Video production


Gorgeous morning in Auckland. Sunny. Perfect to shoot 3 new gardening videos. Our Aussie buddy Dallas Nock is in town (photographer extraordinaire). He was the bloke that shot the last video which was all about ‘protecting those brassicas’.

So camera in hand, tripod just in case, we stepped out into the sunshine. Dallas is a breeze to work with and with the exception of the wind which picked up, all went really well. Still in saying that, Geoff could be heard hammering staples into batons on the fence … hey, but that is living in the country for you isn’t it?

We shot the brassicas in the first bed, the leeks and red onions and lastly the garlic. More on that after the editing.

Brassicas enjoying the sunshine!

Garden Update … a very short one

I decided yesterday that it was time to splash about some more home made fish brew and yes I managed to get it all over myself. Did I smell? Yep! The alliums and the pots next to the beds got a good dousing, plus I was feeling generous so the celery and beetroot got a splash too.

I made a stock using the celery and parsley today. I still get excited using the stuff out of our garden. We are so very lucky to be able to harvest our own produce … and the good news is that I know it is nutrient dense!

Sprouting broccoli


I forgot to mention that I hoisted out the peas earlier in the week and have left them on top of the soil …  They will protect the soil from the weather. I’m a firm believer in rotation, so peas won’t be in this space for another season or two.

We are still enjoying our broccoli, and various cauli varieties – just as well they go with everything! Well nearly.

The pics today are from Dallas … superb!

Calendulas and alyssum – wonderful companion plants

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