Autumn days

I’m ensconced in the office – it’s Monday and it has been raining on and off. I’m watching the water as it trickles down the windows which btw need a clean!  There is the odd plop as an olive drops to the roof of the shed below which is where hubby has all his bits. I suppose it’s a ‘man’s shed’ really. This is where you will find useful farm equipment like our Iseki tractor with a mowing deck, a wonderful piece of machinery ideal for our hilly terrain, which as it happens, I’m not permitted to drive. Or the petrol weed eaters that are hanging on the wall in various sizes, sharing this space with an array of spades and forks, dirt still attached. There is a high-pressure water blaster stuffed into a corner, sporting a couple of flat tyres (probably why I don’t want to use it) and an array of buckets, surprisingly the odd one with a handle. Plus there is a mulcher which we bought years ago covered in dust.

Our summer guests are long gone but are still missed. I think of Bill often at meal times when we have plates of condiments or a biscuit topped with cheese and smothered in jelly – flavours that pop in your mouth are testament to his love of cooking. Ah sigh …

Of course there is my garden, my passion and joy which I’m incredibly protective of. It took me awhile to realise that my escapee chook Nola wasn’t doing the damage to the parsley, nor was she munching on beetroot leaves or shredding the sorrel for that matter. And she certainly couldn’t be blamed for digging tunnels from the compost to another garden. No, as it transpires four legged critters were the culprits. Enough said!

I have seedlings which I have grown from seed living on our front verandah. Trust me they are fussed over. They are residing under frost cloth which is draped over chairs. Not the most attractive area of the house but ..

These plants are feed, watered and will soon be poked in the dirt within the confines of a cloche for protection. Which given the activity of the wildlife, be they four legged or slimy things is a necessity.  Can you imagine how many seedlings are going to be planted in here! LOL

So with this in mind dear reader, it is time to finish.

Stay safe my friends … and happy gardening!

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  1. I love your writing Julie. I can hear you voice in the words as I read. Beautiful.
    Love your garden and your furry wooly friends too

    • Hello Rom .. oh how lovely to hear from you. And thank you for your comment! I’m so pleased you enjoyed your visit 🙂 Furry wooly friends are doing just fine …

  2. Hi Julie well once again such beautiful photography. As one who knows Frogpond so well, it just takes me right back as though I was still there. What a beautiful autumn you are having. We now of course are going into summer. My neighbors are busy planting various things. And the gardens are coming on. Once again thank you for such a beautiful blog. Lots of love 💔 to you both. Bill xx

    • Mr Bonner .. always wonderful to hear from you. And I do so appreciate your comments on my photos. We have been having such a mild autumn and relatively dry too Bill. It’s funny you know, I’m looking forward to wearing winter clothes, especially my boots! Take care, load of love to you xxx

    • Thank you Michael 🙂 … I’m getting better at posting again! And about time too … Stay well

  3. So nice to see you back here again Julie. I feel like I’ve had a tour and visited all the key spots, Andrew’s shed, the chooks, the vegetable garden, out the front where the seedlings are being nurtured, then back inside for a cuppa and some of Bill’s preserves. Gorgeous photos too. What’s happening with the olives this year?

    • Hello Francesca … It’s nice to be back too btw! And about time … Yes you have visited most of the key spots 🙂 first time in the man’s shed right! Wish we lived closer, I have some particularly lovely jellies that you would enjoy. Ah, glad you enjoyed the pics my friend. Funny you should mention the olives. We are yet to decide whether we will pick this year … it’s such a big job, the crop is down and we are only meant to have 5 people picking! Hmm .. hugs F

  4. Aaah I can just imagine your place at present Jules – lovely to have an update and see your gorgeous photos ….. I need to visit you sometime soon 💓

    • Hey Sue … oh it’s so good to hear from you! Seems ages since we spoke (it was right!). How I wish I could see you soon my friend. Take care lovely xx

    • Hey Anne .. oh thank you! Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂 I bet you garden is springing into action .. fun times ahead. Take care ..

    • Thank you! Zinnias are one of my absolute favourites. 🙂 I’ve grown them for years .. and I love planting them in with my veg too, although they can be very bossy once they get growing. Very happy flowers indeed 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs, Julie. Life is so wonderful, while we’re in spring and seeing everything coming alive, the other side of the world is in autumn. Personally, I prefer the spring side because I don’t like winter.

