! Ha ha I laughed when I read your comment about Bill’s cooking! It sure is great having him here – he’s been busy already preserving green plums of all things! I know you have taken a long break … hope to see you in the blogging world again soon! And a very happy and healthy NY to you too … 😀

  5. So lovely to read your posts again , Julie. They are as usual interesting, and with great photography. 👍 It looks like beautiful weather there and you have good companions for your beach walks… Enjoy the fun and have a wonderful 2020! 💐 😃

    • Miss Iris .. how lovely to hear from you. I’m so pleased you enjoy my posts – makes it worthwhile 🙂 And yes we have had some beautiful weather. You sure can’t beat the company of pooches on the beach! A wonderful 2020 right back at you!

    • Hello Lavinia about time that I posted! Phew .. and I have promised to do so more regularly! We are enjoying summer and the return of Bill! A wonderful 2020 to you and Rick .. x

  6. Your happy, colourful post made my day, Julie. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Please show pics of your veg garden soon! Good to see Bill back in the kitchen. Just love that green, jungle-like corner by the pond. Wish I could sit there with a book…probably wouldn’t get around to reading as there’s so much to see ;). Are those tree ferns on the edge? Keep enjoying life, it’s so short, one has to make the best of every day. Love to you both xx

    • Oh thank you so much Annette … always wonderful to hear from you and I’m so pleased that the colour brightened your day! Yay … Ah infectious enthusiasm I like that! 😀 I most certainly shall show pics of my garden, it is growing like mad! How I wish you could sit there with a book – now that would be something! Yes they are tree ferns 🙂 I sure will keep enjoying life, you too my friend. Lots of love to you both xx

  7. Yes, life certainly is grand! Good to see your photos pop up on my screen this morning – a wonderfully green and sunny antidote to the greyness of our winter. Looking forward to more updates this year 🙂

    • Hey Anne so nice to hear from you! I’m so pleased that Frog Pond was a sunny antidote! Yay … More regular updates on the way! 😀

  8. Thanks for giving me a boost with your beautiful summer photographs! I’m glad the days are already getting longer in this part of the world. I like to believe spring is just around the corner…
    Wishing you a great 20202, Julie!

    • Hello Herman so good to hear from you! And I’m very pleased that you got a boost from my summer pics! I bet you are pleased the days are getting longer. Spring will be with you again before you know it! How is beautiful Jimmi? Give the lad a big pat from me. And a great 2020 right back at you Herman … 😀

      • Jimi is doing fine; he just wants to play the whole day (with me). For the moment he has to stay indoors, but later this year he can go outside and play in the garden…

  9. Welcome back dear Julie and what a wonderful way to start the new year with the return of Bill, Jimmy enjoying the sunshine and two happy pooches running on the beach! It’s lovely getting a glimpse of Summer during our Winter – thank you so much for sharing 💜 xxx

    • Hello lovely .. you are so right. What a great way to start the year with the return of Bill! He is such a gem too – busy preserving for me last night and again this morning! Yay .. So pleased to be able to share our summer with you! 😀

    • Oh thank you Lisa! I know you haven’t been around … just like me, and I’ve missed you btw! I’ve made a promise though that I will endeavour to blog more regularly 😀 Yes our gardens are doing brilliantly .. all that TLC stuff. Great to see you here …

  10. Welcome back, Julie!! Just LOVED your images! It’s so nice to see the other side of the world where there is color and such. And how cool to have Bill around again. YAY for you guys!!! xo

    • Hey lovely so good to hear from you! And so pleased you enjoyed the images 🙂 It is so cool to have Bill back again. That’s a big Yay from me too! xx

    • Hey Andrew … thank you! I know you have been away too. I have to say, I did so enjoy your last post and those wonderful birds!

  11. Welcome back! What a wonderful tour. And, what is life without dogs? We lost ours several years ago and have yet to get a replacement due to somewhat chaotic lives right now. But we do need to get a dog fix on the trails, meeting other people‘s dogs as often as possible.

    • Oh I’m so pleased you enjoyed the tour 🙂 … I’m sure we will replace our pooch at some stage. The place seems very empty without him. He was a great buddy. You sure do seem busy Michael. Have to say I’m an avid fan of your photography, but you know that don’t you! Thanks for stopping by …

  12. OH! Here you are and there is your gorgeous world you live in! Everything looks just wonderful, lush, green and rich. That kitty is darling as is having walks with pups again. Their smiles say it all. As for Mr. B! YAY! I’m glad you made it. I enjoy Julie’s posts about you and your culinary feats!

    • Hello Miss! Always great to see you at Frog Pond Farm! At last, I managed to post. And about time too 😀 You sure would like our new kitty (he adopted us). I will let Bill know that you are a fan of his culinary expertise (he’s cooking dinner tonight). Yay!

  13. Lovely photos. I really like Jimmi looking comfortable and sassy. Looks like high summer beauty and fun on the beach.

    • Hey Tim … thank you! I really like the shot of Jimmi too. He’s a real character! Always fun on the beach. Thanks for dropping by …

  14. Great to hear from you , happy new year Julie , Andrew and Bill . The garden is looking full of colour . Nice to see some lovely sunny pictures . Bill, I can see you are straight back to work in the kitchen , cooking up some beautiful food 😃
    Love the photos , Julie ,
    Martin , Croxley green , Herts .

    • Hi Martin … and a very Happy New Year to you! Always great to hear from you too. Bill has cooked up some fabulous meals already and made chutney and damson jam. 😀 So pleased you enjoyed the photos ..

