Autumn is without doubt my most favourite season. With loads of things to do or not to do …

Autumn colours

Zinnias in the veg garden … 

So in no particular order –

  • Go and buy new gumboots pronto! The current pair have holes in them
  • Don’t assist with wood delivery when wearing old gumboots with holes – end result bruised toes and pride
  • Provision of sheep nuts (treats) to same animals needs to be organised in a better fashion – same toes are being stomped on by newly acquired sheep named Shirley
  • Stop yelling at marauding ducks when feeding the chickens .. this tends to strain the voice and frighten small people
  • Get out with my camera MUCH more
  • I have been adopted by a young male ginger cat … he is adorable, most likely feral which means forget ‘picking up and cuddling’
  • Sharpen all pruning implements and get cracking on those fruit trees
  • Hurry up and pick all the feijoas (fruit) .. 4 legged vermin are feasting on them in the dark of night
  • Convince the neighbours and good friends that they should help us with the next olive harvest
  • Make more quince jelly with chilli it is AMAZING
  • Our beautiful black cat caught a rather large rat the other day … he is a star!
  • Why do women scream when wild animals are found in strange places?
  • Brassicas are now planted, I’m still trying to pat myself on the back
  • Give our lovely dog Dan loads more cuddles – he is such an old bloke now
  • Last but not least guess who is coming back to stay with us from overseas on Boxing Day?

And a jumble of pics from our place

The glow from our new pizza oven .. the theatrics are amazing! 

Trust me .. these are no longer on the tree! 


Sunset caught at Maori Bay on the iPhone

I’m not the only one that adores zinnias!

That’s it from me … better late than never!

Happy gardening my friends

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  1. Is the yellow kitty your new cat? Good for Eric catching a rat. That’s quite a list. Are you working through it with much success? Beautiful photos.

    • Hi Tim .. yes that is the new kitty. He is so lovely … very timid though. Yes I’m working through the list with success which never ceases to amaze me! The gumboots is a worry though. Great to hear from you!

  2. Hi Julie, love the post 🙂 Have been thinking of you all and wanting to get in touch. Fantastic news that Bill is heading over again this summer x

    • Hey Alison … so good to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed the post Miss. Yes it sure is fantastic news about Bill – I have a stack of fruit for him in the freezer which needs preserving! 😉 Must catch up soon x

  3. Why do I love New Zealand? Let me count the ways. Actually, the list is too long. You know the answers anyway. And, definitely use the camera more often. Wonderful photos. Do I see you somewhere on your blog — somewhere — that you sell olive oil? Is that true?

    • Hey Michael so good to hear from you! Yes I do know the answers you are so right. I do need to get out more .. no excuses! 😀 I’m so pleased you enjoyed the photos .. Ah the olive oil, I’d be more than happy to give you a bottle – you just have to move to NZ! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by

    • Oh I’m so pleased you enjoyed the photos! And I do need to get out more with that camera, especially on beautiful days like today. So good to see you at Frog Pond Farm 😀

    • Oh thank you! I’ve just been patting that gorgeous cat of ours .. he is amazing as he is also getting on in years. Dan has just been taken to the beach, his most favourite place, I’ll give him a bit pat when he gets back! 😀

    • Hi Cynthia .. so good to hear from you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the photos. And about time I posted too! Working my way through that list – I HAVE to buy those gumboots! 😀

  4. Thank you for your gorgeous photos of your beautiful world & its inhabitants. We are in mid spring here, iris & first roses. I can just picture my zinnias 3 months from now.

    • Oh what a lovely comment thank you so much! I can just imagine how lovely those iris and roses are – divine! And yes, those zinnias will be showing their splendour in about 3 months time 😀 Mine are still looking amazing – such beautiful flowers.

  5. I love the zinnia and butterfly shot, so gorgeous. Apart from getting new boots and yelling at animals, yes, please do get out and take more photos Julie.always inspiring to visit your garden and beaches.

    • Hey Francesca .. how are you? So nice to hear from you Miss. It has been ages (would help if I posted regularly 🙂 ). I do need to take lots more photos – today is divine so I just might haul that camera outdoors. So pleased you enjoyed the post.

  6. OH! YAY! Your father-in-law must be coming to visit for Boxing Day! I love all your photos and the wee peek into your lovely gorgeous life!

    • Hi Linda! Always great to hear from you … Yes, Bill is coming to visit .. sure it’s months away, but I’m looking so forward to it! The freezer is full of fruit for him to preserve too .. lol .Glad you enjoyed the photos Miss! 😊

    • Oh you are so welcome! About time wasn’t it … So pleased that you stopped by Josephine 😃👏

  7. Julie love the photos. All remind me fondly of our visits. Pity we can’t help with the olives this year. Stephen

    • Morning Stephen .. glad you enjoyed the photos .. took forever to get them! Sure is a shame you guys can’t help this year. The weather is amazing .. perfect for harvest!

  8. Autumn is my favourite time of year too, though May in England is a very, very close second. I’m sure the offer of a good meal afterwards and some olives to take home will entice everyone to help with the olive harvest – always worked with our cider pressing day. Good to see your photos again and catch up with what’s happening.