    • Hello Herman. Oh you are so welcome. It’s great being able to share our place with you. Life sure can be wonderful. I smiled when I read your comment about preferring spring .. I adore autumn, I’m just not that fond of winter either 🙂 . Still, I do love wearing boots and coats! Take care my friend

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and words with us Julie, I love the autumn colours showing through in your garden and what a peaceful haven it is. Wishing you a happy new week and may you both stay safe and well 🧡

    • I’m so pleased your you enjoyed my banter … Autumn is my favourite season, I’m just never that keen when it finishes 😀 We are so very lucky here – it is a peaceful haven! Wishing you a fabulous and happy week. Stay safe and well my friend

  7. Our seasons are opposite of yours, I have to remind myself once in a while. While you will be planting your seedlings, yesterday I planted tomato seedlings in our vegetable garden hoping for a bumper crop by the end of summer. Your tabby cat looks regal, while my Golden Retriever is still all playful and on the lookout for squirrels daring to approach the house to get a taste of sunflower seeds for the birds!

    • Ah tomatoes .. how lovely to be planting them! It wasn’t that long ago that mine were hauled from the ground. I’ll be planting, herbs, spinach and brassicas – my winter stuff 🙂 Jimi is a wild kitty that adopted us – I’m sure he thinks he is royalty! It must be nice having squirrels about – we don’t have them here, but have loads of possums instead, who just happen to enjoy eating my veggies!

  8. Julie as usual you make me smile from reading your post. I too am at peace when I’m gardening and the last two days have given us abundant sunshine which we haven’t had for two weeks and my tender greenhouse plants were starting to yellow but by yesterday afternoon they had filled with green and seem very happy. Your fall color is stunning!! Our trees are beginning to turn green which is my favorite color at the moment.
    I look forward to your next post!!

    • Hello, so good to see you here and pleased to know that the post made you smile! How lovely to know that gardening is special for you too! Wish I had a greenhouse 🙂 Yes fall colour is stunning, such a pretty season – just a shame that winter is hot on its heels .. Enjoy your garden, lovely to hear from you!

  9. Fabulous pictures Julie. For once, looking at pictures of autumn doesn’t make me want it to arrive, I’m quite happily enjoying spring, but your autumn looks idyllic too.

  10. It’s good to see you and the critters, Julie! The autumn colors and flowers look beautiful! We are still in late spring here, new leaves on trees sill a light yellow-green.

    I would love a pressurized water power washer. Someday… 🙂

    • Hey Lavinia .. so good to see you too! It’s been a magic autumn, relatively mild and quite dry too. I love the colours and the light is different too .. Enjoy your late spring. Made me smile when I read that you would love a pressurised water blaster .. amazing machines! Hope you get one 😀

  11. I love your writing and your photography! I love the leaf resting on the grass. But the darling kitty is tied with the leaf in my eyes.

    • Hey Linda … oh thank you! So pleased you enjoyed the banter and pics. I saw that leaf lying on the ground and thought – this has to be a good shot! Glad you like it … And yes, Jimi is so lovely – beautiful kitty!

    • Hello Annette .. thank you so much! It’s fun to be able to take you along with me. Just like I adore my visits to your place 😀 Big hugs my friend xx

  12. I do love too dear Julie, your writing and your amazing photographs. I can feel as if I am there through your words, your photographs… in far distance but conneting in a heart distance…How beautiful… Autumn there, Spring here… days are same right now for all of us… There are millions questions in our minds… It is a rainy day in here too today… and once again heating system works now… The weather goes up and down… nothing stable right now… Thank you for sharing with us, from here when I watch your land, your seasonal touching, it is like a heaven for me.. Stay free dear Julie and Happy gardening and Autumn, Love and Hugs, nia

    • Hey Nia .. lovely to hear from you my friend. And thank you for your kind words. Great to know that my banter takes you with me .. I do so enjoy sharing out place. We are so lucky .. Thinking of you Nia. Stay free, safe and happy xx

    • Hey Steve … sure is and you have a few months to go too! Winter is knocking on the door here – just starting to get a tad chilly 🙂

  13. such beautiful photography Julie ❣️ and your garden yes I can see the love you give it…I need to come here to etown…mine is mostly dirt…but it getting ready…I’m trying to see what I can grow…and the magic and I imagine the jelly you make is also amazing…thank you sharing and nudging me to come to see…I also love sheep…big hugs and all good things your way ~ hugs hedy 💐❣️

    • Hey Miss Hedy … so good to see you at Frog Pond Farm (glad the nudge worked 🙂 ) So good to be able to share pics and banter with you. You would love the jelly for sure .. quince and chill is a winner! Take care my friend. Hugs right back at you

  14. A lovely post, Julie, full of delightful imagery. I really like ‘Mist In The Valley’. That is so, so good … I could just walk into it and be lost there in that lush and magical landscape.

