Meet Tony

Finally, my girls (chooks that is) have got a strapping man in their lives. Just because he is half their size is irrelevant! The fact is, he can crow, is a gentle wee bloke and is totally enamoured with the fact that he has 14 girls all to himself. Oh dear me ..



I haven’t popped up any gardening pics in ages, but you will be happy to know that the garlic is on steroids, so is the kale, the peas are smothered in well – peas ..

garlic raised beds-1180972

kale happiness-1180969

broad beans-1180952

Broad beans going nuts

And at long last yours truly finally poked seeds in trays which have since germinated and have been pricked out. Needless to say they are happily ensconced in our kitchen in punnets (can you imagine?). I’ve even sown seed from the cucurbit family and dwarf beans which are currently luxuriating on a heat pad in the garage, and yes we have action in that soil.

lichen fence post-1180844

I can’t help myself, I love fences

This year I have opted to buy in heirloom toms and chillies and no doubt peppers and eggplants will end up on the shopping list too. If you recall and I shan’t forget, my tomatoes got hammered last year by blight, so as you do, I hoisted them from the soil, wiping a tear at the time and swearing ‘I would never grow them again’. Hmm – so with this in mind, this year I have decided to let someone else do the hard work. As for the chillies and eggplants – these plants are slow growers, so I’m cheating and buying these seedlings in also. There I’ve fessed up!

bee in the cherry blossom-1180714

We have ducklings on our pond, turkeys everywhere (damned things), bunnies digging holes, bees loving the cherry blossom and cats being cats and ignoring me!




And then there is Lucy, who really should be on a diet!


Short and sweet …

macademia light-1180689

May there be light and cobwebs in your macadamia blossom!

frog pond-1180964

Happy gardening 😀

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    • Hey Spike … thank you! You should see my broad beans. It blew a mini gale the other day and half of them tumbled to the ground. I’ve propped them up and luckily all is well. I love it too! Great to see you …

  1. Is Tony a bantom? He is a handsome specimen. These smaller roosters like to get a lot of action. ( to over compensate for their height). Lovely Spring at your place Julie. Every season is different for tomatoes- this year you will have millions.

    • Hi Francesca .. he sure is handsome even if he is a midget. He’s a light weight bird an araucana but not bantam. Hilarious little guy and so photogenic. Sure is a lovely spring Miss. I have my fingers crossed on those tomatoes LOL

  2. The last photo is postcard perfect! Wow! Love all the photos. You know what I think of kitty photos. Tony is sure a handsome guy. He can crow himself a rock song and call it “14 Hens in a Row” (there’s a metal group called Steel Panther that has a song called “17 Girls in a Row” [not worth looking up]. Aerosmith was more realistic with “Dream On”). Then there’s “Lucky Manuelo” and so is Tony!

    • Hey Tim .. thank you, I’m so pleased you like that pic. I nearly didn’t include it 🙂 I know you love kitty pics, so do I. Tony is a handsome dude and loves crowing .. starts early too. LOL .. he sure is lucky!

  3. Such a handsome chap, Julie, and I bet he’s in lad’s heaven with all those pretty girls! Your pics are just gorgeous as always…make me dream of spring already and I’ve still to go through the autumn/winter bit. Your lawn is so emerald, lush and perfect. Always lovely to visit your happy plot 🙂

    • Hi Annette .. thanks for stopping by, so pleased you enjoyed the visit. He is handsome isn’t he? And so photogenic. Funny little guy motors around the place. I don’t think he realises yet that he is king of the castle! LOL … Oh lush and perfect, I like that 😀

  4. While your place is picture perfect, your pictures are perfect too! Hope that made sense – just love to enjoy the details you manage to captue in your shots. That is one contented looking sheep munching on lovely spring grass.

    • What a lovely thing to say … thank you. And yes it did make sense. 🙂 I’m so pleased that I can convey what I see – it is such a treat. Including our fat sheep munching on that spring grass

      • Our drought here in California is horrible. I am a gardener. I won a city award once for my garden. But not any longer. I used to have tons of beautiful vegetables and herbs. Now the garden is just dirt. And I have a very expensive water bill! We need rain and snow in our mountains or we will all shrivel up and blow away!