    • Hey Anne great to know that you stopped by! I just love autumn .. spring is a fav too although it can often be so unsettled. Glad you enjoyed the photos … fingers crossed on that harvest 🙂

  9. Hello my cheerful friend! Good to hear from you and to see that you keep enjoying life and the seasons. Your pics shine with your usual joie de vivre. So happy that Dan is doing fine and that you’ll be having a visitor from abroad again, hope he’s in good shape too. Happy autumn days to one of my favourite bloggers and her ménagerie. Love, Annette

    • Hey Annette how nice to hear I’m a favourite blogger .. I do believe I will have trouble walking through the door! 😂 I am enjoying my garden and loving autumn. Today is just the most stunning day as was yesterday .. Lucky us! Our visitor is in great shape, when he finally gets here it will be nearly 2 years since his last visit! Just as well I have been saving the fruit in the freezer for him 😂 Happy spring to you and yours Miss x

  10. Great photos as always. Autumn is also the best season in Victoria, Oz. I’m intrigued by the glimpse of the new pizza oven, having built one a few years ago.

    • Hey Stuart thank you! I remember autumn being super in Melb too. Ah we didn’t build it but I will pop up some pics! It is amazing .. loads of fun, in fact we have friends coming round tonight for pizza! 🙂

  11. Hi Julie. As always, I enjoyed your amazing and beautiful photographs, so many wonderful colours. And yes, always love to see photo’s of cats… It looks like it’s a paradise out there.

    • Hi Herman so pleased that enjoyed the photos .. it sure is a colourful time of year! I think it is a paradise too complemented by my gorgeous kitties! Great to see you here …

  12. I have really missed your pictures, Julie. There were a couple of “ohhhh’s” from me when I saw the cats …. me and cats, right? I too have on my list …. be with my camera more! I laughed at your question … why do women scream when they come upon unexpected wild animals? I’ve done that a time or two when I come upon a humungous spider as I am in my gardens. No, I did NOT expect that! Make sure you give yourself plenty of down time. You work so darn hard and believe me, I know what that one is like. Thank you so much for sharing your part of the world with us. Autumn yes is a pretty season, yet, I know what is coming after that so ….. Spring is my favorite season. Much Love to you! 💜💜💜

    • It’s true isn’t it about the squealing … I do it often! Ha ha. I do so enjoy sharing our place with good friends it’s such a treat! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the photos Amy. Enjoy your beautiful spring! Love right back at you …x

  13. Hi Julie so good to see Frogpond again it is such a beautiful place. And just looking forward to seeing you again. As usual your photos are so real. Well as you know I’m back in my house. Used the new shower this morning just great. Went out buying things today , just like the old days! My internet is not working so doing this by iPhone. Will send it round the world when it’s u and running.
    Love to you both Bill. xxx

    • Mr Bonner … well you will be pleased to know that I am in the throes of making more quince jelly this time with chilli! Yum … and I have saved a freezer full of fruit for you 😂😂 How exciting to be back home Bill, we are so happy for you! Hugs xxx

      • I’m surprised that you haven’t tried to patch your boots , after all you are your Fathers Daughter! Get down to the bank and get a loan! And have you fixed the hose pipe yet?
        Really am looking forward to seeing you both. Even if the freezer is full up! Have you still got my equipment? And plenty of jars ?
        Lots of love and best wishes to you both. Bill xxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Karen so nice to hear from you! It’s great to be able to share our place with blogging friends … I must hurry up and get those boots!! 🙂 maybe this weekend

    • Gosh I’ve never eaten a quince before! Mind you I’m making some of that quince chilli jelly today and that is unbelievable smothered over cheese 😃👏

    • Hey Iris .. I always enjoy your visits. Glad you enjoyed the post .. wish I had a way with words like you do! 😀

  14. It’s still strange to think of May as autumn. As you’ve seen, up here in Texas we’ve had a flowerful spring.
    You’ll get no argument from me about getting out more and taking more photographs.

    • Hey Steve … I also find it strange thinking of May as spring over your way! Yes time to get out more with that camera. 😀

  15. Lovely photos and interesting tales from the Garden of Eden as usual, Julie. It looks so beautiful in your garden. I yearn to see more of your lovely part of the world one day.
    I find it hard to envisage you yelling at ducks. Screaming at wild animals is another proposition. 🙂
    New pizza oven, hmmm?

    • Hey Mr Draco .. no trust me I do yell at the wild ducks. 😀 they love nothing more than to fly over the fence at meal time and devour the chook food! Ha ha yes I do squeal when I stumble on an unexpected wild animal though – think this might be a female thing! LOL Frog Pond is still looking good – we had such a great summer and are now enjoying a mild autumn. Perfect! The new pizza oven is brilliant – pics to come! Thanks so much for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits!