    • Oh thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post. I too love the ‘mist in the valley’ … It’s dreamy and magical! Take care …

  15. I like very much dirt in windows and rain, it tends to leave a kind of pattern, almost like the drops had softly touched your window and left their fingerprints in the fraction of a second. Here is cloudy these days, which I feel is strange for the season in the desert, warming myself with your skies and sunstars, Julie. Take care too ^^

    • Hi Francis … thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Always so good to hear from you …

  16. Very fine post and photographs! It sounds like Andrew has a nicely stocked shed, I hope he has a few bottles of beer out there to keep him company. Fall looks beautiful in your part of the world. I liked the fence lines in the photos. Take care. Bob

    • Hello Bob – I laughed when I read your comment. No bottles of beer in that shed, but loads of junk! LOL Autumn is always lovely here and so mild this year. Amazing. Although we sure do need more rain… Glad you liked those fence lines!

      • Pass on to Andrew, it isn’t a proper ‘man cave’ without a beer or two tucked away in case of an emergency. I’m always happy as a squirrel with a nut when I find a forgotten one in the woodpile. 🙂

  17. Lovely photos, Julie. It’s great to see Frog Pond Farm looking so beautiful. The colours of your Autumn are fabulous. All your efforts in the garden are a great visual reward to us. I’m salivating at the thought of all that good food you’re enjoying – my mind is still on those pears you mentioned in the last post.

    • Ah Mr Draco .. Frog Pond Farm is looking lovely. Autumn here is just divine. Thank you so much for your kind words. I always enjoy reading your comments. Now those pears sure are something else. Happy to send the recipe 😉

    • Oh thank you .. I laughed when I read your comment. Good to know that my banter makes you feel like baking or planting something! Brilliant 😀

  18. Would you mind if I made the mists in the valley photo a background pic for my personal facebook page? I know that may sound odd, but in quarantine we’ve not been able to jaunt anywhere. I’d love to replace my concrete-heavy city pic with some gorgeous green. I understand if not, but this pic makes me feel so peaceful:). Thank you for sharing!

  19. I love the detail, Julia and your porch reminds me of mine where I keep seedlings. As for that four legged one, wow ginger, again a reminder of our family cat. He too was an unknown culprit. Your track in the early mist makes it all look so beautiful and cool. Keep well too.

    • I always enjoy your visits to Frog Pond Farm! Good to know that someone else also uses their porch to grow those seedlings. You will be pleased to know mine are finally in the dirt 😀

      • Glad yours are, some of mine got eaten by some snail or 🐌? Hardly ever get problems here. But it was only the flat parsley seedlings so no parsley for sauce now. Seems all going well again in your beautiful islands. Still lots of care needed here but slowly coming out!

    • Hi Sherry … thanks for stopping by. Autumn is my favourite time of year .. the colours and the crispness in the air. Mind you, winter has suddenly arrived! Stay well in sunny Brisbane .. 🙂

    • Hi, thank you! Autumn is such an atmospheric season and my favourite! Mind you, I don’t mind hauling out the jumpers and boots in winter either 🙂

  20. I missed this delight, but it’s not too late, right? 😉 I love the way you introduced the season by listing the farm implements. Perfect! The second photo, of the sun through the leaves, is wonderful. The zinnias are so festive. The foggy views over the hills are gorgeous. You have a paradise, with your four-legged creatures, even the “bad” ones. Thank you for sharing it in such a joyful way.

    • Hello .. I’m so sorry it has taken me ages to reply to your comment. Never too late right? 🙂 I’m so pleased you enjoyed your visit – it’s great to be able to share!

  21. It’s so inspiring to see how life in your garden unfolds down under and in the “opposite” season as I am experiencing up north. I am amazing about the colourful flowers still blooming this late. Your photos are a feast for the eyes.

    • Hey Otto .. sorry for the late reply. Always great to see you at Frog Pond Farm! I’m pleased you enjoyed the visit. I’m surprised I still have a few flowers strutting their stuff in the garden 🙂

  22. Julie, there is such peace and SO MUCH LIFE in your photographs. The landscape with the long fence took my breath away. Stunning view and what a capture by you. You were able to put in a picture the “essence” of that land. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your Paradise with me today! xo

    • Hey Amy oh thank you so much! I really like that photo too. I have a thing about wooden fences and the bonus of course was the mist. It’s wonderful being about to share Frog Pond Farm with you. xo

  23. Haven’t been at your farm in a while Julie. Lovely autumn captures ans the sheep and cat is certainly agreeing, but i think mt favourite capture is of the orange Daisy or Daisy-like flower

    • Hi .. sorry for the late reply! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos … Ah that flower that you like is called a calendula … such a great flower to have in our garden and one of my favourites! So nice to hear from you 🙂

  24. I see Nia was asking how you were doing…in these days of Covid you just never know when you don’t hear from far away friends. I’ve been having trouble with my comments going through, I hope this one does and that you are all fine.

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