        But I will live vicariously through the images of your lovely world 🙂

  5. That’s one handsome fellow! And what beautiful photos…how nice to see all of that green, green spring as our landscape at home begins to prepare for its winter slumber. My tomato plants gave up their last few fruits last week and now it’s time to put the garden to bed. But I’ll have your gardening adventures to see me through, eh? 😉 Cheers, Ben

    • Hey Ben .. he is so very handsome. Nice chap too. I’m so pleased you like the photos. I really like that term ‘winter slumber’ .. You sure will have my adventures to see you through .. 😀 Cheers back at you

  6. That young rooster looks like he has some swagger! And why wouldn’t he with 14 girls to tend to. Lovely photos and update. Looks like your spring can’t be held back. Do I see some young kale in the foreground of one of the photos with some gigantic ‘lacinato’ type kale in the background? If so, what are you doing with that much kale? 🙂 Take care Julie. Bob

    • Oh dear, I missed this comment Bob ..sorry! He does have a swagger and whey wouldn’t he! LOL Exactly .. happy lad. So pleased you enjoyed the pics Bob and mini update. You see loads of kale – too much infact, the chickens are loving it as are the sheep, I just can’t juice enough. Hope you are well Mr E 😀

  7. Hi to you both. Tony looks just the ticket for the girls! Not to sure about the crowing though could you put a timer switch on him for when I come over! Photos just great as usual how did you manage to catch Nigel is he staying round more these days?
    Well when I finally got home all the red leaves of the Boston fern were all on the ground so must have been frosty while I was away. So a lot of clearing up to do when I can.
    Lol love Bill.xx

    • Oh dear, I shall stand in the naughty corner for not replying. Sorry Mr Bonner .. how could I have missed this! Oh he is the ticket, wait till you see him. A little guy with loads of personality and thinks he is casonova. Can’t blam him though. Ah the pic of Eric .. was hard work let me tell you. He decided he wanted his photo taken LOL. You keep busy in that garden Bill .. no cutting down any trees. Hugs xxx

  8. What a lovely, heartwarming post, Julie!! Your images are fantastic, by the way! You really have an incredible eye. I love the way you weave your story and pop in there, a fence just because you couldn’t help yourself. You really put a smile on my face. It is wonderful to see Life growing when we here are getting ready for the cold winter months ahead. I’m staying here to stay warm!!! (smile) Love, Amy <3

      • Oh, yes, Julie, with practice comes a more keener eye. Then it just becomes habit and automatically your eye gets pulled as if by magic to something and you will find yourself saying, “OH! I must get this shot!” LOL My small camera is really coming in handy, yet the quality of my Canon IMO is so much better. My Canon is heavy, take my word for it and there are times it is just too much for me. Anyways ….. your images portray so clearly to me, who you are as I can see your Heart shining through each and every one! Keep up the great work! I really believe in you!!! Love, Amy <3

      • You are so right Amy. Practice does give a keener eye. I stopped in the middle of the road yesterday on route to the physio. I saw a wonderful shot of cows and clouds. I had to get it, just as you said. I can’t imagine having a big heavy camera. I struggle with mine a bit now as it is. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment Amy – I know you believe in me. Massive hugs to you

  9. Oh this is a wonderful post Jules – thank you for sharing! I can feel your enthusiasm 😀
    I was so happy to hear you say you’ve got cucubits on heat pads – I’ve decided to try one of my cucumbers and a tomato on heat pads too.
    They were getting lots of sun and warmth and now the sun has moved!! One hot house a coming sometime very soon hopefully!
    Decided I’m going to blog too about the garden (what little there is of it) and my surrounds. Spring has got me feeling all green again thankfully!
    As always love all your photos and animals.. Lucky Tony 😉
    Frog Pond Farm is a gorgeous place with gorgeous people!! 😀

    • Hello Robyn … oh thank you! Yes those cucurbits were on heat pads but are now residing in the kitchen too. I must be nuts! Hubby thinks so .. How I would love a hot house – on the dream list. Please do blog about your garden. I would love to hear what’s happening at your place. Spring yay! I just can’t wait for our weather to settle. Glad you love the pics Miss. Big hugs your way 😀

      • Hiya Jules – plants reside in my kitchen too and wherever they need to be. Love your pics always. Wish I was there 😀
        Decided to blog about it on a new site.. bah ha ha
        My brain needs to process out loud some of my doings so I don’t miss them.
        Am pollinating (I hope – fingers crossed) tomatoes with a fan and a toothbrush today… lol!!! Hugs back!!!

  10. Beautiful post Julie. I love the grass in the sheep’s mouth…. and all the pictures (of course! <3 ). Hope your Tony doesn't get hen pecked…. !!! And the gate is lovely and the detailed close up piece of the gate sensational!.xxxxx

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