    • Hey lovely how nice to hear from you!! Glad you enjoyed the pics and banter … thanks so much for leaving a comment 😀

  16. So beautiful, Julie….those Japanese maple leaves to start, I love them. Seeing all the four-legged friends is anchoring. The pears, too – wow, what a harvest. And zinnias – all that colro – they’re such happy plants. Quince jelly with chili sounds excellent….are your toes OK now? Did you get the boots? I’m guessing it’s a son or daughter who’s returning later in the year. Your life is full of joy, and it’s a delight to let some of it rub off. Thank you!

    • Thank you! I love those leaves too – the ground now is littered with them. It was a good harvest with the pears, especially good with the plums. And you are so right zinnias are such happy plants, always fill my garden with colour. Although they become bossy as they grow 🙂 If you love jelly then you must try and make some quince with chilli – it is fabulous. Toes on the mend (I think I broke one) – and no ha ha I haven’t got the boots yet. Maybe today! It’s my hubby’s father Bill who arrives later in the year .. really looking forward to the visit and getting him busy in the kitchen! LOL Great to see you here …

      • Oh yes, Bill, I’m sure you’ve written about him….he will miss having Dan around. Stay strong – or hell, go ahead and cry! Whatever gets you through.

    • It’s a beautiful autumn! The weather is amazing … and my fav season! The ‘to do’ list is slowly happening 🙂

  17. Great opening shot, Julie, a great feel of autumn – which is my favorite time of the year as well. It is starting spring here now, so there is a brilliant feel of rebirth which is great but this post reminds me of the whole process: spring through fall and on your farm it is clear to see what an incredible place you have. Cheers to a great season ahead.

    • Thank you! Today is another beautiful autumn day the weather has been amazing. I think we have an incredible place too .. we are so lucky! Cheers to your spring 😀

  18. I always forget that autumn is there,now… Beautiful photographs you captured dear Julie, and this is so lovely to have a new cat, you know how much I love them, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Good Luck for new season, Thank you dear, Love, nia

    • Hello dear Nia … you would love the new cat! He is divine. A bit timid and it has taken me ages for him to allow me to pat him. But at last he is settling. I doubt whether he will ever be an indoors cat or allow me to pick him up, but that’s ok too 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your spring .. lovely to see you here!

      • I can imagine dear Julie, it takes time for them and also for us… we are still trying to teach something in the home, you know home rules for cats 🙂 but believe me, it is not easy… Thank you for your nice wishes, your Autumn our Spring be in peace and happiness, Love, nia

  19. Hi Julie and Andrew. So pleased for you all to be catching up again on Boxing Day.😀 What lovely photos , love the ones of Dan and Eric , especially . Take care all and best wishes , Martin , Esther and Callum , Croxley .

  20. Beautiful photos and words, Julie. This is the third time I came to enjoy this post. It’s like a mini-retreat for me 😉
    Pizza oven? OMG! Do you guys really want to spoil yourself this way? And make the rest of us so jealous… Good for you! I can smell the pizza!
    It’s always fun to read the conversation between Bill and you. Life is good… as long as we have people like you…
    Have a wonderful day/night.

  21. That is quite a list of things to do for the autumn. I got caught up in the gumboot, simply because it’s a word I don’t know, and I think it’s great. And then I just enjoyed your beautiful photos. I don’t think I have a favourite season, but I like the shifting from one to the next.

  22. Spring is just ramping up here, and I’m already longing for autumn. Lovely photos, as always, Julie. Thanks for taking us on the ramble ’round your place. Now we need to see pics of some of pizzas coming out of that oven! 🙂 Cheers, Ben

  23. Okay, you have holes in your rubber boots. Wouldn’t that mean they have been leaking for ages and should have been replaced long ago? Don’t tell me you became attached to a pair of boots, meant to keep your feet dry, but instead keep your feet wet. 🙂 Good for Eric catching the big rat, he is probably showing the young ginger cat if he expects to hang around he’d better pull his weight. Lovely pictures and posts. I had almost given up on Frog Pond Farm’s disquisitive on-the-scene correspondent. Good to see you back. All the best to you and Andrew. Give Dan a scratch behind the ears from me and Willow. I bet the three of you will be cozying up to the new pizza oven as it gets cooler.

  24. Hi you two Roy & Ruth here from a now sunny Crete after an unusual cold wet winter.
    Lovely to hear you have had such a productive growing season and are now enjoying the fruits of your labor, also that Bill is on the mend and will be joining you again next summer.
    I see that Frog Pond has some new arrivals furry and fleecy to keep you company, we know here in Crete that cats wander in and make themselves at home and there company can be rewarding and therapeutic we have two ginger cats ourselves.
    Good luck with your olive harvest having helped with our friends many years ago I know it can be hard work

  25. So lovely is your garden, that I could go there any minute…And, your animals are so adorable… Just read about your friend Dan and I am so sorry again. Thoughts come popping up all the time…and I wonder why your posts never turn up in my reader? Maybe I should unfollow and follow again to fix that. Thank you so much for sharing your garden and life with us, Julie My heart yearns for NZ. If there was one place in the world for which I could leave my home country, it is New Zealand.

  26. A little hunter! I love those type of cats *x*, and bringing it to you means with you it is the place Eric calls home. The red of the zannia… is frozen fire. It is quite lovely, Julie. Wishing you a nice shared spring.

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