I’m a cat girl. I always have been and always will be. I adore them.

We had to say goodbye to our sweet little kitty a few weeks back, which was heartbreaking.

Grace had been with us since she was a kitten, leaving us after nearly 14 years. She was my baby, my favourite and I miss her.

I’m saddened that this time now seems so very short. 

She was such a character – and without doubt was the ‘boss’ of the Frog Pond Farm kitty team.

When younger, after one too many tiffs with Eric our black cat, she decided that he was no longer permitted indoors – bolshy for such a small cat. He adhered to his banishment for several years which always surprised me given his size and stature.  Truth is, a swipe from him would have sent her flying, but the minx sure had him fooled. She never backed down from a fight either, and would ambush him from the bushes if he ventured near the house.

As it transpired, Grace had problems with her eyes and had to have surgery to both of them. Over time I’m convinced that her vision slowly deteriorated and this eventually meant that she finally allowed Eric indoors. He was elated and still is.

I miss her sleeping on my feet in bed, watching TV with me, surprising me in the veg garden when I thought I was alone or her party trick of ‘head kicking’ when her tummy was tickled! Such a funny little girl.

I know the last few weeks weren’t good for you treasure – it seemed so very unfair. Much love to you on your journeys Grace – our memories of you will never fade.

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  1. I am saddened by your loss, Julie. Grace was a beautiful kitty and a dear soul. She will get daffodils planted here for her this fall. Many hugs to you. 💙🌈🐾😿

    • Hi Lavinia … thank you for your kind words. Yes she was such a dear soul and so missed. I would just love you to plant some daffodils for her – that is so very special. Thanks for the hugs

  2. Having lost our own cat Posh reasently after sixteen years knowing her we know how hard it is to say goodbye to a loyal and loving friend. This is the hardest responsibility you have when the decision has to be made to let them go, but you must remember the wonderful life you have given them they might never have had. So think of the happy times you both had together.

    • Hi Roy …. so sorry to hear about Posh. It is so very hard to say goodbye to our dear furry friends. I will think of the happy times. Thank you so much for your kind words …

  3. I’m the same as you, a cat girl. I’m sorry to hear about Grace. We had to go through similar just over a year ago, always very sad. Cats have such great personalities, how can anyone not love them?

    • Hello Leanne – It is always so very sad when they leave us. I know you are a cat girl … I just adore them. Thank you so much for leaving the message and kind words

    • Hello lovely Virg … thank you so much my friend for the love. We are so very lucky to have them in our lives. Much love back at you xxx

  4. I‘m sorry for hearing this. Hope the remaining cats are able to comfort you soon. We lost one of our two a couple of years ago in the same way we lost her mother: both were hit by a car. So, only one is still with us. He turns 11 next weekend.

    • Oh thank you so much for your kind words. And yes, my other cats are a great comfort. I’m so very sorry to hear about your cats .. they are so very special.

      • That’s definitely true. A dog’s becomes visible by staying with you, but a cat‘s love is indicated by coming back to you. Which has, in my opinion, a higher value.

  5. Dear Julie I’ve already said my condolences as you know. But this is a beautiful tribute to Gracie. I to have some lovely memories of her, although I’m allergic to cats, I’ve nearly always managed my allergy with your kittens. I suppose it must be the open air of Frog Pond. Yes Eric always stood outside my bedroom window in the morning, waiting for his breakfast. Which he used to have in the garage. But as you say I later times he was allowed to have it indoors. Farewell Gracie you were a beautiful kitten.
    Lots of love ❤️ to you both
    Bill, xxx

    • Bill, thank you so much for your lovely message. Yes, I’m sure you have some lovely memories, she was such a sweetie and a minx. Lots of love right back at you xxx

  6. very sad to hear. i love cats and dogs; and it’s always so hard to say goodbye. she looks like a beauty. at one stage, we had 2 cats and 2 dogs but our boy cat was the boss. those dogs did what they were told. chin up!

    • Thank you so much for your message … I too love our four legged pals and it is so hard having to say goodbye. She sure was a beauty – I adored her. Cats sure can be the boss – I can imagine your pooches doing as they were told. Thanks Sherry for sharing this

  7. A most touching tribute, dear Julie, I’m so sorry about your loss. We just said yesterday that it’s so sad that our four-legged friends don’t live as long as we do. All the same we’re privileged to be able to share part of our lives with them and they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. I’m not religious but funnily I think one day we’ll all meet again…I have this image in my head of a flower meadow where all of a sudden their faces pop up. Even the thought makes me cry, I’m turning into a sentimental old fool, I’m afraid. Big, big hug for your both xx

    • Hello Annette thank you so much my friend. Yes it is so sad but it is such a privilege sharing our lives with them. I too think one day we’ll meet again .. I love that it could be in a meadow full of flowers. Loved those hugs thank you xxx