  15. Happy new year, dear Julie. Corn is growing in the agricultural lot in front of my window. The way it is growing there makes me feel the world is smaller than it is, closer to our friends : ) I use a three axis bubble level to get straight horizons but I have noticed that if a person is not having straight horizons (in the moment of taking them, as they can be easily corrected) is because the mood is casual and happy, and the photographs are natural and spontaneous. And well, the weather looks so nice, thank you, Julie ^^

    • Happy New Year Francis! How wonderful to have a garden of corn growing in front of your window. It amazes me how big it gets and how quickly .. We are having lovely weather – today is another beautiful day. Always great seeing you at Frog Pond Farm.

  16. Oh dear Julie, what anice surprise to hear you again. I have missed too, welcome back. I am so happy to hear that Bill is there again… and also you are here too… Beautiful photographs, but you know what is my favorite, so beautiful, so beautiful your little showcat! Loved so much. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia! How nice to be missed 🙂 It is fabulous having Bill here again. His cooking is amazing .. and my larder is getting filled quickly with his jams and chutneys. So pleased that you enjoyed the photographs and I sure do know which one would be your favourite … 😀 Blessings and happiness to you too. Always wonderful knowing that you have stopped by.

  17. Well, this is a pleasant surprise, Julie. It’s always good to see what’s going on at Frog Pond Farm. I’m happy to see that Frog Pond Farm is looking fabulous and you’re still taking your beach walks. I hope you’re taking notes from Bill. Love your photos, as always.

    Apologies for any smoke that is coming your way from Australia.

    • Hello Mr Draco … always great to see you at Frog Pond Farm and I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the photos. We did get some smoke a week back – so very very sad and not something I ever thought we would see. Praying for rain ..

  18. Happy New Year and what a wonderful display of summery colour. Here strong winds and rain in U.K. But hope to be back to the longer days of our home in Spain. It’s great to get your news and pictures and glad Bill is back. Sad about your dog and those memorable walks. I just borrow dogs now, a Tibetan terrier in Spain and another Loki, my younger daughter’s German shepherd, who seems to live up to the name! Love the way you overgrow your produce, seems like very fertile soil. Hope all continues well for 2020.

    • And a Happy New Year to you too! I hope your winter isn’t too bad, I’m no fan of strong winds! Even though we are in summer – we had some very strong winds a couple of weeks back. It’s wonderful having Bill back – he has already cooked up a storm and has made some yummy chutney and damson jam! Lucky me .. Borrowing dogs is super – but I miss the company of our old pooch! He was such a great dog .. Oh I do so over plant / over grow and wonder why on earth I do it! Every year … Lovely to hear from you

      • Yes, good to hear your news. Yes, dogs, I was very attached to my golden retriever and unfortunately didn’t get another dog immediately after he had gone. But he is on my WordPress as he came out several times to our Spanish home before I retired. We have just arrived back. No wind but perhaps a bit of rain and about 5 degree at night but 19 during day!

    • Hello – how lovely to hear from you! So pleased you enjoyed the latest update … Wishing you and your family a healthy and very happy year ahead!

  19. Oh so you’re back Missy? I almost missed this as it landed in an odd section of my inbox. Now that you’re back, let’s make it a habit, because I love your photos and garden tours and the sound ( yes I can hear it) of your positive voice. Great to see Boll is back and in the kitchen- that means some serious preserves will get made this year. what do you mean- that you’re olives are out of control? does this mean they are laden with olives? Maybe we should come over and help pick them for the press. So sorry to hear about your garlic, but dear Julie, you can’t have everything!!!!

    • Hello Francesca! I’m back .. at last! So pleased you didn’t miss my update – that would be terrible! Nearly as bad as the rusty garlic! That’s it for me, no more garlic! What amazes me is we used to grow the most beautiful garlic and loads of it. Not so anymore. I’ll leave the garlic growing to you Miss! 😀 It’s wonderful having Bill back. He is such a star in the kitchen. No the olive trees are unruly, too big, horrid! I didn’t prune last year and now they are way too big. Not much of a crop either – might not be any oil this year. How awful! Mind you, what fun it would be having you two over here with us! Imagine! Hugs my friend ….

  20. Life IS grand, and what a tonic your post is….it’s snowing here right now! 🙂 I love Jimmi! And the view from under the poppies – nice one! Everything look so incredibly lush and green, but I enjoyed seeing the black and whites of Bill. How nice of your neighbor to let you adopt her collies, just for the odd beach trip or two – sounds great! The last photo shows that wild (to me) mix of plant life you enjoy, and what a steep hill that is! Can’t wait to see more. Enjoy those ripe tomatoes!

  21. Wonderful post! Good to see you back. I like the shot of the poppies. You must have been laying on the ground to get the photo. Nice to see you have a couple hounds to walk. They keep us whole. All the best to you, Andrew and Bill. PS Give Bill a rest now and again – not every plum has to be turned into jam! 🙂

  22. Happy ensconcement to Bill. The time had grown to two-thirds as long since you last saw him as since Eve and I did.
    As for horizon lines, you can straighten them using software. If you don’t know how, I’ll bet a friend or neighbor will be willing to show you.

  23. I’ve missed you as well albeit you always leave me such nice words…and I think of you in your garden such beautiful flora…I can feel the warmth Julie ~ smiles back already February 😳🤗❣️ hugs and all good things for you and your loved ones – smiles Hedy ☺️

    • Hey MM … great to hear from you! Glad you liked the pic of Bill busy at work. We’re good and enjoying a fabulous spring. Hoping that you are healthy and happy too! 🙂

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