Things starting with ‘B’

Boards! I know indulge me. I have something about gates, fences and wood in general.


I was outside with my camera on the weekend – the light was nice and there was an array of birdlife begging to be photographed.

mallard duck-1150912

mallard duck-1150926

A wild Mallard duck who is thoroughly enjoying the chooks night time tucker

wood pigeon-1150971

wood pigeon-1150973

Native wood pigeons which are just beautiful and make a ‘whoosh’ sound when they fly


Sparrows waiting patiently until we depart .. the chickens have just been fed


Or fly in fright when I sneak back ..

muriwai beach-1150797

I couldn’t do a post without a shot of the beach


Blue sky and Dan our border collie


Beautiful baby – it’s that time of year


Branches blocking the view

raised beds-1150976

Raised beds. More boards!

My garden is doing just nicely … and it’s time to start planning for those warm months ahead.

Happy gardening

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  1. Just beautiful Julie you are a very talented photographer and live in a slice of heaven! Love to you and Andrew,


  2. B for Beautiful Blog, Miss Julie. I read eagerly, hoping there would be a beach and thought, and just for a second thought that those lambs would be Baa-lambs. I am also quite keen on your boards too. ( and any wine from Burgundy).

    • Heck Francesca. ‘B’ is also for blushing. I’m so pleased you think it ‘beautiful’. I should have put Baa lambs … damn! Wine from Burgundy you say, I thought Prosecco was from Italy? 😉 LOL .. Are you still on holiday?

      • Just back to the cold… my garden is looking so wintery. The cockies just mowed down the last Broccoli just for fun! But wait, I’m only here for three weeks then heading off to Thailand.

  3. Wood grain makes great photos. Love the birds. Your pigeons are so much prettier that ours. The lamb is so cute. All the photos are wonderful.

    • Hi Tim .. wood does take the best pics and it doesn’t move! LOL .. Glad you like the birds. Those pigeons are quite spectacular. But big! Pleased as always that you like the pics. ;D

    • Did you now? Gorgeous .. I had one called ‘Sugar’ and I used to put a collar and lead on her and take her for walks! I think they would lock me up now days for that! 😉 Thanks for stopping by Miss … always a buzz knowing you have been here

  4. Hi to you both photos just great Julie. Is the lamb a new one to your flock? When I’m there you usually send Dan after the ducks are you starting to breed them as well! We have had a lot of rain in the past three days won’t have to water for a week. The garden is really in full bloom so soon time to thing about spring bulbs the time just flys by.LOL Bill xx

    • Hey Mr B. Glad you like those pics, and no that’s not another addition to Frog Pond Farm. Although, I could, you know that! Dan was nowhere to be found .. and this cheeky Mallard was having a ball (or wheat). I bet your garden looks great – where are the pics??? Your promised … LOL Our daffs and early cheer and doing their pretty thing. Only another month of winter to go!

  5. Love it all, but especially love the birds. I’ve been looking at the native wood pigeons here in OXON thinking about painting some, but I’ve just muffed up two small page paintings in a row! Must be having just come off of Art in Action where now I’m convinced that, compared to some of the art there, I can’t paint for toffee! It’ll pass, don’t worry. Our wood pigeons wake me up around 4:30 am these days with their ridiculous, throaty growls. The British ornithological society says the call is described as: “take two cows, Taffy.” But actually they say, “I’m football crazy!” at each other…lol. And, they set each other off in that “row, row, row your boat way.” They really predominate the dawn chorus round here because there’s a pair nesting in a tree just outside my bedroom window. But the nice thing is that I can watch the young in the nest! And they young are teenagers ready to fledge. That little lamb is so cute. We have sheep in a field just across the road from the cottage this year. Big treat because it’s the first time I can remember having sheep so very close. I’ll have to get out there and sneak up on them for some photos. Oh, there’s a herd of cows down the road just outside the village and last night a couple of them were bellowing like crazy. No idea what that was about. Pigeons, sheep, cows, oh my! You’d think I lived in the country. Wait, I do. 😀

    • I love your replies V. Always so happy and busy. And you can so paint! Are you kidding me? .. Lol. I couldn’t imagine our pigeons hollering at that time. In fact, our natives are very quiet. The lamb is the cutest, makes me want one! Hubby would not be happy! Yes lovely, you do live in the country .. And how wonderful is it! Hugs

  6. Thank you for the beach shot, the picture gives me a holiday feeling! Wonderful captures. What I particularly like is the image of the little birds sitting on the fence wires. So funny and sweet!! ;-D

    • Hey Josephine. Glad you like the beach pic. 😃 those sparrows are so predictable. They will sit there or in a tree waiting for me to leave, do they can steal the chicken food! Shame on them 😉

      • They are clever! 😉 I love sparrows. In our country they are increasingly rare. Sparrows like to be in hedges, old walls, ivy or something like that. Everything what houseowners remove from their properties! So the sparrows take a ticket to New Zealand…

  7. I do look forward to your posts Julie! I don’t believe there are better homestead photographs around. Nicely done! I wish our pigeons looked like that.

  8. I also have a weak spot for wood, my dear! Such wonderful pics – your wood pigeons are so colourful and huge. Glad to get some news…spring in the air over there? 🙂

    • Hello lovely .. They are so big and gentle and don’t have much to say. But the are amazing to watch in flight. Spring hasn’t sprung yet 😄. You disappeared off my reader! That can’t happen .. Hope you are well and I bet your garden is looking just beautiful. Hugs

  9. Hi Julie,
    I really enjoyed all the bird photos, I’m part bird myself so no surprises there 🙂 But the lamb photo had me thinking of Mookie and wondering how she’s doing. I hope you and Andrew and Dan and all the other critters are well and happy xx

  10. Your last line of this post- or close to the last- mentioned your garden. We, my wife and I, went out to a an orchard this past week and picked tomatoes, peaches, eggplant, squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe. We came away wanting our own vegetable garden but where we live they will not allow vegetable gardens. I think it’s time for us to think about moving. And getting a border collie, maybe a lamb. Your place does look like heaven! Love it.

  11. Your love of wood and boards would have been delightfully indulged on a tour of Clark’s Sawmill, the business my dad started and ran for 50 years. We had logs and boards and wood everywhere!! Mom ran a side business of craft lumber. Needless to say, your opening salvo here put a smile on my face.

    Love the baby lamb and those native pigeons are stunning!

    As always, some really great photography. I’ve been busy lately and not doing a good job on keeping tabs of my favorite bloggers. Once we settle into fall – my favorite time of year and usually not as hectic! – I hope to resume better blogging habits. 🙂

  12. Oh. Heart–achingly beautiful pictures. Some of my very best memories of my dad are of the times he let me me tag along when he went to hardware store to buy wood. I love the smell of wood resins. I love the textures and patterns. And as pretty as new wood is, the aged pieces also have their own beauty.

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