  8. Oh dear, poor Grace. She left you with so many beautiful memories, Julie. Sometimes I wonder is that a good thing or not? We treasure the memories of our fur babies and our heart breaks; if we didn’t have those memories we wouldn’t miss them, but also we wouldn’t be living. So I suppose that’s the answer … and isn’t the Queen quoted as saying that pain is the price we pay for love, or something to that effect? The pain is just as intense when we lose a fur baby. Grace knows you loved her, and I’m certain she loved you back. xx

    • Oh thank you so much Joanne for your kind words. She did leave with lots of beautiful memories … I will treasure them as I did her. Yes I guess pain is the price we pay for love – but it’s worth it. Yes, she sure did know how much I loved her. It seems so very strange not having her here. xxx

  9. So sorry to hear this news, what a beautiful cat, blessed with such caring, we get so attached to our pets as they are part of our family but you have so many happy memories of a lovely feline companion, RIP Grace and big hugs to you both x

    • She sure was a beautiful cat and much loved.We do get so very attached to our fur friends, and they do become a big part of the family. Thank heavens for the wonderful memories … and thank you so very much for your kind words and hugs xxx

  10. Oh Julie, that is so sad to hear of Grace’s passing. She was such a pretty kitty. I know how hard it is to lose them and no longer have the snuggle, sleep, play and talk with.

    • Hi Tim, she was a gorgeous kitty with personality. It seems so very strange that she isn’t here anymore … I do miss the snuggles and the special chats that I used to have with her. Thank you so much for your kind words …

    • Hi Linda … yes it sure is so terribly hard losing those fur pals of ours. I know you know! Thank you so very much for your kind words my friend, your love and hugs are special xx

  11. I am so sorry to hear this dear Julie, it is not easy, you know I love cats too as much as you. When we lose them it is really a big sadness. But Grace was a lucky cat to live with you dear Julie, and memories will be always with us. When I watched these beautiful photographs I cried. I know this sadness. Much Love and Hugs to you, nia

    • Hello dear Nia … thank you so much for your kind words my friend. You are very special … sorry for making you cry. Thank you too, for the love and hugs xx

  12. My condolences, Julie. I know how much it weights in the heart, we prepared ourselves for the loss of persons as big as us, but then the little family we have is taken away from us and sadness falls like heavy snow. Each cat I had the fortune to know and care had a different personality and character, I would think Grace was tender and distant, playful and silent. those combinations that some cats have when they are half at home but also half at the hunt of adventures. Take care, Julie, wishing you this moment will heal soon from grief to memory of the happiness she meant in your life.

    • Francis, thank you for your kind words my friend. You know, Grace was many of those things that you said … I felt so very sorry for her as her life changed because of her vision. But she was so very special and I adored her. There was of happiness in my life because of her. We are so lucky to have them ….

  13. Grace is the pet that everyone of us would like to have! So sorry for your loss, and I know how you feel. Last year, one of our two dogs left us after 17 years. It was expected but it was devastating nevertheless.

    • Thank you so much Hien … I’m so very sorry to hear about you dear pooch. 17 years is such a long time. It’s never easy saying goodbye.

  14. Dear Julie, I’m so sorry for your sad news of Grace. Your lovely tribute to her perfectly celebrates her personality, from her beauty to her bossiness and everything in between. Thinking of you, lots of love xx

    • Hey dear Rom. Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. You are right – she sure had personality, bossy and beautiful! Thanks for the love and right back at you xx

  15. Very sorry Julie. Imagine how often Grace heard the birds walking in the garden but stayed on the deck close, knowing she could have them if she wanted.
    Our animals give us so much and ask so little.

  16. So very sorry – Grace will certainly be missed at Frog Pond Farm. While it is wonderful that you have such fab pics of her – it’s not seeing her in the various places around the house and garden where you were used to seeing her that takes so long (if ever) to get used to. Feel for you all.

  17. I’m sorry for your loss. Compared to infinity, our 75 years or so is as brief as 14, with both being but an instant.

    I’ve never run across bolshy till now. My guess that it was from Bolshevik turned out to be right.

  18. Dear Julie, I am so sorry to hear the sad news about dear Grace,she was such a beautiful cat, thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us
    Thinking of you.

  19. Oh, Julie, I of anyone know your pain. I’ve got tears in my eyes over your loss of Grace. Loosing someone we love so much breaks our hearts. Please know Grace is in a Better Place and she can fully see how. BIG (((HUGS)))!!! xoxoxo

  20. Oh, Julie. I’m so sorry–but so glad for the years you had together. They are furry angels, our pets, I’m convinced of it. And their souls a lot purer than ours . . . sending you a hug.

  21. Julie, you write so beautifully. A better remembrance could not be imagined. I’m sorry for your loss and I know that bereft feeling. But I also know that you know that Grace had a damn good life.

  22. Delayed response to a hard story to live I can only imagine how lucky grace was to have you Julie … I know this loss…sending you hugs and love and all good things dear Julie ~ hedy 🤍🕊🤍

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